Words that Start with Ta: Expand Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a wide range of words that start with “ta” to enhance your vocabulary and improve your linguistic skills.

  1. Table- A piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs.
  2. Tackle- Equipment used for a specific activity, especially fishing or in reference to handling a problem.
  3. Tact- Sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.
  4. Tactile- Related to the sense of touch.
  5. Tadpole- The larval stage in the life cycle of an amphibian, particularly of a frog or toad.
  6. Tag- A label attached to someone or something for the purpose of identification or to give other information.
  7. Tail- The rear part of an animal’s body, extending beyond the rest of its torso.
  8. Tailor- A person whose occupation is making fitted clothes such as suits, pants, and jackets.
  9. Taint- Contaminate or pollute (something).
  10. Take- Lay hold of something with one’s hands; reach for and hold.
  11. Tale- A narrative, especially one that is imaginative and not strictly true.
  12. Talent- Natural aptitude or skill.
  13. Talk- Speak in order to give information or express ideas or feelings.
  14. Tall- Of great or more than average height.
  15. Talon- A claw, especially one belonging to a bird of prey.
  16. Tamarind- A tropical African tree that produces pod-like fruit, which contains an edible pulp and fibrous seeds.
  17. Tame- (Of an animal) not dangerous or frightened of people; domesticated.
  18. Tamper- Interfere with (something) in order to cause damage or make unauthorized alterations.
  19. Tan- (Of a person or their skin) become brown or browner after exposure to the sun.
  20. Tangent- A straight line or plane that touches a curve or curved surface at a point.
  21. Tangible- Perceptible by touch.
  22. Tangle- Twist together into a confused mass.
  23. Tank- A large container for storing liquid or gas.
  24. Tantalize- Torment or tease (someone) with the sight or promise of something that is unobtainable.
  25. Tap- A device by which a flow of liquid or gas from a pipe or container can be controlled; also to strike lightly.
  26. Tape- A narrow strip of material, typically used to hold or fasten something.
  27. Tapioca- A starchy substance in the form of hard white grains, obtained from cassava and used in cooking for puddings and other dishes.
  28. Tar- A dark, thick, oily liquid obtained by distilling coal or wood, used for road surfacing and roofing.
  29. Target- An object of a person’s ambition or effort; aimed at.
  30. Tarnish- Lose or cause to lose luster, especially as a result of exposure to air or moisture.
  31. Tart- An open pastry case containing a filling.
  32. Task- A piece of work to be done or undertaken.
  33. Tassel- A tuft or bunch of threads or cords, used as a decorative hanging on hats, drapes, keys, etc.
  34. Taste- The sensation of flavor perceived in the mouth and throat on contact with a substance.
  35. Tasty- (Of food) having a pleasant, distinct flavor.
  36. Tatter- A piece of old, worn cloth.
  37. Tattle- Report another’s wrongdoing, typically trivial.
  38. Tattoo- A design made on the skin with ink and needles or a signal sounded by drum or bugle.
  39. Taut- Stretched or pulled tight; not slack.
  40. Tavern- An establishment for the sale of beer and other drinks, and sometimes also food, to be consumed on the premises.
  41. Tax- A compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers’ income and business profits.
  42. Taxi- A car licensed to transport passengers in return for payment of a fare.
  43. Teach- Show or explain to (someone) how to do something.
  44. Team- A group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport.
  45. Tease- Make fun of or attempt to provoke in a playful way.
  46. Tear- Pull (something) apart or to pieces with force.
  47. Tease- Make fun of or attempt to provoke (a person or animal) in a playful way.
  48. Technical- Relating to a particular subject, art, or craft, or its techniques.
  49. Technique- A way of carrying out a particular task.
  50. Technology- The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.
  51. Tedious- Too long, slow, or dull; tiresome or monotonous.
  52. Teen- Relating to or in the years from 13 to 19.
  53. Teeter- Move or balance unsteadily; sway back and forth.
  54. Teeth- Hard, bony enamel-coated structures in the jaws of most vertebrates, used for biting and chewing.
  55. Telegraph- A system for transmitting messages from a distance along a wire, especially one creating signals by making and breaking an electrical connection.
  56. Telephone- A system that converts acoustic vibrations to electrical signals in order to transmit sound, typically voices, over a distance using wire or radio.
  57. Telescope- An optical instrument designed to make distant objects appear nearer, containing an arrangement of lenses or curved mirrors and lenses.
  58. Television- A system for transmitting visual images and sound that are reproduced on screens, chiefly used to broadcast programs for entertainment, information, and education.
  59. Tell- Communicate information to someone in spoken or written words.
  60. Temper- Improve the hardness and elasticity of (steel or other metal) by reheating and then cooling it.
  61. Temperature- The degree of internal heat of a person’s body or of the atmosphere or a substance.
  62. Temple- A building devoted to the worship, or regarded as the dwelling place, of a god or gods or other objects of religious reverence.
  63. Temporary- Lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent.
  64. Tempt- Entice or attempt to entice (someone) to do or acquire something that they find attractive but know to be unwise.
  65. Tenant- A person who occupies land or property rented from a landlord.
  66. Tend- Regularly or frequently behave in a particular way or have a certain characteristic.
  67. Tender- Showing gentleness and concern or sympathy.
  68. Tendon- A flexible but inelastic cord of strong fibrous collagen tissue attaching a muscle to a bone.
  69. Tense- Become tense, typically through anxiety or nervousness.
  70. Tent- A portable shelter made of cloth, supported by one or more poles and stretched tight by cords or loops attached to pegs driven into the ground.
  71. Tenth- Constituting number ten in a sequence; 10th.
  72. Tenuous- Very weak or slight.
  73. Tenure- The conditions under which land or buildings are held or occupied.
  74. Term- A word or phrase used to describe a thing or to express a concept, especially in a particular kind of language or branch of study.
  75. Terminal- A device at which a user enters data or commands for a computer system and which displays the received output.
  76. Terminate- Bring to an end.
  77. Terrible- Extremely and shockingly or distressingly bad or serious.
  78. Terrific- Of great size, amount, or intensity.
  79. Territory- An area of land under the jurisdiction of a ruler or state.
  80. Terror- Extreme fear.
  81. Test- A procedure intended to establish the quality, performance, or reliability of something.
  82. Testament- A person’s will, especially the part relating to personal property; something that serves as a sign or evidence of a specified fact, event, or quality.
  83. Testify- Give evidence as a witness in a law court.
  84. Testosterone- A steroid hormone that stimulates development of male secondary sexual characteristics, produced mainly in the testes.
  85. Tetanus- A bacterial disease marked by rigidity and spasms of the voluntary muscles.
  86. Text- Written or printed words, especially the main body of matter in a book or other publication, not including diagrams, illustrations, etc.
  87. Textile- A type of cloth or woven fabric.
  88. Texture- The feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or substance.
  89. Than- Used in expressions introducing an exception or contrast.
  90. Thank- Express gratitude to (someone), especially by saying “Thank you”.
  91. That- Used to identify a specific person or thing observed by the speaker.
  92. Thatch- A roof covering of straw, reeds, palm leaves, or a similar material.
  93. Thaw- (Of ice, snow, or another frozen substance, such as food) become liquid or soft as a result of warming.
  94. Theater- A building or outdoor area in which plays and other dramatic performances are given.
  95. Theft- The action or crime of stealing.
  96. Theme- The subject of a talk, piece of writing, exhibition, etc.; a topic.
  97. Theory- A supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something.
  98. Therapy- Treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.
  99. There- In, at, or to that place or position.
  100. Thermal- Relating to heat.

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