Words That Start with Semi: List and Examples

Looking for words that start with “semi”? You’ll find plenty of examples right here!

  1. Semicircle- A half of a circle or of its circumference.
  2. Semiconductor- A material that partially conducts electricity, often used in electronics.
  3. Semiquaver- A musical note with the time value of one-sixteenth of a whole note.
  4. Semicolon- A punctuation mark (;) used to connect independent clauses.
  5. Semifinal- A match or round that precedes the final one in a tournament.
  6. Semiautomatic- Partially automatic, requiring some manual intervention.
  7. Semipermeable- Allowing certain substances to pass through but not others.
  8. Semiprecious- Describing stones that are less valuable than precious stones.
  9. Semiannual- Occurring twice a year.
  10. Semisweet- Moderately sweet, often used to describe chocolate.
  11. Semiweekly- Occurring twice a week.
  12. Semitransparent- Allowing light to pass through but not completely clear.
  13. Semidetached- Partly detached, usually referring to houses sharing one common wall.
  14. Semiaquatic- Living partly on land and partly in water.
  15. Semiconscious- Partly conscious, not fully aware.
  16. Semiliquid- Having a consistency between solid and liquid.
  17. Semisecret- Partly secret, not fully disclosed.
  18. Semiprofessional- Engaging in an activity, professed or avocationally, for profit other than employment.
  19. Semiskilled- Partly skilled, requiring some but limited training or skills.
  20. Semidormant- Partially inactive, not in full dormancy.
  21. Semifreddo- A partially frozen dessert.
  22. Semitropical- Partly tropical, referring to a climate that is nearly tropical.
  23. Semidiameter- Half the diameter of a circle or sphere.
  24. Semiconsciousness- The state of being partly conscious or aware.
  25. Semiopaque- Partially opaque, allowing some but not all light to pass through.
  26. Semi- independent – Partly independent, having some but not full independence.
  27. Semitranslucent- Allowing light to pass through diffusely.
  28. Semiurban- Partly urban, not fully characteristic of a city.
  29. Semiplume- A type of feather in birds that is partly downy and partly webbed.
  30. Seminal- Pertaining to seed or semen; also, highly original and influential.
  31. Semipostal- A stamp often issued to raise funds for a specific cause.
  32. Semilunar- Shaped like a half-moon or crescent.
  33. Semisolid- Having a thick consistency between solid and liquid.
  34. Semispherical- Half spherical in shape.
  35. Semiotics- The study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.
  36. Semipublic- Partially public, not entirely private.
  37. Semicarbazide- A chemical compound often used in pharmaceuticals.
  38. Semiarid- Climate characterized by light rainfall, halfway between arid and humid.
  39. Semihard- Moderately hard, often used to describe a type of cheese.
  40. Semisubmersible- Capable of being partially submerged.
  41. Semidome- A partial dome, usually formed by cutting a full dome in half.
  42. Semiempirical- Based partly on theory and partly on experimental data.
  43. Semiliterate- Having only partial literacy.
  44. Semiotician- A person who studies or is an expert in semiotics.
  45. Semisynthetic- Partly synthetic, manufactured using a combination of natural and synthetic components.
  46. Semiannual- Occurring every half-year.
  47. Semimonthly- Occurring twice a month.
  48. Semicivilized- Partly civilized, exhibiting some but not fully all marks of civilization.
  49. Semiabstract- Partly abstract, containing both abstract and representational elements.
  50. Semielliptical- Having the shape of a half ellipse.
  51. Semisupine- Lying partly on the back.
  52. Semiaxis- Half of an axis, especially in geometry.
  53. Semivertebrate- Partly vertebrate, having some characteristics of vertebrates.
  54. Semiclassical- Partially classical, combining classical forms with modern elements.
  55. Semiperipheral- Being partly on the periphery, not entirely central.
  56. Semineutral- Partially neutral, not fully aligned with any side.
  57. Semiscientific- Combining scientific principles with other forms of knowledge.
  58. Semiopen- Partially open, not completely closed.
  59. Semidome- A dome bisected, creating a half-dome structure.
  60. Semiregular- Partly regular, maintaining regularity intermittently.
  61. Semifeudal- Partly feudal, having some characteristics of a feudal system.
  62. Semifeudalism- A system partly resembling feudalism.
  63. Semiotics- The study of signs and symbols, especially in language.
  64. Semistructured- Partially structured, having some order but not strictly organized.
  65. Semiurbanization- The process of becoming partly urbanized.
  66. Semicolonial- Partly colonial; indicates partial or incomplete colonial control.
  67. Semiconductance- The ability to conduct electricity partly; related to semiconductors.
  68. Semiprofession- A profession that demands less rigorous training than a recognized profession.
  69. Semicyclic- Partially cyclic, not forming a complete cycle.
  70. Semipolitical- Partly political.
  71. Semiochemicals- Chemicals that convey information between organisms, like pheromones.
  72. Semiflux- Partially flowing or in flux.
  73. Semicomprehensible- Partly understandable, not completely clear.
  74. Semiindependent- Partially independent.
  75. Semisocial- Partly social, engaging with others occasionally.
  76. Semitonic- Relating to or involving semitones.
  77. Semijoin- In computing, an operation that joins tables partially.
  78. Semilattice- A partially ordered set formed by joining pairs of elements that have a unique least upper bound.
  79. Semicomplete- Partially complete.
  80. Semiterrestrial- Partly terrestrial, living or growing partly on land.
  81. Semicephalic- Partly involving the head.
  82. Semitubular- Partly tubular in shape.
  83. Semicommercial- Partly commercial or used for commercial purposes.
  84. Semiannual- Occurring twice a year (repeated for emphasis).
  85. Semidiurnal- Occurring twice daily.
  86. Semiprimitive- Partly primitive.
  87. Semiofficial- Having partial official status or standing.
  88. Semimagical- Partially magical.
  89. Semidiaphanous- Partially transparent or translucent.
  90. Semivowel- A sound that is phonetically similar to a vowel but functions as a consonant.
  91. Semiabstract- Partly abstract (repeated for emphasis).
  92. Semidigital- Partly digital.
  93. Semivertical- Partly vertical.
  94. Seminatural- Partly natural.
  95. Semiasymmetric- Partly asymmetric.
  96. Semiangle- Half of an angle.
  97. Semiperimeter- Half of the perimeter.
  98. Seminite- A term sometimes used in geology.
  99. Semiiconic- Partly iconic.
  100. Semigloss- A type of finish that provides moderate shine.

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