Words That Start With Sk: List and Usage

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “sk,” perfect for expanding your vocabulary or enhancing your word games.

  1. Skate- glide on skates.
  2. Ski- glide over snow.
  3. Skip- jump lightly.
  4. Sky- the heavens above.
  5. Skid- slip uncontrollably.
  6. Skim- remove from the surface.
  7. Skilled- talented or proficient.
  8. Skimp- use less than enough.
  9. Skirt- garment for the lower body.
  10. Skull- bone enclosing the brain.
  11. Skulk- move stealthily.
  12. Skewer- long pin for holding food.
  13. Skiff- small boat.
  14. Skimp- economize.
  15. Skit- short comedy sketch.
  16. Skink- type of lizard.
  17. Skidder- type of vehicle.
  18. Skirl- a shrill sound.
  19. Skittish- easily frightened.
  20. Skittle- a game with pins.
  21. Skedaddle- run away.
  22. Skeptic- one who doubts.
  23. Sketch- rough drawing.
  24. Skew- slanting or not straight.
  25. Skint- having no money.
  26. Skosh- a small amount.
  27. Skive- avoid work or duty.
  28. Skulker- one who skulks.
  29. Skidoo- leave quickly.
  30. Skelter- move hastily.
  31. Skald- Norse poet.
  32. Skank- offensive or distasteful person.
  33. Skive- avoid responsibility.
  34. Sked- schedule.
  35. Skullduggery- deceitful behavior.
  36. Skelp- strike with something.
  37. Skelly- skeleton.
  38. Skelpic- Scottish for hitting.
  39. Skullcap- small hat.
  40. Skreak- shriek.
  41. Sketchy- roughly outlined.
  42. Skiascope- ophthalmic instrument.
  43. Skua- large seabird.
  44. Skelp- beat or slap.
  45. Skeltering- scampering along.
  46. Skitter- move lightly.
  47. Skreland- area of rough land.
  48. Sketchpad- pad for sketching.
  49. Skintight- very tight fitting.
  50. Skewbald- having patches of color.
  51. Skreigh- Scottish for scream.
  52. Skeletonize- reduce to a skeleton.
  53. Skolver- cleaning tool.
  54. Skulkingly- stealthily.
  55. Skerrick- small amount.
  56. Skimpily- inadequately.
  57. Skylarking- frolicsome behavior.
  58. Skylight- roof window.
  59. Skyrocket- soar into the air.
  60. Skywriting- writing with aircraft smoke.
  61. Skylounge- upper deck of a ship.
  62. Skedaddler- one who runs away.
  63. Skijoring- being pulled on skis by a vehicle or animal.
  64. Skutter- to move hurriedly.
  65. Skittery- easily frightened.
  66. Skolion- ancient drinking song.
  67. Skoliometer- device for measuring spinal curvature.
  68. Skoosh- spray or spurt.
  69. Skolangy- award.
  70. Skydiver- one who skydives.
  71. Skyliner- type of airplane.
  72. Skimeister- expert skier.
  73. Skelping- striking with a flat object.
  74. Skelpie- Scottish for slapping.
  75. Skinflint- miserly person.
  76. Skycap- airport porter.
  77. Skysail- light sail above the royal.
  78. Skreed- thin coat of plaster.
  79. Skiddoo- leave suddenly.
  80. Skidpan- surface for skid control.
  81. Skirret- perennial plant.
  82. Skydive- jump from an aircraft.
  83. Skidplate- vehicle component.
  84. Skiplane- airplane with skis.
  85. Skean- dagger.
  86. Skeezer- slang for loose woman.
  87. Skibob- type of bike for snow.
  88. Skelter- hasten noisily.
  89. Skijump- type of skiing event.
  90. Skytop- highest level.
  91. Skimmer- device to remove surface layer.
  92. Skijumper- one who ski jumps.
  93. Skilly- thin porridge.
  94. Skookum- strong or impressive.
  95. Skidproof- designed to prevent skidding.
  96. Skeuomorph- derived design element.
  97. Skidpad- testing track.
  98. Skioring- same as skijoring.
  99. Skypunch- sudden burst through clouds.
  100. Skulduggery- underhand behavior.

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