Words That Start With S and End With E: Top Words and FAQs

Looking for words that start with “s” and end with “e”? Here’s an extensive list to boost your vocabulary and perhaps give you a winning edge in your next word game!

  1. Sage- A wise person or aromatic plant.
  2. Share- To give a portion of something to others.
  3. Slice- A thin, broad piece cut from something larger.
  4. Scene- A place where an incident occurs.
  5. Scale- Device for measuring weight or size.
  6. Spite- A desire to harm, anger, or defeat someone.
  7. Spine- The backbone.
  8. Style- A manner of doing something.
  9. Sphere- A round, three-dimensional shape.
  10. State- A condition or political territory.
  11. Stele- An upright stone slab or pillar.
  12. Stere- A metric unit of volume.
  13. Store- A place where goods are sold.
  14. Seize- To take hold of suddenly and forcibly.
  15. Shape- The external form or appearance of something.
  16. Salve- An ointment for healing.
  17. Scone- A type of baked good.
  18. Swine- A pig.
  19. Surge- A sudden, powerful forward or upward movement.
  20. Sense- A faculty by which the body perceives an external stimulus.
  21. Stable- Firmly fixed or a building for horses.
  22. Sleaze- Sordid, corrupt, or immoral behavior.
  23. Svelte- Slender and elegant.
  24. Suite- A set of rooms or a musical composition.
  25. Stoke- To stir up a fire or feed fuel.
  26. Scale- A graduated range of values forming a standard system for measuring.
  27. Strike- To hit forcibly and deliberately.
  28. Solve- To find an answer to a problem.
  29. Scope- The extent of the area or subject matter.
  30. Stale- No longer fresh.
  31. Smile- A facial expression showing pleasure.
  32. Stone- A hard, solid nonmetallic mineral matter.
  33. Splice- To join or connect by intertwining.
  34. Souse- To soak in liquid or a drunkard.
  35. Sable- A type of marten with luxurious fur.
  36. Swoope- To move rapidly downward.
  37. Shove- To push roughly.
  38. Shore- The land along the edge of a body of water.
  39. Spear- A long, pointed weapon.
  40. Space- The boundless three-dimensional extent.
  41. Skate- To glide on ice or a roller surface.
  42. Snipe- To shoot at from a distance.
  43. Spore- A reproductive cell in fungi and plants.
  44. Stove- A device that produces heat for cooking.
  45. Salute- A gesture or action to show respect.
  46. Swale- A low or hollow place, especially a marshy depression between ridges.
  47. Some- An unspecified amount or number.
  48. Spade- A tool used for digging.
  49. Simile- A figure of speech comparing one thing with another.
  50. Scribe- A person who copies out documents.
  51. Sphere- A three-dimensional round object.
  52. Scree- A slope covered with loose stones.
  53. Seine- A fishing net that hangs vertically.
  54. Sable- A dark brown or black color.
  55. Smile- An expression of happiness.
  56. Sleeve- The part of a garment that covers the arm.
  57. Shale- A type of sedimentary rock.
  58. Snore- A noise made while sleeping.
  59. Stone- A hard mineral substance.
  60. Strike- To deliberately hit something.
  61. Stake- A strong wooden or metal post.
  62. Solace- Comfort in sorrow or misfortune.
  63. Sluice- A sliding gate for controlling water flow.
  64. Sparse- Thinly dispersed or scattered.
  65. Splice- To intertwine or join.
  66. Stove- Kitchen appliance for cooking.
  67. Shove- To push forcefully.
  68. Sphere- Round geometrical object.
  69. Scene- Place where event occurs.
  70. Sense- Perception or feeling.
  71. Score- A record of points in a game.
  72. Serve- To perform duties for someone.
  73. Snare- A trapping device.
  74. Seize- To take by force.
  75. Siege- A relentless attack.
  76. Spite- Malice or ill will.
  77. Sheathe- To enclose in a protective covering.
  78. Saute- To fry quickly in a small amount of fat.
  79. Severe- Very intense or serious.
  80. Suture- Stitching for surgical wounds.
  81. Sphere- Three-dimensional circle.
  82. Shrine- A holy or sacred place.
  83. Shire- A county or division.
  84. Space- The physical universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere.
  85. Surface- The outermost layer of something.
  86. Surmise- A guess or supposition.
  87. Science- The systematic study of nature.
  88. Substance- A particular kind of matter.
  89. Sacrifice- Giving up something of value.
  90. Schedule- A plan for carrying out a process or procedure.
  91. Sustenance- Food and drink regarded as a source of strength.
  92. Service- The action of helping or doing work for someone.
  93. Sunshine- Direct sunlight.
  94. Software- Programs and other operating information used by a computer.
  95. Scramble- To make one’s way quickly or awkwardly.
  96. System- A set of connected things forming a complex whole.
  97. Scribe- To write.
  98. Scavenge- To search for and collect discarded material.
  99. Sequence- A particular order in which related things follow each other.
  100. Subdue- To bring under control.

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