Words That Start with Wo: Top Examples and FAQs

This article provides an extensive list of words that start with “wo” to help you expand your vocabulary and enhance your writing.

  1. Wobble- Move unsteadily from side to side.
  2. Wobegone- Feeling or looking very sorrowful and miserable.
  3. Woe- Great sorrow or distress.
  4. Woeful- Full of sorrow or misery.
  5. Wok- A large, bowl-shaped cooking pan, commonly used in Chinese cooking.
  6. Woke- Alert to social injustices and inequalities.
  7. Wolfram- An alternative name for the chemical element tungsten.
  8. Woman- An adult human female.
  9. Womb- The organ in female mammals where offspring develop before birth.
  10. Wombat- A burrowing herbivorous marsupial native to Australia.
  11. Wondrous- Inspiring a feeling of wonder or delight.
  12. Wonder- A feeling of amazement and admiration caused by something beautiful or unfamiliar.
  13. Wondering- Feeling or expressing curiosity about something.
  14. Wonderful- Extremely good; marvelous.
  15. Wonderment- A state of awed admiration or respect.
  16. Wonk- A person who takes an excessive interest in the minor details of political policy.
  17. Wonky- Not straight or level; crooked or askew.
  18. Woof- The sound that a dog makes.
  19. Wood- The hard, fibrous substance composing most of the stem and branches of a tree.
  20. Woodland- Land covered with trees.
  21. Woodcut- An image cut into the surface of a block of wood.
  22. Wooded- Covered with trees.
  23. Woodpecker- A bird with a strong beak for drilling into wood to find insects.
  24. Woodsman- A person living or working in woodland.
  25. Woodwork- The craft of working with wood.
  26. Woody- Covered with trees or wood.
  27. Wool- The fine, soft curly or wavy hair forming the coat of a sheep.
  28. Woolen- Made of wool.
  29. Woolly- Covered with or resembling wool.
  30. Woo- Try to gain the love of someone, particularly with a view to marriage.
  31. Woofer- A loudspeaker that reproduces low bass frequencies.
  32. Woolly- headed – Having confused or muddled thoughts.
  33. Wooden- Made of wood.
  34. Woodland- Area of land covered with trees.
  35. Woolgathering- Indulgence in aimless thoughts and daydreaming.
  36. Wooziness- A state of lightheadedness or dizziness.
  37. Woozy- Unsteady, dizzy, or dazed.
  38. Woolsack- A seat in the House of Lords, originally stuffed with wool.
  39. Woodwind- A group of wind instruments made of wood, such as flutes and clarinets.
  40. Woodworker- A person who makes objects from wood.
  41. Woolwork- Decorations or items made of wool.
  42. Woolpack- A pack or bale of wool.
  43. Woodchuck- A North American rodent that digs burrows and hibernates.
  44. Woodcutting- The act of cutting down trees or producing art from wood cuts.
  45. Woodcraft- Skills in making things from wood or living in the woods.
  46. Woodsy- Relating to or characteristic of the woods or forest.
  47. Woodgrain- The texture or pattern of wood fibers.
  48. Woodiness- The state of being like wood in texture.
  49. Woot- An expression of joy or excitement.
  50. Woodshaving- Thin strips shaved from wood.
  51. Woodburning- The art of burning designs into wood surfaces.
  52. Woodlander- A person who lives or works in a wooded area.
  53. Woodshop- A workshop where wood is prepared and worked.
  54. Woodmeal- Ground or powdered wood.
  55. Woodworm- An insect that bores into and damages wood.
  56. Wootz- A type of steel originating in India before modern times.
  57. Woodshedding- Practicing a musical instrument in private.
  58. Woodnote- Natural, melodious sounds, as of a bird.
  59. Woodblock- A block of wood on which a design has been carved for printing.
  60. Woodbine- A climbing plant, especially one that grows wild.
  61. Woodcreeper- A bird that creeps up and down tree trunks.
  62. Woodlander- A person inhabiting a woodland area.
  63. Woodlark- A small songbird found in woodlands.
  64. Woodenhead- A blockhead or dull person.
  65. Woodnick- An old term referring to a carpenter.
  66. Woomera- A spear-throwing device used by Aboriginal Australians.
  67. Woolsorter- A person who sorts wool according to its grade.
  68. Woodhouse- A house or shelter in a wooded area.
  69. Woodsy- Relating to or characteristic of woods or forests.
  70. Woodland- An area covered with trees and bushes.
  71. Woodhewer- An old name for someone who cuts wood.
  72. Woodwax- A plant of the broom family, used as a yellow dye.
  73. Woodpile- A stack of firewood.
  74. Woohoo- An exclamation of joy or excitement.
  75. Woodstove- A stove that burns wood for heat.
  76. Wool- carder – A person who brushes raw wool to clean and untangle it.
  77. Woodtrim- Decorative wooden edging used in homes.
  78. Wood- sage – A plant with leaves smelling of wood or sage.
  79. Wool- producer – An animal, such as a sheep, that produces wool.
  80. Woodturner- A person who shapes wood on a lathe.
  81. Wood- anemone – A type of wildflower found in woods.
  82. Woodcock- A bird that lives in wooded areas and is known for its camouflage.
  83. Woodcraftsman- A skilled worker who makes items from wood.
  84. Wool- fat – A yellow fat obtained from wool.
  85. Wood- wall – Weak or thin walls made of wood.
  86. Woodshedder- Someone who practices a skill intensively and privately.
  87. Wood- sorrel – A small plant with sour-tasting leaves.
  88. Woodlot- A plot of land, usually forested, set aside for wood production.
  89. Woodsmoke- Smoke produced by burning wood.
  90. Woodstaining- The process of applying color to wood.
  91. Woolcomber- Someone who combs wool to prepare it for spinning.
  92. Woodchip- Small pieces of wood used for mulch or processing.
  93. Wool- stapler – A person who buys wool from producers and sells it to manufacturers.
  94. Woollen- mills – Factories where wool is processed into yarn or cloth.
  95. Woodcutting- The activity of chopping down trees.
  96. Woodfinch- A name for several finches that inhabit wooded areas.
  97. Woodpulp- Pulverized wood, used in the production of paper.
  98. Woolly- mammoth – An extinct, hairy elephant-like animal from the Ice Age.
  99. Woodworker- A craftsman who works with wood.
  100. Wormwood- A bitter-tasting plant used in herbal medicine.

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