Words That Start With Syn: Meanings and Examples

If you’re curious about words that start with “syn,” this article provides a comprehensive list to expand your vocabulary.

  1. Synopsis- A brief summary or general survey.
  2. Synthesis- The combination of ideas to form a theory or system.
  3. Synchronous- Occurring at the same time.
  4. Synergy- Combined action or operation producing a greater effect.
  5. Syntax- The arrangement of words and phrases.
  6. Synonym- A word having the same or nearly the same meaning.
  7. Synapse- The junction between two nerve cells.
  8. Synagogue- A Jewish house of worship.
  9. Syndrome- A group of symptoms that consistently occur together.
  10. Synthetic- Made by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate a natural product.
  11. Synchronicity- The simultaneous occurrence of events.
  12. Syndication- The sale of broadcasting rights.
  13. Syncretism- The amalgamation of different religions or cultures.
  14. Synoptic- Relating to a general summary or overview.
  15. Synod- An assembly of the clergy.
  16. Synesthete- A person who experiences synesthesia.
  17. Syntactic- Relating to syntax.
  18. Syncopation- A shift of accent in music.
  19. Synchronize- To occur at the same time.
  20. Synoptic- Taking a common view.
  21. Synovial- Relating to a type of joint-lubricating fluid.
  22. Synovitis- Inflammation of the synovial membrane.
  23. Syncline- A trough or fold of stratified rock.
  24. Synergistic- Working together to enhance effect.
  25. Syncytium- A single cell with multiple nuclei.
  26. Synclastic- Curved in the same direction in all directions.
  27. Synchromatic- Able to synchronize color patterns.
  28. Synovium- The soft tissue lining the spaces of diarthrodial joints.
  29. Synthesisia- Sensory crossover often experienced in synesthesia.
  30. Synarchical- Relating to a joint rule or governance.
  31. Synchrotron- A particular type of cyclic particle accelerator.
  32. Synanamorphosis- Complex visual illusion created by synanamoscopes.
  33. Syncytiotrophoblast- The outer layer of the developing embryo.
  34. Synecdochically- Using a part to represent the whole.
  35. Synalepha- The merging of two syllables into one.
  36. Synarthroses- Slightly movable joints.
  37. Synanthema- Collective oaths taken in unison.
  38. Synangium- A compound structure representing the fused sporangia.
  39. Synaeresis- Liquid separating from a gel.
  40. Synosteosis- Fusion of bones.
  41. Synaxarion- A list of saints and their feast days.
  42. Synchroscheme- Diagram mapping synchronized processes.
  43. Synabiosis- A cooperative cohabitation of different species.
  44. Synthetism- An artistic method combining various styles.
  45. Synchroscope- A device for indicating frequency synchronization.
  46. Synanastomosis- Surgical connection between two organs.
  47. Syneideses- Plural of synedesis, conscious or empathy feeling.
  48. Syngraph- Legal written agreement or contract.
  49. Syncategorematic- Words functioning syntactically within a phrase.
  50. Synecdoche- Figure of speech where a part represents whole.
  51. Syncitin- Protein involved in placental development.
  52. Syntronous- Less common term for synchronous.
  53. Syntropy- Hypothetical reversal of entropy.
  54. Synelastosis- Genetic merging or hybridization.
  55. Synergeia- Historical term for synergy.
  56. Synocinium- Rare compound ladders.
  57. Synactic- Related to interaction or cooperative function.
  58. Synkinesis- Involuntary movement accompanying voluntary move.
  59. Synopia- A pigment for a reddish color often used in art.
  60. Synesis- Grammatical construction where sense dictates usage.
  61. Synanimoscope- Optical device for combining multiple images.
  62. Synchronometric- Relating to the measurement of time precision.
  63. Synsarcosis- Union of bones by muscle.
  64. Synnema- Structure formed by fungi.
  65. Synpnea- Joint, coordinated breathing.
  66. Syncriminatory- Mutual or cooperative criminal action.
  67. Synesthetic- Pertaining to synesthesia.
  68. Syngamic- Related to fertilization or fusion of gametes.
  69. Synecology- Branch of ecology dealing with species groups.
  70. Syncrisis- Rhetorical comparison between two things.
  71. Synaloepha- Merging two vowel sounds in adjacent words.
  72. Synapteron- Joint formed by connection.
  73. Syntonics- Electrical resonance, usually in radio.
  74. Synodal- Pertaining to a synod.
  75. Syngraphical- Pertaining to written agreements.
  76. Synaptogenesis- Formation of synaptic connections.
  77. Synergeial- Relating to cooperative effect.
  78. Synaloepha- Poetic blending of vowel sounds.
  79. Synantherous- With united stamens in botany.
  80. Synchondroses- Cartilaginous joints.
  81. Syntalic- Relating to joint morphology.
  82. Syncarpous- Aggregated into a single fruit.
  83. Synaesthetic- Related to sense merging.
  84. Synweek- Concept of synchronized weeks in calendars.
  85. Syncollins- Chemical components in biochemistry.
  86. Synzoic- Coexisting in the same habitat.
  87. Syndactylous- With fused digits.
  88. Synergetics- Study of systems with interacting elements.
  89. Syncological- Pertaining to cooperative social systems.
  90. Synpulosis- Involuntary, linked movements.
  91. Synbiotic- Containing both probiotics and prebiotics.
  92. Syntagmatic- Pertaining to syntagm in linguistics.
  93. Synaulic- Related to joint music or sound production.
  94. Synadenium- Type of flowering plant genus.
  95. Synephalus- Condition of conjoined twins.
  96. Synencirculation- Cooperative circulatory systems.
  97. Synphragma- Structural combination in areas like botany.
  98. Syncytial- Referring to a single cell with multiple nuclei.
  99. Synecdochic- Using a part for whole representation.figure of speech.

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