Words That Start With Wa: Comprehensive A-Z List

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “wa” to enhance your vocabulary or assist with your word-related inquiries.

  1. Waddle- walk with short steps, swaying from side to side.
  2. Wager- a bet.
  3. Wages- regular payment for work.
  4. Wagon- a vehicle for transporting goods or people.
  5. Waist- the part of the body below the ribs and above the hips.
  6. Wait- stay where one is.
  7. Wake- come out of sleep.
  8. Waken- to wake.
  9. Walker- someone who walks, especially for exercise.
  10. Walkway- a path for walking.
  11. Wall- a vertical structure.
  12. Wallet- a holder for carrying money and cards.
  13. Walnut- a type of nut.
  14. Wallow- indulge in an unrestrained way.
  15. Walrus- a large marine mammal with tusks.
  16. Wander- move without a fixed course.
  17. Ward- a hospital division or section.
  18. Warden- a person responsible for the supervision of a particular place.
  19. Wardrobe- a large cabinet for clothes.
  20. Ware- pottery or manufacture articles.
  21. Warlock- a male witch.
  22. Warm- having or maintaining a moderate degree of heat.
  23. Warn- advise of danger.
  24. Warp- to twist out of shape.
  25. Warped- twisted or bent out of shape.
  26. Warrant- a legal document allowing a search, seizure, or arrest.
  27. Warrior- someone who fights in battles.
  28. Wart- a small, hard growth on the skin.
  29. Wash- to clean with water.
  30. Washer- an appliance for washing clothes.
  31. Washes- plural of wash; acts of cleaning with water.
  32. Washtub- a tub for washing clothes.
  33. Wasp- a stinging insect.
  34. Wat- a Buddhist temple.
  35. Watch- to look at attentively.
  36. Watcher- someone who watches.
  37. Water- a clear, colorless, tasteless liquid.
  38. Waterfall- a flow of water falling from a height.
  39. Watershed- an area draining into a river, basin, or sea.
  40. Watery- consisting of, containing, or resembling water.
  41. Wattle- a construction of poles intertwined with twigs.
  42. Waul- to meow shrilly, said of cats.
  43. Wavy- having waves or curves.
  44. Wad- a bundle or lump of soft material.
  45. Wade- to walk through water or another substance that impedes movement.
  46. Waft- to carry lightly through the air.
  47. Wafer- a very thin, light, crisp, sweet cake or biscuit.
  48. Wafture- the act of waving or floating in the air.
  49. Waif- a homeless, abandoned person, especially a child.
  50. Waiting- the act of staying in one place until an expected event happens.
  51. Waitlist- a list of people waiting for an opportunity or service.
  52. Waistline- the measurement around the narrowest part of the waist.
  53. Walkabout- a walking tour or journey, often by Australian Indigenous people.
  54. Walkout- a strike or sudden departure.
  55. Walkover- an easy victory.
  56. Wallflower- a person who remains on the sidelines of a social activity.
  57. Warlike- inclined toward or favoring war or conflict.
  58. Warmup- exercises or activities to prepare for physical exertion.
  59. Warmhearted- kind and friendly.
  60. Warning- a notice or indication of a potentially dangerous situation.
  61. Warranty- a guarantee provided to the purchaser of a product.
  62. Warpath- a course of action that leads to conflict or war.
  63. Warfarin- a medication used as a blood thinner.
  64. Warlord- a leader who maintains power through military force.
  65. Warp- speed – an extremely fast rate of speed.
  66. Warship- a naval vessel designed and equipped for combat.
  67. Wartime- a period during which a war is taking place.
  68. Warthog- a wild pig with distinctive facial warts.
  69. Warthog- a kind of wild pig with warty growths on its face.
  70. Washcloth- a small cloth for washing the face and body.
  71. Washboard- a board for scrubbing clothes clean.
  72. Washbowl- a basin for washing face and hands.
  73. Washroom- a bathroom or lavatory.
  74. Watching- the act of observing
  75. Waterfowl- birds that live on or around water.
  76. Waterline- the line on a ship up to which the ship is submerged in water.
  77. Waterlogged- saturated with water.
  78. Watermark- a recognizable image or pattern in paper that appears as a varying shade.
  79. Watermelon- a large fruit with a hard green rind and sweet watery red flesh.
  80. Waterspout- a tornado over water.
  81. Waterway- a river, canal, or other body of water serving as a route or way of travel.
  82. Waterworks- a system for supplying and treating water.
  83. Wavelike- resembling a wave.
  84. Wealthy- having a great deal of money, resources, or assets.
  85. Waiver- the voluntary relinquishment of a known right.
  86. Walleyed- having eyes with irregular white coloration.
  87. Walk- in – large enough to admit entrance or accessible without an appointment.
  88. Walkoff- of or concerning a decisive play in sports.
  89. Walkable- capable of being walked upon or through.
  90. Walkathon- a long-distance walk organized to raise money for charity.
  91. Walloping- a severe beating or defeat.
  92. Walnutty- having the characteristic taste or aroma of walnuts.
  93. Wampum- traditional shell beads of the Eastern Woodlands tribes of Native Americans.
  94. Wainscot- wooden paneling on the lower part of the walls of a room.
  95. Waistriggle- a tool or exercise that moves or twists the waist.
  96. Wainscoting- wooden paneling on the lower part of the walls of a room.
  97. Wallhanger- a knife, sword, or other object that is meant primarily for display.
  98. Wallop- to hit hard.
  99. Wangle- to achieve something by scheming or deception.
  100. Wanton- deliberate and unprovoked.

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