Words That Start with Post: Common Examples and Usage

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “post” to enhance your vocabulary and language skills.

  1. Postscript- A note added at the end of a letter.
  2. Postpone- To delay or defer something.
  3. Posture- The way one holds their body.
  4. Postgraduate- A person engaged in advanced study after graduation.
  5. Posthumous- Occurring after a person’s death.
  6. Postulate- A statement assumed true as a basis for reasoning.
  7. Postwar- After a war ends.
  8. Postmodern- Relating to post-20th-century styles in art and literature.
  9. Postpartum- Following childbirth.
  10. Postmortem- Examination of a body after death.
  11. Postnatal- Relating to the period after birth.
  12. Postmark- An official mark showing date and place of mailing.
  13. Postdate- To date a check or document later than the actual date.
  14. Postindustrial- Relating to an economy no longer reliant on heavy industry.
  15. Postbox- A public mailbox for mail collection.
  16. Postoperative- Following a surgical operation.
  17. Postscriptum- Another term for postscript.
  18. Postseason- The period after the regular sports season.
  19. Posthaste- With great speed.
  20. Postcolonial- After gain of independence from colonial rule.
  21. Postprocess- Occurring after an initial process.
  22. Postpubescent- After the onset of puberty.
  23. Postinfectious- After an infection has occurred.
  24. Postclassic- Relating to the period after a classic era.
  25. Postural- Pertaining to posture.
  26. Postcrisis- Following a crisis.
  27. Postlude- A concluding section in a piece of music.
  28. Postnuptial- After marriage or a wedding.
  29. Postdiluvian- After the biblical flood.
  30. Postlap- Following a period or event.
  31. Postillate- To comment on scriptures.
  32. Postracial- Beyond racial distinctions and prejudice.
  33. Postharvest- Following the gathering of crops.
  34. Postliminy- Restoration to previous status or privileges.
  35. Postcommander- A commander in charge of a military post.
  36. Postgenomic- After the completion of genome sequencing.
  37. Postcalving- After the birth of a calf.
  38. Postadolesence- Following the adolescent period.
  39. Postcandling- After eggs have been candled for quality checking.
  40. Postadmission- After being admitted, especially to a hospital.
  41. Postadministration- After being administered (e.g., medication).
  42. Postauricular- Situated behind the ear.
  43. Postaxial- Behind or to the posterior of an axis.
  44. Postbac- Short for postbaccalaureate, further study after a bachelor’s degree.
  45. Postcentral- Located at the back of a central area.
  46. Postchannel- Following a communication or distribution channel.
  47. Posthospital- After discharge from a hospital.
  48. Postcardiac- Following a heart-related condition.
  49. Postcoded- Marked with a postal code.
  50. Postcreator- Occurring after the creation of something.
  51. Postcreamery- After the process or act of creaming.
  52. Postcrisis- After a critical period or turning point.
  53. Postcyclone- After the occurrence of a cyclone.
  54. Postpalatal- Situated behind the palate.
  55. Postpecuniary- Relating to situations following financial considerations.
  56. Postpetroleum- Beyond the age of petroleum use.
  57. Postpneumonia- Following an episode of pneumonia.
  58. Postpurchase- After a purchase has been made.
  59. Postrace- After a race has concluded.
  60. Postreat- To treat again or afterward.
  61. Posttrochanteric- Related to the area behind the hip joint.
  62. Postworkout- Following an exercise session.
  63. Postimperial- After an imperial rule or period.
  64. Postverbal- After the acquisition of verbal communication.
  65. Posteducational- Following an educational process or period.
  66. Postfight- After a fight has taken place.
  67. Postfreeze- After a freezing period or action.
  68. Postmedieval- After the medieval era.
  69. Postfertilization- After the fertilization process.
  70. Postfix- To affix after something else.
  71. Postirradiation- After exposure to radiation.
  72. Postintroductory- Following an introduction.
  73. Postconcussion- After a concussion has occurred.
  74. Postaccession- Following accession to a position or status.
  75. Postconcert- After a concert event.
  76. Postdate- To date an event or document later than the actual date.
  77. Postfinal- After a final event, such as an exam.
  78. Postfront- After the occurrence of a front (weather).
  79. Postfuze- After a fuse has been used or detonated.
  80. Postgale- Following a gale or strong wind.
  81. Postlapsarian- Relating to the period after the fall of humanity.
  82. Postlingual- After the development of language.
  83. Postmusical- Following a musical performance.
  84. Postnatal- Following birth.
  85. Postneonatal- After the neonatal period.
  86. Postpainterly- Following a specific period of style in painting.
  87. Postpartum- After childbirth.
  88. Postsurgical- After surgery.
  89. Posturban- After or beyond urbanization.
  90. Postvisit- After a visit has occurred.
  91. Postvolcanic- Following a volcanic eruption.
  92. Postweaning- After the weaning process is completed.
  93. Postyouth- After the period of youth.
  94. Postzygotic- After fertilization of the egg.
  95. Postdelivery- After delivery, especially of a baby.

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