Words That Start With Port: A Detailed List

This article lists a variety of words that start with “port” to help you expand your vocabulary and understand their meanings.

  1. Portable- Easily carried or moved.
  2. Portal- A doorway or entrance.
  3. Port- A harbor for ships; an entry point.
  4. Portage- The carrying of a boat or its cargo between navigable waters.
  5. Portaloo- A portable toilet.
  6. Portcullis- A heavy grating that can be lowered to block a gateway.
  7. Portent- An omen or sign of something significant.
  8. Portfolio- A collection of works or documents; a range of investments.
  9. Portico- A porch with columns, typically at the entrance of a building.
  10. Portly- Having a stout body; somewhat fat.
  11. Portmanteau- A large suitcase; a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others.
  12. Portside- The left side of a ship or aircraft when facing forward.
  13. Portrait- A painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person.
  14. Portend- To be a sign or warning of future events.
  15. Porter- A person employed to carry luggage and supplies.
  16. Portfolio- A grouping of financial investments.
  17. Portamento- A slide between two musical notes.
  18. Porterhouse- A large steak cut from the short loin.
  19. Portière- A heavy curtain hung across a doorway.
  20. Portion- A part or share of a whole.
  21. Portmanteaux- Plural of portmanteau; blend words.
  22. Portulaca- A genus of flowering plants.
  23. Ports- Plural of port; harbors.
  24. Portulacaria- A genus of succulent plants.
  25. Portamento- Sliding in music.
  26. Portamento- Smooth glide from one note to another.

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