Words That Start With Super: List and Meaning

In this article, you will find an extensive list of words that start with “super.

  1. Superabound- To be very plentiful or abundant.
  2. Superabundant- More than sufficient; excessive.
  3. Superachiever- A person who achieves more than the average.
  4. Superadd- To add excessively or additionally.
  5. Superb- Excellent or impressively splendid.
  6. Superbomb- An extremely powerful bomb.
  7. Supercede- To take the place of something; replace.
  8. Superego- The part of a person’s mind that acts as a self-critical conscience.
  9. Superelastic- Exhibiting extreme elasticity.
  10. Superfamily- A taxonomic category above family and below order.
  11. Superfine- Of the highest quality.
  12. Superfit- Extremely fit and healthy.
  13. Superfluid- A phase of matter with zero viscosity.
  14. Superfund- A fund created to finance the cleanup of toxic waste.
  15. Supergiant- A very large star that is even more massive than a giant star.
  16. Superglue- An exceedingly strong adhesive.
  17. Superhighway- A broad multilane highway.
  18. Superhuman- Above or beyond what is human.
  19. Superimpose- To place or lay over another object.
  20. Superimportant- Exceedingly important.
  21. Superinduce- To bring on in addition to what is already present.
  22. Superintend- To oversee and direct.
  23. Superintendent- A person who manages or superintends an organization or activity.
  24. Superior- Higher in rank, quality, or importance.
  25. Superiority- The state of being superior.
  26. Superiorly- In a superior manner.
  27. Superjudge- A judge of a higher rank or superior in judgment.
  28. Superlative- Of the highest quality or degree.
  29. Superlike- To like exceedingly.
  30. Superluminous- More luminous than something else.
  31. Superman- A man with extraordinary or superhuman powers.
  32. Supermarket- A large, self-service retail store selling groceries and various other goods.
  33. Supermassive- Extremely large in mass.
  34. Supermen- Plural form of superman.
  35. Supermodel- A highly successful and famous fashion model.
  36. Supernatural- Beyond the ordinary course of nature.
  37. Supernova- A stellar explosion that produces an extremely bright object.
  38. Superorder- A taxonomic category above order and below class.
  39. Superordinate- Superior in rank.
  40. Superoxide- A compound containing an oxygen molecule with an extra electron.
  41. Superpatriotic- Extremely patriotic.
  42. Superphenomenal- Exceeding the usual limits of experience.
  43. Superphosphate- A highly concentrated type of phosphate fertilizer.
  44. Superplastic- Extremely malleable and capable of great deformation.
  45. Superpose- To place on or above something else.
  46. Superscale- Above normal scale.
  47. Superscribe- To write (something) at the top or outside of an envelope or document.
  48. Superscription- The act of superscribing.
  49. Superscript- A character written above the line of text.
  50. Supersede- To replace in power, authority, or effectiveness.
  51. Supersonic- Faster than the speed of sound.
  52. Superspecial- Exceptionally special.
  53. Superstition- A belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, or trust in magic.
  54. Superstitious- Having faith in superstition.
  55. Superstore- A very large store that offers a wide variety of goods.
  56. Superstar- A star performer or celebrity.
  57. Superstructure- The part of a building above the foundation.
  58. Supersubtle- Extremely subtle.
  59. Supersymmetric- Having symmetrical properties beyond the classical ones observed.
  60. Superteach- To teach exceedingly well.
  61. Supersedure- The act of superseding.
  62. Superthrive- To thrive exceptionally well.
  63. Supervene- To occur or happen unexpectedly.
  64. Supervention- The act of supervening.
  65. Superhero- A hero possessing extraordinary, often superhuman, powers.
  66. Superheat- To heat to above the boiling point without turning to vapor.
  67. Superinstitute- To institute or establish additionally.
  68. Superpower- A very powerful and influential nation.
  69. Superterminal- Exceeding usual terminal dimensions.
  70. Superabsorbent- Extremely absorbent.
  71. Supercilious- Behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others.
  72. Supercritical- Beyond the critical point; highly decisive.
  73. Superfluidity- The property of flowing without friction.
  74. Superception- Supernatural perception.
  75. Superflex- Extremely flexible.
  76. Superrace- A race considered superior to others.
  77. Superfastidious- Extremely meticulous or demanding.
  78. Supercharacter- An exceptional character.
  79. Superchemical- A chemical used in one of the most advanced ways.
  80. Supercomputation- Extreme level of computation.
  81. Superefficient- Extremely efficient.
  82. Superpowered- Endowed with exceptional powers.
  83. Superrefined- Highly refined.
  84. Superluxurious- Extremely luxurious.
  85. Superintensive- Extremely intensive.
  86. Superperfect- Flawless; absolutely perfect.
  87. Superchilled- Extremely cold.
  88. Superjurisdiction- Overlapping or extensive jurisdiction.
  89. Superhumane- Showing exceptional compassion.
  90. Superadaptable- Highly adaptable.
  91. Superelite- Extremely elite.
  92. Superingenious- Extremely clever or inventive.
  93. Superproficient- Highly skilled or knowledgeable.
  94. Superresistant- Extremely resistant.
  95. Supersympathetic- Highly sympathetic.
  96. Superspectacular- Exceptionally spectacular.
  97. Superdeterministic- Deterministic to an extreme degree.
  98. Supercomparable- Highly comparable
  99. Superstructural- Related to superstructure
  100. Supercreational- Exceptionally creative.

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