Words That Start with Tele: Common Examples & Meanings

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “tele.

  1. Television- A device for receiving and displaying visual media.
  2. Telephone- A device for transmitting vocal communication.
  3. Telegram- A message sent by telegraph.
  4. Telephoto- A lens with a long focal length for cameras.
  5. Telepathy- Communication through means other than the senses.
  6. Telesales- Selling products or services over the phone.
  7. Telecast- A broadcast by television.
  8. Telecommute- Work from a remote location using telecommunications.
  9. Telescope- An instrument for viewing distant objects.
  10. Telemetry- The process of recording and transmitting data.
  11. Teleport- To transport instantly across space.
  12. Telethon- A televised fundraising event.
  13. Telecourse- An educational course delivered via television.
  14. Teleconference- A conference held via telecommunications.
  15. Telemarketer- A person who sells products or services over the phone.
  16. Telemarketing- Selling products or services via telephone.
  17. Telematics- The integration of telecommunications and information technology.
  18. Teleprompter- A device displaying speech text for the speaker.
  19. Teletype- An electromechanical typewriter used for communication.
  20. Teleprinter- Another term for the teletype.
  21. Telepath- A person who can communicate telepathically.
  22. Teleportation- The act of instant transportation across space.
  23. Telethoners- Participants in a telethon.
  24. Telepresence- The technology that allows a person to feel as though they are present.
  25. Teleplay- A script written for television.
  26. Telegraph- A system for transmitting messages over long distances.
  27. Telecare- Remote care for patients using telecommunication.
  28. Telemeter- An instrument for measuring distance by means of reflected light.
  29. Telecommand- Commanding or controlling from a distance.
  30. Telephonist- A person who operates a telephone switchboard.
  31. Telephoto lens- A type of camera lens that magnifies distant objects.
  32. Televiewer- A person who watches television.
  33. Teleword- A word communicated by telegraph.
  34. Teleshopping- Shopping for goods through television.
  35. Teleteaching- Teaching through telecommunications.
  36. Telecom- Short for telecommunication.
  37. Telewildlife- Tracking and observing wildlife via telecommunications.
  38. Telepathic- Relating to telepathy.
  39. Telecurve- A term in telecommunications for a curve illustrating transmission characteristics.
  40. Telefunken- A brand name related to telecommunications products.
  41. Telehealth- Healthcare services delivered via telecommunications.
  42. Telebanking- Conducting banking transactions via telephone or online.
  43. Telecomputing- Computing facilitated by telecommunication.
  44. Telephony- The technology of transmitting voice.
  45. Teleprocessing- Data processing via telecommunications.
  46. Teleguidez- French term, referring to remote guidance, often by TV or radio.
  47. Telefon- Another term for telephone, used in various languages.
  48. Telementor- A mentor who guides via telecommunications.
  49. Teleportive- Relating to or capable of teleportation.
  50. Teleoperate- Operate at a distance.
  51. Teleological- Relating to the explanation by purpose or goals.
  52. Telepathize- To communicate telepathically.
  53. Telecephalon- Part of the brain.
  54. Telechiric- Related to telemanipulation.
  55. Telegnosis- Claimed supernormal perception of an event.
  56. Teleconsult- Medical consultation via telecommunications.
  57. Telemax- Maximum telecommunication range.
  58. Telemetering- Process of telemetering.
  59. Telemetric- Pertaining to telemetry.
  60. Telemodem- A modem for telecommunications.
  61. Teleoutput- Telecommunication output.
  62. Telepathist- A person who specializes in telepathy.
  63. Teleploitation- Use of telecommunications for operational exploitation.
  64. Telequestion- Conducting a question through telecommunications.
  65. Telerecording- Recording television content.
  66. Telepsychiatry- Psychiatry practice via telecommunications.
  67. Televiewer- Person who watches television.
  68. Telegramming- The act of sending a telegram.
  69. Telewall- A large video screen that displays remote content.
  70. Telework- Working from a remote place.
  71. Telecommunication- Communication over a distance by cable, telegraph, telephone, or broadcasting.
  72. Telegather- To gather data or information remotely.
  73. Telegrapher- A person who operates the telegraph.
  74. Telewig- A term coined for a televised debate.
  75. Teleindicator- Instrument indicating telecommunication status.
  76. Telebooth- Telephone booth in public places.
  77. Telejudge- Remote judging operation.
  78. Telecontrast- Contrast adjustment in telecommunications.
  79. Telereceiver- Device receiving telecommunication signals.
  80. Telebug- Remote surveillance device.
  81. Teleregister- Registering device in telecommunications.
  82. Teleprom- Screen prompt in telecommunications.
  83. Teletypewriter- A telegraph machine with a keyboard for text.
  84. Telewarn- Remote alert or warning system.
  85. Telemechanics- Machines controlled via telecommunications.
  86. Teletransmit- Transmit data telegraphically.
  87. Teledetect- Remote detection technology.
  88. Telegame- Game played over telecommunication networks.
  89. Teleinstitution- Institution providing services via telecommunications.
  90. Telemascope- Instrument for viewing distant objects.
  91. Teleneurology- Neurological services provided remotely.
  92. Teletreatment- Treatment provided via telecommunications.
  93. Telefield- Remote field measurement.
  94. Telecover- Providing cover from a distance.
  95. Telecurve- Represent transmission characteristics in telecom.
  96. Teleglyph- Symbol or message transmitted telegraphically.
  97. Telekinetic- Moving objects with the mind (relating to telekinesis).
  98. Telehandle- Handle remotely.
  99. Teleschool- School providing lessons by telecommunication.
  100. Telluride- Not tele-related (included for comprehension”.

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