Words That Start with Quint: List and Examples

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “quint.

  1. Quintessential- most perfect example of a quality or class
  2. Quintet- a group of five people playing music or singing together
  3. Quintuple- consisting of five parts or members
  4. Quintuplet- one of five babies born at one birth
  5. Quintillion- a number equal to a thousand raised to the power of six
  6. Quintuplets- five offspring born at one birth
  7. Quintupled- increased or multiplied fivefold
  8. Quintuplicated- made five times as much or many
  9. Quintuplicate- one of five copies
  10. Quintupled- multiplied by five times
  11. Quintessence- the purest essence or form of something
  12. Quintain- a target used in jousting
  13. Quintuplet- any group or series of five
  14. Quintillionth- the ordinal number of quintillion
  15. Quintuplicate- five identical parts or copies
  16. Quintuplex- a building divided into five separate apartments
  17. Quintuple- increase fivefold
  18. Quintupling- the act of making fivefold
  19. Quintuplicate- multiply or repeat five times
  20. Quintillionth- position after a quintillion

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