Words That Start With Rat: Complete List

In this article, you’ll discover a variety of words that start with “rat.

  1. Rat
  2. A rodent known for its long tail and sharp teeth.
  1. Rate
  2. A measure or frequency of occurrence; to evaluate or assess.
  1. Ratify
  2. To officially approve or confirm.
  1. Rational
  2. Based on logic or reason.
  1. Ration
  2. A fixed allowance of provisions or food.
  1. Rattlesnake
  2. A venomous snake known for its distinctive rattle at the end of its tail.
  1. Ratification
  2. The process of confirming or validating something.
  1. Rationalize
  2. To justify or explain something logically.
  1. Ratty
  2. Shabby or in poor condition.
  1. Rating
  2. The classification or ranking of someone or something in terms of quality or performance.
  1. Ratchet
  2. A device consisting of a bar or wheel with a set of angled teeth.
  1. Rattle
  2. A noise produced by shaking small objects inside a container.
  1. Rationale
  2. The underlying reason or explanation for something.
  1. Ratatat
  2. A rapid succession of short, sharp sounds.
  1. Rateless
  2. Not subject to taxation or rates; immeasurable.
  1. Ratlines
  2. Vertical ropes on a sailing ship.
  1. Ratatouille
  2. A French stewed vegetable dish.
  1. Ratiocinate
  2. To reason methodically and logically.
  1. Ratiocination
  2. The process of exact thinking or logical reasoning.
  1. Rattler
  2. Informal term for a rattlesnake.
  1. Ratepayer
  2. Person who pays local taxes or rates.
  1. Rationality
  2. Quality of being based on or in accordance with reason or logic.
  1. Rationalist
  2. Someone who prioritizes reason and logic.
  1. Rationalistic
  2. Adhering to or based on rationalism.
  1. Rationalization
  2. The action of attempting to explain or justify behavior with logical reasons.
  1. Ratingly
  2. In a manner relating to being rated or assessed.
  1. Ratlike
  2. Resembling a rat in appearance or behavior.
  1. Ratifier
  2. A person who ratifies or approves something formally.
  1. Ratooning
  2. The practice of cultivating root-cuttings.
  1. Rathe
  2. Rare or obsolete term meaning early or soon.
  1. Ratable
  2. Subject to assessment, particularly for taxation purposes.
  1. Rataplan
  2. A rhythmic drumbeat.
  1. Ratite
  2. A group of flightless birds with a flat breastbone.
  1. Ratemeter
  2. An instrument that measures rate of flow.
  1. Ratoon
  2. A shoot growing from the root of a plant, especially after the crop has been cut.
  1. Ratel
  2. Another name for a honey badger.
  1. Rathskeller
  2. A basement bar or restaurant.
  1. Ratfish
  2. A type of cartilaginous fish.
  1. Ratoscope
  2. An instrument for measuring the speed of projectiles.
  1. Rataplanning
  2. The act of making a continual, rapid, and often rhythmic tapping or drumming noise.

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