Words That Start With Sta: Definitions and Examples

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of words that start with “sta,” you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll provide a detailed compilation for your reference.

  1. Stable- firmly fixed or not likely to move or change.
  2. Stack- a pile of objects, typically one that is neatly arranged.
  3. Staff- a group of people who work for an organization or business.
  4. Stage- a raised platform or floor.
  5. Stagger- to walk or move unsteadily.
  6. Stain- a mark or blot; discoloration.
  7. Stale- no longer fresh and pleasant to eat; uninteresting.
  8. Star- a luminous point in the night sky.
  9. Stanza- a grouped set of lines in poetry.
  10. Stare- to look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something.
  11. Start- to begin an action or activity.
  12. Static- lacking in movement, action, or change.
  13. Station- a place where someone or something stands or is placed.
  14. Statue- a three-dimensional work of art, typically of a person or animal.
  15. Status- the relative social, professional, or other standing of someone or something.
  16. Stature- a person’s natural height.
  17. Stanley- a given name or a place name.
  18. Stagnant- having no flow and often having an unpleasant smell as a consequence.
  19. Staple- a basic or principal element, frequently used or needed.
  20. Stark- severe or bare in appearance or outline.
  21. Stash- to store something safely and secretly.
  22. Statute- a written law passed by a legislative body.
  23. Stately- having a dignified, unhurried, and grand manner.
  24. Stair- a set of steps leading from one floor to another.
  25. Stand- to be in an upright position supported by one’s feet.
  26. Standard- a level of quality or attainment.
  27. Stance- a way of holding the body; an attitude or position on an issue.
  28. Stamp- an official mark or seal on a letter, parcel, or document.
  29. Standby- readiness for duty or immediate deployment.
  30. Stapler- a device used to fasten papers together with staples.
  31. Starch- a carbohydrate found in many foods.
  32. Starting- the action of beginning something.
  33. Starfish- a marine echinoderm with five or more radiating arms.
  34. Staunch- loyal and committed in attitude.
  35. Stationary- not moving or intended to be moved.
  36. Statutory- required, permitted, or enacted by statute.
  37. Stamina- the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.
  38. Stasis- a period or state of inactivity or equilibrium.
  39. Starter- someone or something that initiates an activity.
  40. Stately- having a dignified, unhurried, and grand manner.
  41. Statement- a definite or clear expression of something in speech or writing.
  42. Statistical- relating to statistics.
  43. Stag- a male deer.
  44. Startle- to cause a person or animal to feel sudden shock or alarm.
  45. Staggered- deeply shocked or surprised.
  46. Statehood- the condition of being a state.
  47. Stat- shorthand for immediately, used in medical contexts.
  48. Stateroom- a private room or cabin on a ship.
  49. Static- electricity that accumulates on an insulated body.
  50. Stitch- a loop of thread or yarn resulting from a single pass or movement of the needle in knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or sewing.
  51. Staging- the method of presenting a play or other dramatic performance.
  52. Stagnate- to cease developing; become inactive or dull.
  53. Standoff- a situation in which neither side in a conflict can gain an advantage or win.
  54. Staging- temporary platforms used in construction work.
  55. Stamped- marked or printed with an impression, especially one indicating official approval.
  56. Standout- a person or thing much better than others and easily noticed.
  57. Stalemate- a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible.
  58. Stanch- to stop the flow of a liquid.
  59. Stay- to remain in a particular place or situation.
  60. Starvation- suffering from extreme hunger.
  61. Standstill- a situation or condition in which there is no movement or activity at all.
  62. Statelier- more dignified and majestic in manner and appearance.
  63. Stateless- not recognized as a citizen by any country.
  64. Stateliness- the quality of being impressive in appearance or manner.
  65. Staggering- deeply shocking; astonishing.
  66. Stagy- excessively theatrical; exaggerated.
  67. Statelessness- the condition of not being considered a national by any state.
  68. Stave- a vertical wooden post or plank in a building or other structure.
  69. Staggered- arranged in a zigzag order or with gaps.
  70. Stall- a compartment for one animal in a stable or barn.
  71. Stagnating- becoming inactive or dull.
  72. Stabbing- extremely intense or sharp pain.
  73. Stagnation- the state of not flowing or moving.
  74. Stainless- unmarked by or resistant to stains.
  75. Stamping- the act of impressing a stamp or seal.
  76. Starched- stiffened with starch.
  77. Starkness- harsh or bare in appearance.
  78. Staggeringly- to an astonishing or overwhelming extent.
  79. Stadium- an arena or venue used for sports events.
  80. Standoffish- distant and cold in manner; unfriendly.
  81. Starkly- in a way that is severe or harsh in appearance or outline.
  82. Stalemated- in a situation in which no progress can be made.
  83. Stately- majestic in manner and appearance.
  84. Statutorily- in a way that is required by statute.
  85. Stateroom- a luxurious private cabin or guest room on a ship.
  86. Stagy- artificial and melodramatic in manner.
  87. Stature- the importance or reputation gained by ability or achievement.
  88. Staffer- a member of a staff of employees.
  89. Stalk- the main stem of a plant.
  90. Starred- marked with a star or stars.
  91. Stapling- fastening together with a staple.
  92. Stayer- a horse that can endure distances or a person who remains steady in a course.

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