Words that Start with Ve: A Complete List

This article will give you a comprehensive list of words that start with “ve.

  1. Vedette- A mounted sentry or lookout.
  2. Vehement- Showing strong feeling; forceful.
  3. Vehicle- A means of transporting goods or people.
  4. Veil- A piece of fine material worn to protect or conceal the face.
  5. Vein- A blood vessel that carries blood to the heart.
  6. Vengeance- Punishment inflicted for an injury or wrong.
  7. Venom- Poisonous fluid produced by animals like snakes.
  8. Vent- An opening for the escape of gas or liquid.
  9. Venture- A risky or daring journey or undertaking.
  10. Verb- A word used to describe an action.
  11. Verbatim- In exactly the same words; word for word.
  12. Verdant- Green with grass or other rich vegetation.
  13. Verdict- A decision on a disputed issue in a civil or criminal case.
  14. Verifiable- Able to be verified or confirmed.
  15. Verify- To make sure or demonstrate that something is true.
  16. Veritable- Used as an intensifier, often to qualify a metaphor.
  17. Verity- A true principle or belief.
  18. Vermillion- A brilliant red pigment.
  19. Versatile- Able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions.
  20. Verse- Writing arranged with a metrical rhythm.
  21. Version- A particular form of something different from an earlier form.
  22. Vertical- At right angles to the horizontal plane.
  23. Vertigo- A sensation of whirling and loss of balance.
  24. Very- To a high degree.
  25. Vessel- A ship or large boat.
  26. Vest- A sleeveless undergarment.
  27. Vested- Secured in the possession of or assigned to a person.
  28. Vestibule- An antechamber or hall next to the outer door of a building.
  29. Vestige- A trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.
  30. Veteran- A person who has had long experience in a particular field.
  31. Veto- A constitutional right to reject a decision or proposal.
  32. Vex- To make someone feel annoyed or worried.
  33. Viable- Capable of working successfully.
  34. Vibrant- Full of energy and enthusiasm.
  35. Vicar- A representative or deputy of a bishop.
  36. Vice- Immoral or wicked behavior.
  37. Vicinity- The area near or surrounding a particular place.
  38. Victim- A person harmed or killed as a result of a crime or accident.
  39. Victory- An act of defeating an enemy or opponent.
  40. Video- A recording of moving visual images.
  41. View- The ability to see something or be seen.
  42. Vigil- A period of keeping awake during the time usually spent asleep.
  43. Vigilant- Keeping careful watch for possible danger.
  44. Vigor- Physical strength and good health.
  45. Village- A group of houses and associated buildings in a rural area.
  46. Villain- A character in a story who opposes the hero.
  47. Vindicate- Clear someone of blame or suspicion.
  48. Vintage- High quality from the past.
  49. Vinyl- A synthetic resin or plastic.
  50. Violent- Using or involving physical force.
  51. Violet- A herbaceous plant with purple flowers.
  52. Violin- A string instrument played with a bow.
  53. Virile- Having strength and energy.
  54. Virtual- Almost or nearly as described.
  55. Virtue- Behavior showing high moral standards.
  56. Visible- Able to be seen.
  57. Vision- The faculty of sight.
  58. Visit- To go and see someone.
  59. Visitor- A person visiting someone or someplace.
  60. Visual- Relating to sight.
  61. Vital- Absolutely necessary or important.
  62. Vitamin- Organic compounds essential for growth and nutrition.
  63. Vivid- Producing powerful feelings or strong images in the mind.
  64. Vocal- Relating to the voice.
  65. Vodka- A clear distilled alcoholic beverage.
  66. Vogue- The prevailing fashion or style.
  67. Voice- The sound produced in a person’s larynx.
  68. Void- Completely empty space.
  69. Volcano- A mountain with a crater through which lava erupts.
  70. Volley- A number of bullets shot simultaneously or in rapid succession.
  71. Volume- The amount of space that a substance occupies.
  72. Voluntary- Done of one’s own free will.
  73. Volunteer- A person who offers to take part in an enterprise.
  74. Vomit- Eject matter from the stomach through the mouth.
  75. Vote- A formal indication of a choice.
  76. Votive- Offered or consecrated in fulfillment of a vow.
  77. Vouch- Assert or confirm as a result of one’s own experience.
  78. Voucher- A small printed piece of paper for a discount.
  79. Voyeur- A person who gains pleasure from watching others.
  80. Voyage- A long journey involving travel by sea.
  81. Vulture- A bird of prey feeding chiefly on carrion.
  82. Vortex- A mass of whirling fluid or air.
  83. Vowel- A speech sound which is produced without any closure.
  84. Voucher- A document recording a commercial transaction.
  85. Vulcanize- Harden a rubber material.
  86. Vulgar- Lacking sophistication or good taste.
  87. Vulnerable- Exposed to the possibility of being attacked.
  88. Veinous- Full of veins.
  89. Velum- A membrane or structure resembling a veil.
  90. Vermicelli- Pasta made in long slender threads.

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