Words That Start With Plu: List and Examples

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that begin with “plu” to enhance your vocabulary and linguistic knowledge.

  1. Pluck- To pull something sharply.
  2. Plump- Chubby and full.
  3. Plume- A feather or a rising column of smoke.
  4. Plunge- To dive or fall quickly.
  5. Plural- More than one.
  6. Pluralistic- Reflecting a diversity of beliefs or cultures.
  7. Plurality- The state of being plural or the largest number of votes in an election.
  8. Pluralize- To make plural.
  9. Pluperfect- A past tense used to express action completed before a specified time.
  10. Plutonium- A radioactive chemical element.
  11. Plutocracy- Government by the wealthy.
  12. Plutocrat- Someone who exercises power by virtue of wealth.
  13. Plus- An advantage or positive quality.
  14. Pluralist- A person who believes in pluralism.
  15. Pluot- A hybrid fruit of plum and apricot.
  16. Pluralization- The process of making something plural.
  17. Pluperfectly- In a manner relating to the pluperfect tense.
  18. Plutonic- Relating to deep-seated igneous rock.
  19. Pluperfection- The state or quality of being pluperfect.
  20. Pluralistically- In a manner that embraces pluralism.
  21. Plunder- To steal goods violently.
  22. Plummeted- Fell rapidly and sharply.
  23. Pluperfections- Plural of pluperfection.
  24. Pluripotent- Capable of developing into many different cell types.
  25. Pluckily- In a brave or determined manner.
  26. Plutocratical- Pertaining to a plutocracy.
  27. Pluralisable- Capable of being made plural.
  28. Planned- Organized or arranged in advance.
  29. Pluralizing- Making plural.
  30. Plutonian- Relating to the underworld or Pluto.
  31. Plunderous- Inclined to plunder.
  32. Pluralised- Made plural.
  33. Plutocrats- Plural of plutocrat.
  34. Plungeful- Full of dives or risky actions.
  35. Plusher- More luxurious or comfortable.
  36. Plunderer- Someone who plunders.
  37. Pluralises- Makes plural.
  38. Plutocratically- In a manner relating to plutocracy.
  39. Plushiest- Most luxurious.
  40. Plungingly- In a plunging manner.
  41. Plundersome- Inclined to plunder.
  42. Pluralisable- Capable of being made plural.
  43. Plutarche- Relating to or resembling Plutarch.
  44. Pluralism- Condition or system in which many groups coexist.
  45. Pluanes- Irregular form word.
  46. Pluraliser- One who pluralises.
  47. Pluckier- More brave or determined.
  48. Plutonically- In a manner related to deep-seated igneous rock.
  49. Plushiness- The quality of being plush.
  50. Plurals- Plural form of words.

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