Words That Start With St

This article provides a comprehensive list of words that start with “st” to enhance your vocabulary and writing.

  1. Stable- A building for horses.
  2. Stack- A neat pile.
  3. Stadium- An arena for sports and events.
  4. Staff- A group of employees.
  5. Stage- A platform for performing.
  6. Stain- A mark that is hard to remove.
  7. Stair- A step or set of steps.
  8. Stake- A wooden or metal post.
  9. Stale- No longer fresh.
  10. Stalk- The main stem of a plant.
  11. Stall- A small booth or compartment.
  12. Stamp- A small piece of paper for postage.
  13. Stand- To be in an upright position.
  14. Star- A luminous point in the sky.
  15. Start- To begin.
  16. State- A region with a government.
  17. Static- Lacking movement or change.
  18. Station- A place for trains or buses.
  19. Statue- A carved or cast figure.
  20. Status- Current situation or standing.
  21. Stay- To remain in one place.
  22. Stead- The place or position of someone.
  23. Steady- Firmly fixed, constant.
  24. Steak- A slice of meat.
  25. Steal- To take without permission.
  26. Steam- Water vapor.
  27. Steel- A strong metal alloy.
  28. Steep- Having a sharp incline.
  29. Steer- To direct the course.
  30. Stem- The main axis of a plant.
  31. Step- A movement made by lifting the foot.
  32. Stereo- A sound system.
  33. Stern- Serious and strict.
  34. Stick- A thin piece of wood.
  35. Still- Motionless, or nevertheless.
  36. Sting- A sharp pain caused by a stinger.
  37. Stink- A strong, unpleasant smell.
  38. Stir- To mix by moving around.
  39. Stock- Goods kept for sale.
  40. Stone- A small piece of rock.
  41. Stool- A seat with no back.
  42. Stop- To cease movement.
  43. Store- A place to buy things.
  44. Storm- Severe weather condition.
  45. Story- A narrative or account.
  46. Stove- A device for cooking.
  47. Strain- To exert to the utmost.
  48. Strand- A single thin length.
  49. Strap- A strip of material.
  50. Straw- Dried stalks of grain.
  51. Street- A public road.
  52. Stress- Mental or emotional strain.
  53. Stretch- To extend or expand.
  54. Strict- Demanding obedience.
  55. Strike- To hit or attack.
  56. String- A thin cord.
  57. Strip- A long, narrow piece.
  58. Stripe- A long narrow band.
  59. Stroke- A sudden medical condition.
  60. Strong- Having great physical power.
  61. Struck- Past tense of strike.
  62. Struggle- To make a great effort.
  63. Stubborn- Unyielding or obstinate.
  64. Student- A person who is studying.
  65. Studio- A place for artistic work.
  66. Stuff- Unspecified things or material.
  67. Stumble- To trip or fall.
  68. Stump- The base part of a tree.
  69. Stun- To shock or astonish.
  70. Stunt- An unusual or daring feat.
  71. Style- A manner of doing something.
  72. Subject- A topic of discussion.
  73. Submit- To present for approval.
  74. Sudden- Happening quickly.
  75. Suffer- To experience pain.
  76. Suggest- To propose an idea.
  77. Summer- The warmest season.
  78. Summit- The highest point.
  79. Supply- To provide something needed.
  80. Suppose- To assume or presume.
  81. Surprise- An unexpected event.
  82. Surround- To enclose on all sides.
  83. Survey- To examine or measure.
  84. Suspect- To believe to be guilty.
  85. Suspend- To temporarily stop.
  86. Sustain- To support or maintain.
  87. Swagger- To walk with confidence.
  88. Swallow- To cause something to go down the throat.
  89. Swamp- Wetland area.
  90. Swarm- A large group of insects.
  91. Swear- To make a solemn promise.
  92. Sweat- Moisture excreted by glands.
  93. Sweater- A knitted garment for the upper body.
  94. Sweep- To clean with a brush.
  95. Sweet- Having a sugary flavor.
  96. Swift- Moving very fast.
  97. Swindler- A person who cheats others.
  98. Swing- To move back and forth.
  99. Switch- To change or exchange.
  100. Sword- A weapon with a long blade.

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