Words That Start With Sub: Expand Your Vocabulary with These Prefixes

In this article, you will discover a variety of words that start with “sub,” enhancing your vocabulary and understanding of their usage.

  1. Subaltern- Lower in rank or position.
  2. Subarctic- Region just south of the Arctic Circle.
  3. Subatomic- Smaller than an atom.
  4. Subaqueous- Existing or formed under water.
  5. Subconscious- Part of the mind not fully aware but influencing actions.
  6. Subcontract- Delegate part of a contract to another party.
  7. Subcutaneous- Situated or applied under the skin.
  8. Subdivide- Division into smaller pieces.
  9. Subdue- Overcome or bring under control.
  10. Subheading- Title or heading of a subdivision in a text.
  11. Subirrigate- Irrigate by introducing water underground.
  12. Subjective- Based on personal feelings or opinions.
  13. Subjugate- Bring under domination or control.
  14. Sublethal- Not sufficient to cause death.
  15. Subliminal- Below the threshold of conscious perception.
  16. Submarine- Underwater vessel.
  17. Submerge- Cause to be under water.
  18. Submersible- Capable of being submerged.
  19. Submissive- Ready to conform to authority or will of others.
  20. Subordinate- Lower in rank or position.
  21. Subplot- A secondary strand of the plot.
  22. Subpoena- A writ ordering a person to attend a court.
  23. Subrogation- Substitute one creditor for another.
  24. Subsequent- Coming after something in time.
  25. Subservient- Prepared to obey others unquestioningly.
  26. Subsidence- Gradual caving in or sinking.
  27. Subsidize- Support an organization financially.
  28. Subsidy- Money granted to assist an industry or business.
  29. Subsist- Maintain or support oneself.
  30. Subsoil- The soil lying immediately under the surface soil.
  31. Subsonic- Slower than the speed of sound.
  32. Subspecies- A taxonomic category below species.
  33. Substance- A particular kind of matter with uniform properties.
  34. Substantial- Of considerable importance or size.
  35. Substantiate- Provide evidence to support the truth of.
  36. Substitute- A person or thing acting in place of another.
  37. Substratum- An underlying layer or substance.
  38. Subsume- Include or absorb something in something else.
  39. Subsurface- Beneath the earth’s surface.
  40. Subsystem- A self-contained system within a larger system.
  41. Subterranean- Existing, occurring, or done under the earth’s surface.
  42. Subtext- An underlying theme.
  43. Subtitle- Secondary or subsidiary title.
  44. Subtle- Delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze.
  45. Subtopia- Monotonous urban sprawl of standardized buildings.
  46. Subtotal- A sum of part of a set of numbers.
  47. Subtract- Take away (a number or amount).
  48. Subtraction- The process of taking one quantity away from another.
  49. Subtropical- Relating to the regions bordering the tropics.
  50. Subtype- A secondary or subordinate type.
  51. Suburb- An outlying district of a city.
  52. Suburban- Relating to a suburb.
  53. Subvention- A grant of money.
  54. Subversion- An undermining or weakening of another’s power.
  55. Subversive- Seeking to weaken the power of an established authority.
  56. Subvert- To undermine the power and authority of.
  57. Subway- An underground railway.
  58. Subzero- Below zero degrees in temperature.

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