Words That Start With Vis – Lists, Meanings, and Examples

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “vis” to help expand your vocabulary.

  1. Vision- The ability to see.
  2. Visible- Able to be seen.
  3. Visit- To go and see someone.
  4. Visitor- Someone who visits.
  5. Visual- Related to seeing.
  6. Visionary- Imaginative or creative.
  7. Visualize- To form a mental image.
  8. Visor- A piece of the helmet that protects the eyes.
  9. Visage- A person’s face.
  10. Vista- A pleasing view.
  11. Viscount- A British nobleman rank.
  12. Visitation- An official or formal visit.
  13. Viscerate- To disembowel.
  14. Visceral- Related to deep inward feelings.
  15. Visibility- The state of being seen.
  16. Viscometer- An instrument for measuring viscosity.
  17. Visage- A person’s facial appearance.
  18. Visa- An official authorization for travel.
  19. Visor- A sunshade on vehicles or helmets.
  20. Visional- Pertaining to a vision or visionary.
  21. Visionless- Without vision.
  22. Visibleness- The quality of being visible.
  23. Viscous- Having a thick, sticky consistency.
  24. Visitant- A supernatural being or spirit.
  25. Visorize- To fit with a visor.
  26. Visitable- Suitable for visiting.
  27. Viscometry- The measurement of viscosity.
  28. Visionarily- In a visionary manner.
  29. Visored- Equipped with a visor.
  30. Visnomy- The study of the face for character analysis.

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