Words That Start With We: Examples and Tips

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “we,” perfect for expanding your vocabulary or enhancing your word games.

  1. Wealth- abundance of valuable possessions or money.
  2. Weapon- a tool designed for attacking or defending.
  3. Weaver- a person who weaves cloth.
  4. Weaken- to make or become less strong.
  5. Weather- the state of the atmosphere at a place and time.
  6. Webcam- a camera that feeds images or video in real-time.
  7. Welcome- a greeting or reception.
  8. Welfare- health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group.
  9. Western- relating to the West.
  10. Weasel- a small carnivorous mammal.
  11. Wean- accustom a young animal to food other than its mother’s milk.
  12. Weepy- inclined to cry.
  13. Weigher- a person or device that measures weight.
  14. Weird- unusual or strange.
  15. Weary- feeling tired or fatigued.
  16. Weft- threads woven across the warp in a loom.
  17. Weave- to make fabric by crossing threads.
  18. Weep- to shed tears.
  19. Weight- the force of gravity on an object.
  20. Welch- to fail to honor a promise.
  21. Weld- to join metal parts by heat or pressure.
  22. Welly- a waterproof boot.
  23. Welder- a person who welds metal.
  24. Wench- a young girl or woman.
  25. Wedge- a piece of material tapering to a thin edge.
  26. Weller- a term used to refer to an individual’s surname.
  27. Welkin- the sky or heavens.
  28. Welter- to move in a turbulent fashion.
  29. Weevil- a small beetle that infests stored grain.
  30. Wether- a castrated male sheep.
  31. Wen- a benign cyst on the scalp.
  32. Weigh- to measure the weight.
  33. Weald- an area of open land.
  34. Weanling- a young mammal recently weaned.
  35. Wenchy- characteristic of a wench.
  36. Weirdly- in a strange or unusual way.
  37. Weeny- very small.
  38. Weeper- a person who weeps.
  39. Weet- know or become aware of.
  40. Weever- a type of fish with venomous spines.
  41. Wed- to marry.
  42. Wedding- a marriage ceremony.
  43. Wednesday- fourth day of the week.
  44. Weed- a wild plant growing in undesirable places.
  45. Weedy- full of or characterized by weeds.
  46. Weir- a barrier across a river.
  47. Welter- confusion or turmoil.
  48. Wench- a playful, saucy girl.
  49. Westward- towards the west.
  50. Weighbridge- a large scale for weighing vehicles.
  51. Weal- a red, swollen mark left on flesh.
  52. Weldment- a unit formed by welding.
  53. Wear- to carry or have on the body.
  54. Weigela- a type of flowering plant.
  55. Weanling- a child or animal recently weaned.
  56. Welling- rising or gushing.
  57. Wetland- land consisting of marshes or swamps.
  58. Wearable- capable of being worn.
  59. Weathercock- a weather vane, usually in the form of a cockerel.
  60. Weighing- the act of measuring weight.
  61. Wealthy- having a great deal of assets or money.
  62. Welcome- a greeting extended to show friendliness.
  63. Weeny- tiny or insignificant.
  64. Weatherman- a person who forecasts the weather.
  65. Weathertight- resistant to the passage of water and air.
  66. Wearied- exhausted or fatigued.
  67. Wearily- in a tired manner.
  68. Weariness- the state of being tired.
  69. Webbed- having the fingers or toes connected by a membrane.
  70. Webbing- strong fabric used for straps.
  71. Webpage- a single, digital page on the internet.
  72. Website- a collection of related web pages.
  73. Weeper- someone who sheds tears.
  74. Weeping- the act of shedding tears.
  75. Weeps- third person singular of weep.
  76. Wee- very small.
  77. Weevil- a type of beetle.
  78. Weighable- capable of being weighed.
  79. Weighty- heavy or important.
  80. Weirdness- the quality of being strange.
  81. Weirdo- a person whose behavior is unusual.
  82. Weeders- tools or people that remove weeds.
  83. Weedly- characterized by or full of weeds.
  84. Weepier- more inclined to weep.
  85. Westernize- to adopt or be influenced by Western culture.
  86. Westerner- a person from the Western part of a country.
  87. Wettable- capable of being wetted.
  88. Wether- a male sheep.
  89. Welterweight- a weight class in boxing.
  90. Whelk- a type of marine mollusk.
  91. Welcomer- one who welcomes.
  92. Weaning- the process of accustoming a young animal to food other than its mother’s milk.
  93. Westerly- towards the west.
  94. Westing- distance traveled westward.
  95. Wearer- a person who wears something.
  96. Weatherwise- skillful in foretelling the weather.
  97. Weathergirl- a female meteorologist or weather announcer.
  98. Wenchlike- characteristic of a wench.
  99. Weeping- shedding tears.
  100. Wedlock- the state of being married.

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