Words That Start with Ten: Best List

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “ten” to enrich your vocabulary.

  1. Tenacious- Holding firmly to something.
  2. Tenacity- Persistent determination.
  3. Tenant- One who rents property.
  4. Tenet- A principle or belief held to be true.
  5. Tenfold- Ten times as many or much.
  6. Tenacity- The quality of being highly determined.
  7. Tendency- A leaning toward a particular thought or behavior.
  8. Tendon- A tissue connecting muscle to bone.
  9. Tender- Showing gentleness and concern; to offer formally.
  10. Tenor- The general character or meaning; a male singing voice.
  11. Tenten- A lightweight, portable shelter.
  12. Tenth- The ordinal number for ten.
  13. Tendency- An inclination toward a particular condition.
  14. Tenuous- Very weak or slight.
  15. Tensional- Related to tension.
  16. Tension- Mental or emotional strain.
  17. Tentative- Not certain or fixed.
  18. Tendentious- Biased or one-sided in perspective.
  19. Tentacle- A flexible, elongated organ in some animals.
  20. Tenancy- The possession of land or property as a tenant.
  21. Tendril- A slender, threadlike appendage of a climbing plant.
  22. Tenable- Able to be maintained or defended.
  23. Tending- Taking care of something.
  24. Tenotomy- Surgical cutting of a tendon.
  25. Teneral- Pertaining to the early stage of an insect.

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