Words That Start With Photo: Examples and Meanings

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “photo” to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Photograph- A picture made using a camera.
  2. Photography- The art or practice of taking and processing photographs.
  3. Photosynthesis- The process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water.
  4. Photosensitive- Sensitive to the action of light.
  5. Photosensitivity- The condition of being sensitive to light.
  6. Photoelectric- Pertaining to the electric effects produced by light.
  7. Photovoltaic- Relating to the conversion of light into electricity.
  8. Photometer- An instrument for measuring the intensity of light.
  9. Photometry- The science of measuring visible light in terms of its perceived brightness to the human eye.
  10. Photomultiplier- An exceptionally sensitive detector of light in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared ranges.
  11. Photochromic- Capable of undergoing a reversible change in color upon exposure to light.
  12. Photogenic- Looking attractive in photographs or on film.
  13. Photocopier- A machine for making photocopies.
  14. Photocopy- A copy of a printed or written material made using a photocopier.
  15. Photodiode- A semiconductor device that converts light into an electrical current.
  16. Photolithography- A process used in microfabrication to pattern parts of a thin film or the bulk of a substrate.
  17. Photomicrograph- A photograph of a microscopic object.
  18. Photofinishing- The processing of film into finished photographs.
  19. Photoplay- An early term for a motion picture.
  20. Photoflash- A lamp for providing illumination during photography.
  21. Photostat- A type of machine that makes copies of documents.
  22. Photoreceptor- A cell or device that responds to light.
  23. Photogrammetry- The science of making measurements from photographs.
  24. Phototropism- The orientation of a plant or other organism in response to light.
  25. Photoset- To set or compose (a document, text, etc.) for printing by means of a photocomposition process.
  26. Photosetter- A machine that performs photocomposition.
  27. Photobiology- The study of the effects of light on living organisms.
  28. Photochemical- Pertaining to chemical reactions caused by light.
  29. Photochemistry- The branch of chemistry concerned with the interactions of light and matter.
  30. Photochromism- The effect that causes a material to change color when exposed to light.
  31. Photocathode- The electrode in a photosensitive device that emits electrons when exposed to light.
  32. Photocell- A device that generates electrical energy when exposed to light.
  33. Photocurrent- The electric current induced by light in a photoconductive or photoelectric device.
  34. Photodetector- A device capable of detecting and responding to light.
  35. Photoemission- The emission of electrons or other free carriers from a material caused by absorbing photons.
  36. Photoshoot- A session in which a photographer takes pictures of someone or something.
  37. Photomap- A map created from photographs, typically aerial photographs.
  38. Photomosaic- An image made up of many smaller photographs.
  39. Photomontage- A montage constructed from photographic images.
  40. Phototoxic- Toxic or harmful when exposed to light.
  41. Phototype- An original photograph used for reproductions.
  42. Phototypesetter- A machine that uses a photographic process to set or compose text.
  43. Photoframe- A frame for displaying a photograph.
  44. Photohistory- The history of photography and its development.
  45. Photodisintegration- The disintegration of a nucleus by the absorption of a photon.
  46. Photoflood- An artificial light source for photographic purposes.
  47. Photogeology- The study of geology using aerial photographs.
  48. Photopigment- A pigment in photoreceptor cells that undergoes a chemical change when it absorbs light.
  49. Photoprotection- Mechanisms that protect organisms from damage caused by sunlight.
  50. Photojournalism- The collection, editing, and presentation of news material for publication or broadcast.
  51. Photojournalist- A journalist who uses photographs to tell a news story.
  52. Photorealism- A genre of art in which paintings or drawings are made to resemble high-resolution photographs.
  53. Photoreduction- A chemical reaction caused by light that results in the reduction of a substance.
  54. Photorefraction- The change in direction of light as it passes through different media.
  55. Photomap- A map created using photographic techniques, especially aerial photography.
  56. Phototelescope- A type of telescope designed to capture photographic images of celestial objects.
  57. Photodetector- A device capable of detecting and responding to light.
  58. Photoconductor- A material whose electrical conductivity increases when exposed to light.
  59. Photovoltaics- The branch of technology concerned with the production of electric currents at the junction of two substances exposed to light.
  60. Photoaging- The premature aging of the skin caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  61. Photodermatitis- An inflammation of the skin resulting from exposure to light, especially ultraviolet light.
  62. Photodynamism- Referring to the dynamic interaction between light and biological tissues.
  63. Photooxidation- The oxidation of a substance caused by exposure to light.
  64. Photopolarimeter- An instrument used to measure light polarization.
  65. Photopolymer- A polymer that changes properties when exposed to light.
  66. Photopolymerization- The process of polymer formation through the action of light.
  67. Photoquadrat- A photographic method used in environmental studies to assess an area.
  68. Photorefractive- Referring to the change in the refractive index of a material in response to exposure to light.
  69. Photoresist- A light-sensitive material used in photolithography to form patterned coatings.
  70. Photorealistic- Pertaining to art that aims to reproduce photographs in realistic detail.
  71. Photosculpture- The art or technique of creating sculptures using photographic techniques.
  72. Photoperiod- The period of time each day during which an organism is exposed to daylight.
  73. Photoperiodism- The response of an organism to the length of the photosynthetic period.
  74. Phototropism- The growth or movement of a plant in response to light.
  75. Photoelectron- An electron emitted from a substance as a result of absorption of light.
  76. Photogram- An image made by placing objects directly onto the surface of a photosensitive material and then exposing it to light.
  77. Photooxidation- A process in which light energy induces the oxidation of a substance.
  78. Photobleaching- The loss of color by a pigment or dye when exposed to light.
  79. Photopolymer- A polymer that changes its properties when exposed to light.
  80. Photopolymerization- The process of creating polymers using light.
  81. Photopainting- Creating art using photographic techniques and images.
  82. Photosports- Photography specializing in capturing sports events and athletes.
  83. Photobotanist- A scientist who studies plants using photography.
  84. Photovoice- A participatory research method involving photography to express collective issues.
  85. Photoarchivist- A person who manages and preserves photographic archives.
  86. Photomessenger- An early term for a photograph used to convey a message.
  87. Photodocument- A photograph serving as a document or evidence.
  88. Photomania- Excessive or obsessive interest in taking photographs.
  89. Phototimer- A device used to control the exposure time in photography.
  90. Photodrama- A dramatic work that incorporates photographic elements.
  91. Photocard- A card containing a photograph, commonly used for identification.
  92. Photoenhancement- Techniques used to improve or enhance photographic images.
  93. Photoionization- The process by which an atom or molecule acquires a positive or negative charge by gaining or losing electrons when exposed to light.
  94. Photomedicine- A medical field that involves the therapeutic use of light.
  95. Phototherapy- The use of light in the treatment of certain medical conditions.
  96. Photodegradation- The breakdown of molecules caused by exposure to light.
  97. Phototoxicity- Toxicity that is caused or enhanced by exposure to light.

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