Words That Start With Poly: Definitions and Examples

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of words that start with “poly,” helping you discover their various meanings and uses.

  1. Polygraph- a lie detector machine.
  2. Polymer- a substance with large molecules made up of repeating units.
  3. Polytechnic- an educational institution offering multiple technical courses.
  4. Polyglot- a person who knows and uses several languages.
  5. Polygamy- the practice of having more than one spouse simultaneously.
  6. Polytheism- the belief in multiple deities.
  7. Polygon- a plane figure with three or more straight sides and angles.
  8. Polyhedron- a three-dimensional figure with flat polygonal faces.
  9. Polysyllabic- having multiple syllables.
  10. Polyunsaturated- containing more than one double or triple bond in a molecule, particularly in fats and oils.
  11. Polyp- a growth projecting from a mucous membrane.
  12. Polyamory- engaging in multiple romantic relationships with the consent of all individuals involved.
  13. Polycentric- having multiple centers of activity or authority.
  14. Polyandry- a form of marriage in which a woman has more than one husband.
  15. Polyatomic- consisting of many atoms.
  16. Polynomial- a mathematical expression of sums and differences of terms.
  17. Polyvinyl- a plastic polymer used in various applications.
  18. Polygraphy- the art of writing or drawing in many forms.
  19. Polyplacophora- a class of marine mollusks with overlapping plates on their back.
  20. Polymeric- relating to or consisting of polymers.
  21. Polyphenol- a compound containing more than one phenol group, often found in plants.
  22. Polytechnic- offering instruction in technical arts and applied sciences.
  23. Polysaccharide- a carbohydrate with multiple sugar molecules bonded together.
  24. Polypeptide- a molecule consisting of many amino acids linked in a chain.
  25. Polyploid- having more than two complete sets of chromosomes.
  26. Polymerase- an enzyme that synthesizes long chains of polymers or nucleic acids.
  27. Polymorphous- having or passing through many forms or stages.
  28. Polycentric- characterized by many centers.
  29. Polymorphism- the occurrence of different forms in individuals among the same species.
  30. Polyneuritis- inflammation of multiple nerves.
  31. Polyphonic- producing many sounds simultaneously.
  32. Polygraphy- the practice of using a lie detector.
  33. Polyvinyl- of or relating to polyvinyl compounds.
  34. Polytetrafluoroethylene- a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene, also known as Teflon.
  35. Polyurethane- a polymer composed of organic units joined by urethane links.
  36. Polyandrous- relating to polyandry.
  37. Polymerization- the process of reacting monomer molecules together to form polymer chains.
  38. Polychoral- involving several choirs, as in certain compositions.
  39. Polycotton- a blend of polyester and cotton.
  40. Polyamine- an organic compound with multiple amine groups.
  41. Polyhedral- relating to polyhedra.
  42. Polymath- a person with knowledge of many subjects.
  43. Polyculture- the simultaneous cultivation or growth of multiple crops or kinds of animals.
  44. Polydactyly- the condition of having more than the usual number of fingers or toes.
  45. Polypharmacy- the use of multiple medications by a patient.
  46. Polyclinic- a clinic that provides treatment for many kinds of diseases.
  47. Polyjuice- a magical potion from the Harry Potter series allowing transformation into another person.
  48. Polyhistor- another term for a polymath.
  49. Polycentric- having multiple centers.
  50. Polycrystalline- composed of multiple crystals.
  51. Polysynaptic- involving multiple synapses, as in reflex arcs.
  52. Polysystemic- affecting many systems of the body.
  53. Polyzoic- relating to many animals or life forms.
  54. Polyxenous- parasitizing or hosting multiple species.
  55. Polyembryony- the development of multiple embryos from one fertilized egg.
  56. Polyopia- the perception of several images of a single object.
  57. Polychromatic- displaying multiple colors.
  58. Polyestrous- having multiple estrous cycles in a year.
  59. Polygraphist- a person who administers and interprets lie detector tests.
  60. Polygene- a gene that contributes to the phenotype of a complex trait.
  61. Polygyny- a form of marriage in which a man has more than one wife.
  62. Polyhistor- a person with vast knowledge in many fields.
  63. Polywater- purported form of water during the 1960s and 1970s, which turned out to be ordinary water.
  64. Polyphyletic- derived from multiple ancestral sources.
  65. Polystyrene- a synthetic aromatic polymer made from the monomer styrene.
  66. Polysemous- having multiple meanings.
  67. Polyuremide- referring to a bulk polymer with urethane and imide groups.
  68. Polyptych- an artwork made up of multiple panels.
  69. Polylithic- corresponding to or suggesting multiple stone structures or compositions.
  70. Polytropic- affecting many tissues or types of cells.
  71. Polysyllable- a word with more than one syllable.
  72. Polyaxial- involving multiple axes.
  73. Polycistronic- pertaining to a single messenger RNA that encodes multiple proteins.
  74. Polyisoprene- a polymer of isoprene used in natural rubber and synthetic rubber.
  75. Polymenorrhea- the condition of having menstrual cycles that are too frequent.
  76. Polysyllogism- a chain of syllogisms, each using as one of its premises the conclusion of the previous one.
  77. Polycistronic- referring to the type of mRNA that can produce multiple protein products.
  78. Polyascis- a type of organism consisting of multiple ascidians.
  79. Polyborate- a chemical compound composed of multiple borate anions.
  80. Polycentricity- the quality of having multiple centers or focal points.
  81. Polyaxonic- having multiple axes or being related to multiple axes.
  82. Polygynous- relating to polygyny.
  83. Polyphagous- feeding on many different kinds of food.
  84. Polyzoarium- a colony of bryozoans.
  85. Polypetalous- having multiple, distinct petals.
  86. Polybasite- a black mineral composed of silver, sulfur, and various other elements.
  87. Polyphyllous- having many leaves.
  88. Polyhymnia- one of the nine Muses in Greek mythology, the muse of sacred song and oratory.
  89. Polyorchidism- the condition of having more than two testicles.
  90. Polycentrism- the principle or condition of being polycentric.
  91. Polychelid- referring to a family of deep-sea crustaceans.
  92. Polypharmacy- the concurrent use of multiple medications by a patient.
  93. Polystichous- arranged in multiple rows.
  94. Polyrhythm- the simultaneous combination of contrasting rhythms in music.
  95. Polydomous- having multiple houses or nests.
  96. Polyglossal- having multiple tongues or speaking multiple languages.
  97. Polyphosphoric- relating to polyphosphate compounds.
  98. Polymetallic- containing several different metals.
  99. Polylitirity- having multiple layers.
  100. Polyprotodont- belonging to a subgroup of marsupials with multiple incisors.

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