Words That Start With Under: List and Usage

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “under” to satisfy your curiosity and enrich your vocabulary.

  1. Underact- to perform with insufficient energy or emotion.
  2. Underage- being below the legal age limit.
  3. Underarm- relating to the armpit.
  4. Underbid- to offer a price lower than a competitor.
  5. Underbrush- shrubs and small trees beneath taller trees in a forest.
  6. Undercarriage- the structure supporting the body of a vehicle.
  7. Undercharge- to ask for a price that is too low.
  8. Underclass- a social group below the middle class.
  9. Undercoat- a layer of paint applied before the final coat.
  10. Undercook- to cook incompletely.
  11. Undercurrent- a hidden feeling or movement.
  12. Underdevelop- not fully developed.
  13. Underdog- one expected to lose a contest.
  14. Underdone- not fully cooked.
  15. Underestimate- to value too low.
  16. Underexpose- insufficiently expose film to light.
  17. Underfoot- happening under one’s feet.
  18. Underground- below the surface of the earth.
  19. Undergo- to experience or endure something.
  20. Undergrad- a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree.
  21. Underhand- secretive or deceitful.
  22. Underlay- material beneath a surface layer.
  23. Underlie- to be the basis or support of.
  24. Underline- to emphasize.
  25. Underling- a subordinate or assistant.
  26. Underload- a burden that is too light.
  27. Underpaid- receiving insufficient payment.
  28. Underpants- a garment worn under trousers.
  29. Underpass- a road or tunnel beneath another road.
  30. Underperform- to perform below expectations.
  31. Underpin- to support or justify.
  32. Underplay- to present something with restrained importance.
  33. Underpriced- priced too low.
  34. Underprivileged- lacking basic necessities.
  35. Underground- below the ground.
  36. Underreport- to report falsely lower statistics.
  37. Underrate- to undervalue.
  38. Undersell- to sell at a lower price than competitors.
  39. Underscore- to emphasize.
  40. Undertake- to take on a responsibility.
  41. Undertone- an underlying quality or feeling.
  42. Undertow- a current below a surface current.
  43. Underused- not used enough.
  44. Undervalue- to regard something as less valuable.
  45. Underwear- clothing worn beneath outer clothes.
  46. Underweight- weighing less than normal.
  47. Underwork- to work insufficiently.
  48. Underwhelm- to fail to impress or stimulate.
  49. Underwrite- to support financial risk.
  50. Underfarmed- insufficiently utilized farmland.
  51. Underfelt- felt material used under carpets.
  52. Undergird- to support or strengthen.
  53. Underheat- to heat inadequately.
  54. Underinsured- insufficiently insured.
  55. Underlip- the lower lip.
  56. Undermind- to weaken or subvert.
  57. Underreferenced- insufficiently cited.
  58. Undershoot- to fall short in hitting a target.
  59. Understaffed- lacking enough workers.
  60. Undersupply- to provide an insufficient amount.
  61. Undersurface- beneath the surface.
  62. Undetected- not discovered.
  63. Underfelt- material under carpets.
  64. Underfinanced- lacking sufficient funds.
  65. Undergrad- an undergraduate student.
  66. Undergrown- insufficiently grown.
  67. Underheated- inadequately heated.
  68. Underqualified- lacking necessary qualifications.
  69. Underquote- to provide a lower estimate.
  70. Undersea- beneath the sea.
  71. Undersexed- sexually subdued.
  72. Understate- to describe mildly.
  73. Undertray- a tray beneath another.
  74. Undervented- poorly ventilated.
  75. Undervote- insufficient voting turnout.
  76. Underway- in progress or movement.
  77. Underarm- relating to the axilla.
  78. Underbid- offering a lower price.
  79. Underbook- to book insufficient seats.
  80. Underbrush- dense growth under trees.
  81. Undercarriage- support for a vehicle.
  82. Undercoating- protective layer under a surface.
  83. Undercount- an underestimate in counting.
  84. Underdrain- beneath surface drain.
  85. Undereat- to consume insufficient food.
  86. Underfunded- lacking adequate funds.
  87. Undergone- experienced or endured.
  88. Undergrad- a student at university.
  89. Understaff- lacking sufficient staff.
  90. Undertired- insufficiently rested.
  91. Undertone- a subdued quality.
  92. Undervary- to vary insufficiently.
  93. Underwater- beneath the water.
  94. Underway- currently happening.
  95. Underbidder- one who offers less.
  96. Underfoot- beneath one’s foot.
  97. Underpinning- foundational support.
  98. Underside- the lower surface.
  99. Underbridge- a bridge beneath another.
  100. Underwood- the forest floor growth.

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