Words That Start With Un: A Useful List for Writers and Readers

This article lists a variety of words that start with “un” to enhance your vocabulary and understanding of their uses.

  1. Unable- Lacking the skill, means, or opportunity to do something.
  2. Unaware- Not having knowledge or awareness of something.
  3. Uncommon- Not usual; rare.
  4. Undecided- Not having made a decision.
  5. Underestimate- Estimate (something) to be smaller or less important than it actually is.
  6. Undone- Not tied or fastened; not finished.
  7. Unexpected- Not expected or regarded as likely to happen.
  8. Unfair- Not based on or behaving according to the principles of equality and justice.
  9. Unfit- Not of the necessary quality or standard to meet a particular purpose.
  10. Unfold- Open or spread out from a folded position.
  11. Unhappy- Not happy.
  12. Uniform- Not changing in form or character; remaining the same in all cases and at all times.
  13. Unify- Make or become united, uniform, or whole.
  14. Unique- Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.
  15. Unite- Come or bring together for a common purpose or action.
  16. Unjust- Not based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.
  17. Unknown- Not known or familiar.
  18. Unlawful- Not conforming to, permitted by, or recognized by law or rules.
  19. Unlock- Undo the lock of (something) by using a key.
  20. Unofficial- Not officially authorized or confirmed.
  21. Unpack- Remove (something) from a suitcase, bag, or other container.
  22. Unpleasant- Causing discomfort, unhappiness, or revulsion; disagreeable.
  23. Unrealistic- Not realistic or practical.
  24. Unravel- Undo (twisted, knitted, or woven threads).
  25. Unread- (of a book or other written material) not read or looked at.
  26. Unreliable- Not able to be relied upon.
  27. Unrest- A state of dissatisfaction, disturbance, and agitation in a group of people, typically involving public demonstrations or disorder.
  28. Unsafe- Dangerous; not safe.
  29. Unsaid- Not said; specifically not voiced or expressed.
  30. Unseen- Not seen or noticed.
  31. Unsettle- Cause to feel anxious or uneasy; disturb.
  32. Unshaken- Not disturbed, upset, or affected.
  33. Unsocial- Not enjoying or seeking the company of others.
  34. Unsold- Not sold.
  35. Unsure- Not certain or confident.
  36. Untangle- Free (something or someone) from something that they are entangled with.
  37. Untidy- Not organized or neat.
  38. Untouched- Not handled, used, or affected in any way.
  39. Unusual- Not habitually or commonly occurring or done.
  40. Unveil- Remove a veil or cover from, especially for the first time.
  41. Unwanted- Not or no longer desired.
  42. Unwell- Not in good health.
  43. Unwind- Relax after a period of work or tension.
  44. Unwise- (of a person or action) not wise; showing or resulting from a lack of judgment.
  45. Unwrap- Remove the wrapping from.
  46. Unyielding- Not giving way to pressure; hard or solid.
  47. Unzip- Open the zipper of.
  48. Update- Make (something) more modern or up to date.
  49. Upgrade- Raise (something) to a higher standard, in particular improve (equipment or machinery) by adding or replacing components.
  50. Uphold- Maintain or support in the face of possible opposition.
  51. Uplift- Lift (something) up; raise.
  52. Uproot- Pull (something, especially a tree or plant) out of the ground.
  53. Upscale- Relating to, aimed at, or suitable for high-income consumers; luxurious.
  54. Upset- Make (someone) unhappy, disappointed, or worried.
  55. Uptight- Anxious or angry in a tense and overly controlled way.
  56. Urge- Try earnestly or persistently to persuade (someone) to do something.
  57. Use- Take, hold, or deploy (something) as a means of accomplishing or achieving something; employ.
  58. Usual- Habitually or typically occurring or done; customary.
  59. Utilize- Make practical and effective use of.
  60. Utter- Complete; absolute.

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