Words That Start With Ri: Your Quick Reference

This article provides a comprehensive list of words that start with “ri” to help enrich your vocabulary and understanding.

  1. Ribald- Vulgar or indecent in speech.
  2. Ridable- Capable of being ridden.
  3. Ridge- A long, narrow elevation of land.
  4. Ridicule- To mock or make fun of.
  5. Rift- A crack, split, or breach.
  6. Rig- To assemble or set up equipment.
  7. Right- Morally good or justified.
  8. Rigid- Stiff and unyielding.
  9. Rigorous- Extremely thorough and accurate.
  10. Rile- To irritate or annoy.
  11. Rim- The outer edge of an object.
  12. Rind- The tough outer layer of certain fruits.
  13. Ring- A small circular band.
  14. Rinse- To wash or clean lightly.
  15. Riot- A violent disturbance by a crowd.
  16. Rip- To tear or cut something quickly.
  17. Ripple- A small wave on the surface of water.
  18. Rise- To move from a lower position to a higher one.
  19. Risk- Exposure to danger or harm.
  20. Riser- A vertical part of a step.
  21. Rite- A formal or ceremonial act.
  22. Ritual- A prescribed order of performing ceremonies.
  23. Rival- A person competing for the same goal as another.
  24. River- A large natural flow of water.
  25. Rivet- To fasten or fix firmly.
  26. Rich- Wealthy or abundant.
  27. Rid- To clear of something unwanted.
  28. Riddle- A puzzling question or problem.
  29. Rice- A cereal grain.
  30. Ricochet- To bounce off a surface.
  31. Ripe- Fully grown and ready to eat.
  32. Risky- Involving potential danger.
  33. Rivulet- A small stream of water.
  34. Rigidly- In a strict manner.
  35. Ribbon- A long, narrow strip of fabric.
  36. Ricotta- A soft Italian cheese.
  37. Rigor- Harsh inflexibility in opinion or action.
  38. Ringing- The sound generated by something resonating.
  39. Rights- Entitlements or freedoms.
  40. Rindless- Without a hard outer layer.
  41. Riches- Wealth or valuable resources.
  42. Rippled- Formed with small waves.
  43. Riseable- Capable of rising.
  44. Ripcord- A cord pulled to release a parachute.
  45. Rickets- A disease caused by vitamin D deficiency.
  46. Ridgepole- The horizontal beam at the top of a roof.
  47. Ricebran- The outer layer of the rice grain.
  48. Ringlet- A small curl of hair.
  49. Ribbing- Light teasing.
  50. Rivalry- Competition for the same objective.
  51. Ritzy- Luxuriously elegant.
  52. Riposte- A quick return thrust in fencing.
  53. Rightsize- To adjust to an appropriate size.
  54. Righteous- Morally right or justifiable.
  55. Riveting- Completely engrossing or absorbing.
  56. Richly- In an abundant manner.
  57. Rindless- Lacking an outer covering.
  58. Ribosome- A complex molecule involved in protein synthesis.
  59. Ringmaster- The director of a circus.
  60. Ringworm- A fungal infection of the skin.
  61. Rigorism- Strict adherence to a code.
  62. Ritualize- To make into a ritual.
  63. Riff- A short, repeated phrase in music.
  64. Rinseable- Capable of being rinsed.
  65. Riverbed- The bottom of a river channel.
  66. Riparian- Relating to the banks of a river.
  67. Righteousness- The quality of being morally right.
  68. Rigmarole- A lengthy and complicated procedure.
  69. Ristretto- A short shot of espresso.
  70. Risk- free – Without any risk.
  71. Riveter- A person who inserts rivets.
  72. Ridership- The passengers of a mode of transport.
  73. Rivaling- Competing with another.
  74. Rigorist- A person who imposes strict standards.
  75. Rippling- Moving in a wave-like manner.
  76. Riverscape- A view or scene of a river.
  77. Ripening- Becoming ready to eat.
  78. Ridged- Having a raised strip or line.
  79. Rindful- Full of rind.
  80. Ribboning- Forming into or resembling ribbons.
  81. Ringing- Making a resonant sound.
  82. Ritefully- In a manner of performing rites.
  83. Rive- To split or tear apart violently.
  84. Rivetingly- In a way that commands full attention.
  85. Riskiness- The quality of involving potential danger.
  86. Righteously- In a morally right or justifiable manner.
  87. Ribboned- Decorated with ribbons.
  88. Ringer- A person who frequently identifies or points out flaws.
  89. Riveal- To tear open.
  90. Rinser- A tool or machine used for rinsing.
  91. Ripefulness- The state of being fully mature or ready.
  92. Riddlelike- Resembling a puzzle.
  93. Rivaless- A female competitor.
  94. Ritard- A gradual slowing down in music.
  95. Risible- Provoking laughter.
  96. Riskful- Full of risk.
  97. Ringingly- In a clear resonant manner.
  98. Ridder- A person who gets rid of something.
  99. Richening- Making richer.
  100. Riviera- A coastal region known for its scenery and mild climate.

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