Words That Start With So: List and Common Uses

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “so” to enhance your vocabulary and writing skills.

  1. Sob- To cry noisily.
  2. Sober- Not intoxicated.
  3. Soak- To immerse in liquid.
  4. Soap- A substance used for washing.
  5. Soapy- Covered with soap.
  6. Soar- To fly high in the sky.
  7. Soberly- In a serious manner.
  8. Sociable- Friendly and willing to talk.
  9. Social- Relating to society.
  10. Society- A community of people.
  11. Societal- Relating to society.
  12. Socket- A hollow part for receiving something.
  13. Sodding- (British slang) Used to express annoyance.
  14. Sodden- Soaked with liquid.
  15. Soggy- Wet and soft.
  16. Soil- The upper layer of earth.
  17. Soiled- Dirty or stained.
  18. Soiree- An evening party.
  19. Solar- Relating to the sun.
  20. Sold- Exchanged for money.
  21. Solder- Metallic alloy for joining items.
  22. Soldier- A person who serves in the army.
  23. Sole- The bottom part of a foot or shoe.
  24. Solely- Only; exclusively.
  25. Solace- Comfort in distress.
  26. Solarium- A room with extensive glass designed to admit sunlight.
  27. Solarize- To expose to sunlight.
  28. Solitaire- A card game played by one person.
  29. Solitary- Alone; single.
  30. Solid- Firm and stable in shape.
  31. Solidify- To make or become solid.
  32. Solitude- The state of being alone.
  33. Solo- A performance by one person.
  34. Soluble- Able to be dissolved.
  35. Solution- A liquid mixture.
  36. Solve- To find an answer.
  37. Somatic- Relating to the body.
  38. Somber- Dark or gloomy.
  39. Some- An unspecified amount.
  40. Somebody- An unspecified person.
  41. Someday- At an indefinite future time.
  42. Somehow- In a way that is not known.
  43. Someone- An unspecified person.
  44. Somewhere- In an unspecified place.
  45. Somnolent- Sleepy or drowsy.
  46. Sonata- A musical composition for instruments.
  47. Sonic- Relating to sound.
  48. Sonnet- A 14-line poem.
  49. Sonorous- Deep and full sound.
  50. Soon- In a short time.
  51. Soot- Black powder formed from burning.
  52. Sooth- Truth or reality.
  53. Soothsayer- A person supposed to foresee the future.
  54. Sophism- A fallacious argument.
  55. Sophistic- Plausible but misleading.
  56. Sophisticate- A person with refined taste.
  57. Sophistry- Deceptive reasoning.
  58. Sophomore- A second-year student.
  59. Soprano- The highest female singing voice.
  60. Sorcery- The use of magic.
  61. Sordid- Morally degraded or dirty.
  62. Sore- A painful area of the body.
  63. Soreness- The state of being painful.
  64. Sorrow- Deep sadness.
  65. Sorry- Feeling regret or sadness.
  66. Sort- A category or type.
  67. Sorter- A person or device that sorts items.
  68. Souffle- A light, fluffy baked dish.
  69. Soul- The spiritual part of a person.
  70. Sound- Noise or auditory sensation.
  71. Soup- A liquid food made by boiling.
  72. Source- A place where something originates.
  73. Sour- Having an acidic taste.
  74. Sourly- In a bad-tempered way.
  75. Souse- To drench or saturate.
  76. South- A cardinal direction.
  77. Southerly- Toward the south.
  78. Southern- Relating to the south.
  79. Souvenir- A keepsake from a place.
  80. Sovereign- A supreme ruler.
  81. Sovereignty- Supreme authority.
  82. Sow- To plant seeds.
  83. Sown- Seeds that have been planted.
  84. Soya- A product made from soybeans.
  85. Space- An area or expanse.
  86. Spacious- Large and with plenty of room.
  87. Span- The full extent of something.
  88. Spare- Extra or additional.
  89. Spark- A small fiery particle.
  90. Speak- To articulate words.
  91. Special- Better or different from others.
  92. Species- A group of living organisms.
  93. Specific- Clearly defined.
  94. Specimen- A sample for study.
  95. Spectacle- An impressive show.
  96. Spectrum- A range of colors or ideas.
  97. Speculate- To guess or hypothesize.
  98. Spoke- Past tense of ‘speak.’
  99. Solve- To find an answer to a problem.
  100. Solution- An answer or resolution.

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