Words That Start With PL: Examples and Definitions

If you’re curious about words that start with “pl,” this article will provide a comprehensive list to enrich your vocabulary.

  1. Planet: A celestial body orbiting a star.
  2. Plain: A flat, broad area of land.
  3. Please: To make someone feel happy or satisfied.
  4. Pleasure: A feeling of happiness or enjoyment.
  5. Plentiful: Existing in large quantities.
  6. Plunge: To dive or fall into something.
  7. Plague: A contagious bacterial disease.
  8. Plant: A living organism that grows in the earth.
  9. Plasma: The colorless fluid part of blood or lymph.
  10. Plastic: A synthetic material molded into various shapes.
  11. Platform: A raised level surface.
  12. Plow: A farm tool for turning the soil.
  13. Plumb: To measure the depth of something.
  14. Plume: A long, soft feather.
  15. Plunge: To steeply fall or dive.
  16. Plod: To walk slowly with heavy steps.
  17. Plug: An object used to block an opening.
  18. Plush: Richly luxurious and expensive.
  19. Plight: A dangerous or difficult situation.
  20. Placid: Calm and peaceful.
  21. Plaster: A mixture for coating walls.
  22. Plait: To braid or interweave strands.
  23. Plank: A long, flat piece of timber.
  24. Plot: The main events of a story.
  25. Pluck: To pull something quickly to remove it.
  26. Plume: A large, decorative feather.
  27. Plead: To make an emotional appeal.
  28. Plucky: Having or showing courage.
  29. Plight: A difficult or adverse situation.
  30. Placid: Not easily upset or excited; calm.
  31. Plash: A gentle splash.
  32. Pledge: A solemn promise.
  33. Pleat: A fold in cloth made by doubling the material on itself.
  34. Plume: A feather or cluster of feathers worn as an ornament.
  35. Plunge: A quick dive or fall.
  36. Plume: A rising column of smoke, dust, or water.
  37. Plump: Chubby and rounded in shape.
  38. Plenty: A large or sufficient amount.
  39. Plaster: A pasty mixture that hardens on drying, used for coating walls.
  40. Plume: A large quantity of something that rises into the air.
  41. Ploy: A cunning plan or action designed to turn a situation to one’s favor.
  42. Plunge: To immerse quickly or forcefully.
  43. Plumb: Exactly vertical or true.
  44. Plead: To argue a case or cause in a court of law.
  45. Plough: Another spelling of plow, a farm tool.
  46. Pliable: Easily bent or shaped.
  47. Placid: Serenely free of interruption or disturbance.
  48. Pledge: To commit by a solemn promise.
  49. Plover: A type of wading bird.
  50. Plinth: The base or platform upon which a column or statue rests.
  51. Plumb: To examine deeply; determine the depth.
  52. Plenteous: Available in large amounts.
  53. Plunk: To hit or strike heavily.
  54. Plunge: To throw or dive into something.
  55. Plush: Soft to the touch and luxurious.
  56. Plantain: A type of banana-like fruit.
  57. Plough: To turn over the soil in preparation for planting.
  58. Placid: Calm; tranquil.
  59. Plea: A request made in an urgent and emotional manner.
  60. Plait: To weave strands together.
  61. Plotter: Someone who plans something in secret.
  62. Plinth: The lowest part of the base of an architectural column.
  63. Plagiarize: To copy someone else’s work and claim it as your own.
  64. Plush: Richly luxurious or expensive.
  65. Pliers: A gripping tool with two hinged arms.
  66. Plaster: A bandage with adhesive backing used to protect small wounds.
  67. Plumb: True according to a plumb line; perfectly vertical.
  68. Plunge: A brief but significant submersion.
  69. Plod: To walk doggedly and slowly with heavy steps.
  70. Plume: A feather worn as an ornament.
  71. Plover: A shore-dwelling bird of small to medium size.
  72. Plucky: Brave and spirited; having courage.
  73. Plywood: A material made from layers of wood veneer.
  74. Placket: An opening or slit in a garment.
  75. Plumage: A bird’s feathers collectively.
  76. Plutonic: Relating to deep underground rock formation.
  77. Plunger: A device used to clear blocked pipes.
  78. Plutocrat: A person whose power derives from their wealth.
  79. Pluvial: Relating to or characterized by heavy rain.
  80. Plutarchy: Government by the wealthy.
  81. Plush: Luxurious and soft to the touch.
  82. Plowshare: The cutting blade of a plow.
  83. Plumule: The part of a plant embryo that develops into the shoot.
  84. Placket: A slit in an outer garment for access.
  85. Plowman: A person who guides a plow.
  86. Plumbing: The system of pipes inside a building.
  87. Plenum: An assembly of all the members of a group.
  88. Plenteous: Existing in large quantities; abundant.
  89. Pluvial: Characterized by abundant rain.
  90. Plutocrat: A wealthy person with political influence.
  91. Pluripotent: Capable of giving rise to different cell types.
  92. Pluton: A body of intrusive igneous rock.
  93. Plummet: To fall straight down at high speed.
  94. Plenary: Attended by all members of an assembly.
  95. Plumy: Resembling or adorned with feathers.
  96. Plateau: An area of relatively level high ground.
  97. Pluperfect: A verb tense used to express actions completed before a certain point in the past.
  98. Plural: More than one.
  99. Plenary: Fully attended or complete in all aspects.
  100. Plenipotentiary: A person, especially a diplomat, invested with full power to act on behalf of their country.

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