Words That Start with Pho: List and Examples

Discover a variety of words that begin with “pho,” expanding your vocabulary and enhancing your language skills.

  1. Photon- A particle representing a quantum of light.
  2. Phone- A device for voice communication.
  3. Phonetic- Relating to speech sounds.
  4. Photo- A picture taken with a camera.
  5. Phobia- An extreme or irrational fear of something.
  6. Phonograph- An early machine for recording and playing music.
  7. Phonology- The study of sound systems in languages.
  8. Phosphorus- A chemical element used in fertilizers.
  9. Phony- Not genuine; fake.
  10. Photograph- A picture made using a camera.
  11. Phonate- To produce speech sounds.
  12. Phoneme- The smallest unit of sound in a language.
  13. Photogenic- Attractive in photographs.
  14. Photic- Relating to light.
  15. Phonon- A quantum of vibrational energy in a crystal lattice.
  16. Phosphorescent- Emitting light without heat.
  17. Phosphorescence- Light emitted by a substance without combustion.
  18. Phoenician- Pertaining to ancient civilization known for sea trade.
  19. Phonography- The study or practice of phonetic transcription.
  20. Photoreceptor- A cell or structure that responds to light.
  21. Phonogram- A symbol representing a vocal sound.
  22. Phosphide- A compound containing phosphorus and a more electropositive element.
  23. Photophobia- Sensitivity to light.
  24. Phosphatase- An enzyme that removes phosphate groups.
  25. Phonolite- A type of volcanic rock.
  26. Phonometry- The measurement of sound levels.
  27. Photolithography- A process used in microchip manufacturing.
  28. Photometer- An instrument for measuring light intensity.
  29. Photodetector- A device that detects light.
  30. Phototherapy- Treatment using light.
  31. Phosphor- A substance that exhibits phosphorescence.
  32. Phonology- The study of sound systems in language.
  33. Photovoltaic- Pertaining to the conversion of light into electricity.
  34. Photomontage- A composite photograph.
  35. Photodynamic- Using light to alter chemical or biological systems.
  36. Phototropism- Growth or movement in response to light.
  37. Photocopy- A paper copy of a document.
  38. Photogeology- The study of geological features through photographs.
  39. Photic- Pertaining to light.
  40. Photolysis- The decomposition of a substance using light.
  41. Photoperiod- The length of time each day that an organism is exposed to light.
  42. Photodissociation- The breaking down of molecules using light.
  43. Photopigment- A pigment in photoreceptor cells that responds to light.
  44. Phonetist- A specialist in phonetics.
  45. Phototransduction- The process through which light is converted into electrical signals in the retina.
  46. Photomicrograph- A photograph taken through a microscope.
  47. Photographable- Capable of being photographed.
  48. Phonocardiogram- A chart or record of heart sounds.
  49. Photocoagulation- A medical procedure using light to clot tissue.
  50. Photodegradable- Capable of being decomposed by light.
  51. Phototaxis- Movement of an organism toward or away from light.

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