Words That Start with Ur: Complete List and Definitions

In this article, you will discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “ur” to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Urban- relating to a city or town.
  2. Urgent- requiring immediate action or attention.
  3. Urge- a strong desire or impulse.
  4. Urchin- a mischievous young child.
  5. Urn- a vase, often with a cover, used for decorative purposes or for holding ashes.
  6. Urbanize- to make an area more urban.
  7. Urology- the branch of medicine that focuses on the urinary tracts of males and females, and on the reproductive system of males.
  8. Uranium- a heavy metal used as a fuel in nuclear reactors.
  9. Urethane- a synthetic compound used in a variety of products, including resins and foams.
  10. Urease- an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of urea into carbon dioxide and ammonia.
  11. Uracil- a compound found in living tissue as a constituent base of RNA.
  12. Ureter- the duct by which urine passes from the kidney to the bladder.
  13. Urethra- the duct by which urine is conveyed out of the body from the bladder.
  14. Uremia- a condition involving abnormally high levels of waste products in the blood.
  15. Uric- pertaining to urine or its constituents.
  16. Urgeable- capable of being urged.
  17. Urinometer- an instrument for measuring the specific gravity of urine.
  18. Urinate- to expel urine from the body.
  19. Urtext- the original or earliest version of a text.
  20. Uracilo- a variant of uracil in Spanish.
  21. Uranic- relating to the heavens or celestial bodies.
  22. Urnful- an amount that fills an urn.
  23. Urethanefoam- a type of foam produced from urethane.
  24. Urmotiv- a significant theme or motif.
  25. Uranism- archaic term for homosexuality.
  26. Urca- a large medieval sailing vessel.
  27. Uranology- the study of the heavens and celestial bodies.
  28. Urim- one of the two objects carried by the high priest in ancient Israel.
  29. Urtexten- the plural of urtext.
  30. Uredium- a spore-producing structure of rust fungi.
  31. Urogastron- an inhibitory hormone of the gastric secretion.
  32. Urial- a type of wild sheep found in Central Asia.
  33. Uranite- a mineral and ore of uranium.
  34. Url- Uniform Resource Locator, the address of a web page.
  35. Urbs- Latin for city.
  36. Urochrome- a pigment responsible for the yellow color of urine.
  37. Urostomy- a surgical procedure to create an opening for urine to be released from the body.
  38. Uranism- love for the heavenly or divine.
  39. Urobilin- a pigment formed from the breakdown of hemoglobin, found in urine.
  40. Uropod- an appendage on the hind segment of various crustaceans.
  41. Urali- an ethnic group in Ural region.
  42. Urgeon- to instigate or incite.
  43. Urgencies- multiple situations requiring immediate attention.
  44. Urialescu- a notable surname.
  45. Urtexts- earliest versions of texts.
  46. Ureides- compounds formed from urea.
  47. Urethismus- a condition involving spasmodic contractions of the urethra.
  48. Urogynecology- medical practice dealing with urinary and pelvic problems in women.
  49. Uraphobia- fear of urinating.
  50. Urinous- relating to or resembling urine.
  51. Urpure- an archaic term, possibly a variant of “upraised.”
  52. Urequit- a term used in some dialects to mean “to repay.”
  53. Urushiga- a traditional Japanese lacquer.
  54. Urli- a traditional Indian cookware.
  55. Urwellian- pertaining to the universe of a particular series of literary works.
  56. Urubamba- a river in Peru.
  57. Urbiquitous- found everywhere; omnipresent.
  58. Uricemia- presence of excessive uric acid in the blood.
  59. Urexat- an uncommon term, possibly a variant of expedite or hasten.
  60. Urux- an uncommon name.
  61. Uribold- a term for someone who is confident.
  62. Urut- a term from Kenyan dialects.
  63. Uriarte- a surname.
  64. Urbanesque- having qualities of sophisticated city living.
  65. Ursid- a member of the bear family.
  66. Urse- archaic word for idolize.
  67. Urnes- a famous stave church in Norway.
  68. Urascible- easily angered.
  69. Urushi- another term for Japanese lacquer.
  70. Urbe- common term for urban lifestyle.
  71. Urnette- diminutive form of urn.
  72. Ureia- alternate term for nitrogenous waste.
  73. Uruba- a dialect from a South American tribe.
  74. Ureibios- ancient text referring to life-giving force.
  75. Urino- prefix relating to urine.
  76. Uracemia- an alternate term for high blood urea levels.
  77. Urkran- an uncommon term for flatlands.
  78. Uremit- another form for retreat.
  79. Ureakin- another form of kin in dynastic cycles.
  80. Urescia- term found in medieval scripts.
  81. Urazil- an alternate form of uracil.
  82. Uraeus- the upright form of an Egyptian cobra symbol.
  83. Uranomancy- divination using the heavens.
  84. Urgeance- an archaic term for immediacy.
  85. Urbors- term from dialects for city borders.
  86. Urel- a type of ancient vessel.
  87. Ursili- indigenous tribe in Central Asia.
  88. Ursoline- name of an order of nuns.
  89. Urseph- ancient spice trade item.
  90. Urquhart- a Scottish surname.
  91. Urus- an extinct species of large wild cattle.
  92. Urnology- the study of urns.
  93. Urch- a dialect term for urge.
  94. Urword- original version of a word.
  95. Uralite- a mineral derived from augite.
  96. Uroxin- a variant of urochrome.
  97. Urapidil- a medication for high blood pressure.
  98. Uredit- archaic term for revisit.
  99. Urfact- archaic term for artifact.
  100. Urmin- a fabric made from goats’ wool.

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