Words That Start With Tw: Complete List and Examples

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “tw.

  1. Twaddle- Silly or trivial talk or writing.
  2. Twang- A strong ringing sound such as that made by the plucked string of a musical instrument or a nasal speaking tone.
  3. Twilight- The soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, typically between sunset and night.
  4. Twill- A type of weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs.
  5. Twirl- Spin quickly and lightly around, especially repeatedly.
  6. Twig- A slender woody shoot growing from a branch or stem of a tree or shrub.
  7. Twine- Strong thread or string composed of two or more strands twisted together.
  8. Twinkle- Shine with a gleam that changes constantly from bright to faint.
  9. Twist- Form into a bent, curling, or distorted shape.
  10. Twixt- Shortened form of “betwixt,” meaning between.
  11. Twofold- Twice as great or as numerous.
  12. Twosome- A pair of people considered together.
  13. Twins- Two babies born at the same time from the same pregnancy.
  14. Twinkie- A brand of cream-filled snack cakes.
  15. Twiddle- Twist, move, or fiddle with something, typically in a purposeless or nervous way.
  16. Twelfth- Constituting number twelve in a sequence.
  17. Twentieth- Constituting number twenty in a sequence.
  18. Twenty- The number equivalent to the product of two and ten.
  19. Twinset- A matching set of knitted garments typically consisting of a cardigan and a jumper/pullover.
  20. Twilit- Dimly illuminated by or as if by twilight.
  21. Twinge- A sudden sharp pain or painful emotion.
  22. Twirly- Characterized by being twisted or curled.
  23. Twait- A rare word meaning to twit or reproach.
  24. Twinjet- An aircraft with two jet engines.
  25. Twizzle- Twist or turn (something) quickly.
  26. Twiner- One that intertwines or winds.
  27. Twiny- Full of twigs; twiggy.
  28. Twelvemonth- A period of twelve months; a year.
  29. Twizzle- Another word for twist; spin.
  30. Tween- An informal term for a child between the ages of about 10 and 12, often transitioning from childhood to adolescence.
  31. Twoccer- A British slang term for someone who takes a vehicle without the owner’s consent (usually for joyriding).
  32. Twinkly- Sparkling with light.
  33. Twitch- Give or cause to give a short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement.
  34. Twiddly- Characterized by or resembling twiddling; intricate or fiddly.
  35. Twiner- Any plant that grows by twining around a support.
  36. Twizzle- A rapid spinning motion.
  37. Twoc- Taking without consent (typically referring to vehicle theft).
  38. Twiner- Someone who entwines.
  39. Twibil- A pickaxe with a blade at each end.
  40. Twill- A fabric so woven as to have parallel diagonal lines or ribs.
  41. Twal- Scots variation of “twelve.”
  42. Twellow- Yellowish.
  43. Twinks- Plural of twink, a slang term for a young or youthful-looking gay man.
  44. Twigs- Small branches or shoots.
  45. Twinly- Relating to twins.
  46. Twolips- Playful spelling of tulips.
  47. Tweeze- Use tweezers to pluck out hairs.
  48. Twiddler- One who or that which twiddles.
  49. Tweedle- To produce high-pitched, modulated sounds, often like those of birds.
  50. Twotone- Having two colors or two shades of the same color.
  51. Twibo- Rare term, likely short for Twibill, meaning a two-edged axe.
  52. Twerp- A silly or annoying person.
  53. Twiceborn- Pertaining to spiritual rebirth or regeneration.
  54. Twiddle- To play negligently with the fingers; to trifle.
  55. Twibill- An instrument like a mattock, adapted for making excavations in timber.
  56. Twentys- Slang for the decade of the 1920s.
  57. Twinked- Adorned with twinkling lights or elements.
  58. Twische- Obsolete form of tweeze, meaning to pull out with tweezers.
  59. Twizzler- A confectionery item, typically a twisted liquorice stick.
  60. Twiddly- Intricate or delicate, often in an ornamental way

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