Words That Start With Pu: List and Examples

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “pu.

  1. Punctuation- marks used in writing to separate sentences and clarify meaning.
  2. Pursue- to follow in order to catch or attack.
  3. Purpose- the reason for which something is done.
  4. Pure- free of any contaminants.
  5. Pupil- a student in school.
  6. Pulse- the rhythmic throbbing of arteries as blood is propelled through them.
  7. Puddle- a small pool of liquid.
  8. Puffy- swollen or inflated.
  9. Pulley- a wheel with a grooved rim around which a cord passes.
  10. Pulverize- to crush into a fine powder.
  11. Publish- to make publicly known.
  12. Puppet- a movable model of a person or animal.
  13. Pummel- to strike repeatedly with fists.
  14. Punctuate- to occur at intervals through a time or a place.
  15. Puny- small and weak.
  16. Pungent- having a sharply strong taste or smell.
  17. Pulse- a beat or throb.
  18. Pudgy- slightly fat.
  19. Purgatory- a place or state of suffering.
  20. Pupil- part of the eye that regulates light.
  21. Purchase- to buy something.
  22. Purge- to rid of an unwanted feeling or condition.
  23. Puzzle- a game or problem designed to test ingenuity.
  24. Pulp- a soft, wet, shapeless mass.
  25. Pulse- to move with strong, regular beats.
  26. Puncture- to pierce with a pointed object.
  27. Puerile- childishly silly and trivial.
  28. Putter- to occupy oneself in a leisurely manner.
  29. Pulsate- to expand and contract with strong movements.
  30. Pulverize- to reduce to fine particles.
  31. Purity- freedom from adulteration.
  32. Pupal- relating to the pupal stage of an insect.
  33. Punster- a person who makes puns.
  34. Purloin- to steal.
  35. Pungency- the quality of having a strong, sharp smell or taste.
  36. Pulse- an instance of a regularly recurring beat.
  37. Purr- a low continuous vibratory sound made by a cat.
  38. Pupal- stage between larva and adult in insects.
  39. Purport- to appear or claim to be or do something.
  40. Pus- thick yellowish fluid formed in infected tissue.
  41. Purgative- a substance that causes evacuation of the bowels.
  42. Puke- to vomit.
  43. Puss- a term for cat.
  44. Punish- to inflict a penalty on someone for an offense.
  45. Pulverulent- consisting of dust or fine powder.
  46. Putsch- a violent attempt to overthrow a government.
  47. Puddle- shallow pool of liquid.
  48. Pugilist- a professional boxer.
  49. Pullulate- to breed or spread rapidly.
  50. Pulsar- a highly magnetized rotating neutron star.
  51. Putrid- decaying and emitting a fetid smell.
  52. Punctilious- showing great attention to detail.
  53. Puppy- a young dog.
  54. Pupal- stage in insect development.
  55. Pursuant- in accordance with.
  56. Pulverulent- powdery.
  57. Pullet- a young hen.
  58. Purveyor- a person who supplies goods.
  59. Pulsate- to expand and contract with regular movement.
  60. Pulpit- a raised platform in a church.
  61. Push- to exert force on something.
  62. Pummel- to beat repeatedly.
  63. Punctuation- marks used in writing.
  64. Puppeteer- a person who operates puppets.
  65. Pungently- in a sharp or caustic manner.
  66. Puny- insignificant.
  67. Purlieu- outskirts or neighboring area.
  68. Purgative- cleansing.
  69. Purl- a stitch in knitting.
  70. Pungency- strong-smelling.
  71. Pulverous- powdery.
  72. Pusillanimous- showing a lack of courage.
  73. Pursuance- the act of pursuing.
  74. Purdah- the practice of concealing women from men.
  75. Pulchritude- physical beauty.
  76. Purgatorial- relating to purgatory.
  77. Pushover- someone easily influenced or defeated.
  78. Pursuant- complying with.
  79. Putsch- a coup.
  80. Pundit- an expert in a particular subject.
  81. Pulk- a type of sled.
  82. Puggle- a dog breed.
  83. Puddle- small pool of liquid.
  84. Pugilism- the sport of boxing.
  85. Putty- a malleable substance used for sealing.
  86. Pudendum- external genital organs.
  87. Purist- a person who insists on absolute adherence to traditional rules.
  88. Punctilio- a fine or petty point of conduct.
  89. Pupate- to develop into a pupa.
  90. Pusillanimously- in a manner showing lack of courage.
  91. Pumy- light and weak.
  92. Puny- small and weak.
  93. Pulverously- in a manner resembling powder.
  94. Pungently- having a sharp taste or smell.
  95. Purlieu- neighborhood or vicinity.
  96. Pursuant- followed or attended upon.
  97. Pullet- a young female chicken.
  98. Puppet- a figure operated by hand.
  99. Pulpy- resembling or containing pulp.
  100. Pull- to exert force on something to move it.

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