Words That Start With Uni: Expand Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of words that start with “uni” and learn about their meanings and uses.

  1. Unicorn- A mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single horn.
  2. Uniform- Identical clothing or gear worn by members of a particular group.
  3. Unify- To make or become united, uniform, or whole.
  4. Unilateral- Performed by or affecting only one side.
  5. Unity- The state of being united or joined as a whole.
  6. Universal- Applicable to all cases or situations; widespread.
  7. Universe- All existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos.
  8. University- An institution of higher education and research.
  9. Unison- Simultaneous performance or utterance of action or speech.
  10. Unique- Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.
  11. Uninterested- Not interested; indifferent.
  12. Unicycle- A cycle with a single wheel, typically used for entertainment or sport.
  13. Unidirectional- Moving or operating in a single direction.
  14. Unilevel- (In marketing) a compensation plan that allows one line of distribution.
  15. Unisonous- Sounding the same; having the same sound.
  16. Unilinear- Descending or proceeding in a direct line of ancestry or descent.
  17. Unisex- Suitable for both sexes.
  18. Unimbued- Not imbued; not inspired with feelings, opinions, etc.
  19. Univalve- A shell consisting of a single valve, as in snails.
  20. Universalism- The theological doctrine that all souls will ultimately be saved.
  21. Universalize- To make universal, to generalize.
  22. Univariate- Involving one variable.
  23. Univocal- Having one meaning only; unambiguous.
  24. Unifocal- Having one focal point.
  25. Unicolor- Having one color.
  26. Unicellular- Consisting of a single cell.
  27. Unidimensional- Having one dimension.
  28. Unifoliate- Having one leaf.
  29. Unison- Agreement or harmony produced by simultaneous action.
  30. Unite- To join together.
  31. Univalve- A type of shellfish with only one shell, like a gastropod.
  32. Uninnovative- Not innovative; lacking in originality.
  33. Uninstall- To remove an application or file from a computer system.
  34. Uninterested- Not interested or concerned; indifferent.
  35. Uninterrupted- Not interrupted or broken; continuous.
  36. Unify- To make or become unified or whole.
  37. Unimpeded- Not impeded or obstructed.
  38. Uninfluenced- Not influenced or affected.
  39. Uninhabitable- Not suitable for living or dwelling.
  40. Uninhabited- Not inhabited; having no people living there.
  41. Unintended- Not planned or meant.
  42. Unintentional- Not done on purpose.
  43. Uninterested- Not interested; having no interest.
  44. Uninjured- Not injured; not harmed.
  45. Uninitiated- Without knowledge of a subject; inexperienced.
  46. Uninhibited- Not inhibited or restrained.
  47. Uninspired- Not inspired; lacking in imagination or originality.
  48. Uninsurable- Not able to be insured or not eligible for insurance.
  49. Unintelligible- Not able to be understood; not intelligible.
  50. Unintentional- Not done on purpose.
  51. Uninvited- Not invited or welcome.
  52. Uninviting- Not appealing or attractive; repellent.
  53. Uninvolved- Not involved or not participating.
  54. Unilateral- Pertaining to one side only.
  55. Unimaginable- Not imaginable; beyond imagination.
  56. Unimaginative- Lacking imagination; dull.
  57. Unimpaired- Not weakened or damaged; intact.
  58. Unimpeachable- Not able to be doubted or questioned; reliable.
  59. Unimpeded- Not impeded or hindered; free.
  60. Unimportant- Not important; trivial.
  61. Unimpressed- Not impressed; unmoved.
  62. Unimpressive- Not impressive; dull.
  63. Uninformed- Not informed or not knowledgeable.
  64. Uninhibited- Not inhibited; free in behavior and feelings.
  65. Uninitiate- Not initiated; not begun.
  66. Uninjured- Not injured; not harmed.
  67. Uninspired- Lacking inspiration or originality.
  68. Uninstalled- Removed or taken out, especially referring to software.
  69. Uninstructed- Not instructed or educated.
  70. Uninsurable- Not suitable or eligible for insurance.
  71. Unintended- Not intended or planned.
  72. Unintentional- Not done on purpose; accidental.
  73. Uninvited- Not invited or asked.
  74. Union- The act of joining; a state of being united.
  75. Unionism- The principles or theory of unions.
  76. Unionize- To organize into a labor union.
  77. Unique- Being the only one of its kind; peculiar.
  78. Uniqueness- The quality or state of being unique.
  79. Unison- Agreement or harmony.
  80. Unit- A single thing or person.
  81. Unitarian- Relating to or believing in the doctrine of the Unity (not Trinity) of God.
  82. Unitary- Forming a single or uniform entity.
  83. United- Joined together politically or for a common purpose.
  84. Unitize- To divide into usable units or to standardize.
  85. Unity- The state of being one; oneness.
  86. Universal- Pertaining to or affecting all.
  87. Universalize- To make universal; to generalize.
  88. Universe- All existing matter and space as a whole.
  89. University- An institution of higher learning.
  90. Univocal- Having one meaning only; unambiguous.
  91. Unix- A family of multitasking, multiuser computer operating systems.
  92. Unicycle- A cycle with a single wheel, mainly used for performing tricks.
  93. Unidirectional- Moving or operating in a single direction.
  94. Unification- The process of unifying or uniting.
  95. Uniformity- The quality or state of being uniform; sameness.
  96. Uniformly- In a uniform manner; consistently.
  97. Unilateralism- The policy or practice of conducting foreign affairs with minimal consultation or cooperation with other countries.
  98. Unilaterally- Done by one party or nation without the agreement of others.
  99. Unimaginative- Lacking in original ideas or creativity.
  100. Unimodal- Having one mode or peak in a distribution.

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