Words That Start with Quad: List and Common Uses

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “quad” to enhance your vocabulary and understanding of this unique prefix.

  1. Quadrant- one of four sections.
  2. Quadrilateral- a four-sided polygon.
  3. Quadriceps- a group of four muscles in the thigh.
  4. Quadrantid- relating to a meteor shower originating from Quadrans Muralis.
  5. Quadruplet- one of four offspring born at the same time.
  6. Quadruped- an animal that walks on four legs.
  7. Quadruple- multiply by four.
  8. Quadraphonic- a four-channel sound system.
  9. Quadrennial- occurring every four years.
  10. Quadrivium- the four subjects of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy in medieval education.
  11. Quadruplicate- four exact copies.
  12. Quadrangle- a four-sided courtyard or building.
  13. Quadruplex- a system of telegraphy that sends four messages simultaneously.
  14. Quadrillion- a number equal to 1 followed by 15 zeros (1,000,000,000,000,000).
  15. Quadriplegia- paralysis of all four limbs.
  16. Quadruplication- the act of quadrupling something.
  17. Quadruplexer- a device used in communication systems for multiplexing four signals.
  18. Quadrivalent- having a valence of four.
  19. Quadruplane- an aircraft with four wings.
  20. Quadrisyllable- a word with four syllables.
  21. Quadrifoliate- having four leaves.
  22. Quadrilingual- speaking four languages.
  23. Quadrisect- to divide into four parts.
  24. Quadrireme- a Roman warship with four banks of oars.
  25. Quadruplication- the process of making four copies.
  26. Quadrupedal- pertaining to four-footed animals.
  27. Quadribasic- relating to substances with four replaceable hydrogen atoms.
  28. Quadraphony- sound reproduction using four channels.
  29. Quadrisection- a division into four equal parts.
  30. Quadrifocal- having lenses with four different focal lengths.
  31. Quadrisulcate- having feet with four clefts.
  32. Quadriform- having four different forms.
  33. Quadrimodal- involving four different modes.
  34. Quadripartite- divided into four parts.
  35. Quadrisonorous- having or consisting of four sounds.
  36. Quadriregular- consisting of or related to four regular elements.
  37. Quadripartition- the act of dividing into four parts.
  38. Quadrispherical- divided into four spheres.
  39. Quadrifurcate- having four forks or branches.
  40. Quadripole- a network element with four terminals or nodes.
  41. Quadriloculate- having four compartments or cells.
  42. Quadrimembral- related to four limbs.
  43. Quadridentate- having four teeth or tooth-like parts.
  44. Quadrinomial- a mathematical expression with four terms.
  45. Quadripyramidal- having four pyramid-like structures.
  46. Quadriparous- giving birth to four offspring at once.
  47. Quadrifocals- eyeglasses with lenses that correct vision at four different distances.
  48. Quadrisegmental- divided into four segments.
  49. Quadridirectional- extending in four different directions.
  50. Quadriplexure- the condition of being folded four times.
  51. Quadriprotocol- involving or requiring four different protocols.
  52. Quadrifilar- consisting of or related to four threads.
  53. Quadribasicity- the property of having four replaceable hydrogen atoms.
  54. Quadrifid- divided into four parts or lobes.
  55. Quadribranchiate- having four gills.
  56. Quadribasal- having a base divided into four parts.
  57. Quadrizonal- pertaining to or involving four zones.
  58. Quadriradial- having four radii.
  59. Quadruplication- multiple process systems operating in four phases.
  60. Quadriseta- having four setae or bristles.
  61. Quadriloculate- having four cells or compartments (repeated for clarity).
  62. Quadrifidation- the process of becoming divided into four parts.
  63. Quadrinodal- having four nodes.
  64. Quadripennate- having four wings or wing branches.
  65. Quadripinnate- four times pinnate (arranged in a feather-like manner).
  66. Quadriserriate- arranged in four rows or series.
  67. Quadriserial- consisting of or having four series.
  68. Quadrisegment- a segment divided into four parts.
  69. Quadridigital- having four fingers or digits.
  70. Quadrivisible- capable of being divided into four parts.
  71. Quadripolar- having or involving four poles.

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