Words That Start With Therm: Meanings and Examples

This article provides a list of words that start with “therm,” perfect for anyone curious about vocabulary related to heat or temperature.

  1. Thermometer- Instrument for measuring temperature.
  2. Thermostat- Device regulating temperature.
  3. Thermodynamic- Related to heat and energy transformation.
  4. Thermos- Container keeping liquids hot or cold.
  5. Thermoelectric- Generating electricity from heat.
  6. Thermal- Related to heat or temperature.
  7. Thermochemistry- Study of heat involved in chemical reactions.
  8. Thermonuclear- Relating to nuclear reactions at high temperatures.
  9. Thermography- Imaging technique using infrared radiation.
  10. Thermoregulation- Maintenance of body temperature.
  11. Thermoplastic- Material becoming pliable when heated.
  12. Thermocouple- Device measuring temperature difference.
  13. Thermocline- Layer in water where temperature changes rapidly.
  14. Thermophile- Organism thriving at high temperatures.
  15. Thermometry- Science of measuring temperature.
  16. Thermogenesis- Production of heat in organisms.
  17. Thermophilic- Preferring or thriving in high heat.
  18. Thermocautery- Cauterizing using heat.
  19. Thermodynamicist- Specialist in thermodynamics.
  20. Thermomagnetic- Relating to both heat and magnetism.
  21. Thermophobia- Fear of heat.
  22. Thermotransmitter- Device transmitting temperature data.
  23. Thermodynamicist- Expert in thermodynamics.
  24. Thermolithography- Printing technique using heat.
  25. Thermoreceptor- Sensory receptor responsive to temperature.
  26. Thermosphere- Layer of Earth’s atmosphere above mesosphere.
  27. Thermoplasticity- Property of becoming soft when heated.
  28. Thermotropism- Response of plants to temperature.
  29. Thermocollator- Device for collating with heat.
  30. Thermolysis- Breakdown caused by heat.
  31. Thermoform- Process of shaping material using heat.
  32. Thermometeograph- Device recording temperature changes.
  33. Thermotolerance- Ability to endure high temperatures.
  34. Thermotropism- Movement or growth response to temperature.
  35. Thermonatrite- Mineral form of sodium carbonate.
  36. Thermograph- Instrument recording temperature automatically.
  37. Thermicity- Degree of hotness.
  38. Thermosetting- Property of a material setting when heated.
  39. Thermist- Specialist in studying heat.
  40. Thermotrop- An organism reacting to heat.
  41. Thermogeography- Study of earth’s heat distribution.
  42. Thermoluminescence- Emission of light upon heating.
  43. Thermoeffluent- Heat discharged from a source.
  44. Thermoception- Sense of perceiving heat.
  45. Thermopile- Device converting thermal energy to electrical energy.
  46. Thermosensitive- Sensitive to temperature changes.
  47. Thermochemistry- Study focusing on energy changes in reactions.
  48. Thermodynamics- Physics branch studying heat and energy.
  49. Thermoclasts- Rock fragments produced by weathering.
  50. Thermophile- Microorganism thriving at high temperatures.
  51. Thermoduric- Able to withstand high temperatures.
  52. Thermotube- Tube heated for various applications.
  53. Thermo- oscillation – Heat-induced oscillation.
  54. Thermochemical- Pertaining to thermochemistry.
  55. Thermorelay- Device regulating temperature in a system.
  56. Thermosiphon- Circulation of liquid caused by heating.
  57. Thermofluids- Study of fluid flow and heat transfer.
  58. Thermodynamic cycle- Series of processes involving heat.
  59. Thermoelectricity- Electricity generated from temperature gradients.
  60. Thermotron- Device generating heat.
  61. Thermoelastic- Showing elastic properties under heat.
  62. Thermolabile- Unstable or easily altered by heat.
  63. Thermopathology- Study of disease or disorders related to heat.
  64. Thermotactile- Pertaining to the sense of touch and heat.
  65. Thermodata- Data related to temperature measurements.
  66. Thermostable- Resistant to changes when heated.
  67. Thermocompressor- Device using heat for compression.
  68. Thermocopier- Copier using heat-sensitive paper.
  69. Thermotechnic- Pertaining to technologies involving heat.
  70. Thermotaxis- Movement directed by temperature gradients.
  71. Thermodesorption- Release of absorbed substances by heating.
  72. Thermodesorption- Releasing particles or gases via heating.
  73. Thermoclasty- Breaking down materials using heat.
  74. Thermoesophagus- Heat-resistant esophagus.
  75. Thermolfaction- Perception of heat through smell.
  76. Thermotubule- Tiny heating tubes for micro-applications.
  77. Thermodischromatic- Color change induced by heat.
  78. Thermopot- Vessel keeping liquids warm.
  79. Thermoplastometer- Instrument measuring thermoplastic properties.
  80. Thermogenesis- Body heat production, especially in metabolism.

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