Words That Start with Wu: List and Tips

In this article, you’ll discover a collection of words that start with ‘wu’ to enrich your vocabulary.

  1. Wub- dance music genre
  2. Wud- Scottish for mad, insane
  3. Wudu- Old English for wood or forest
  4. Wula- part of a loom for weaving
  5. Wuss- slang for someone weak or ineffectual
  6. Wushu- Chinese martial art
  7. Wurst- German for sausage
  8. Wulfenite- a mineral
  9. Wurzel- root in German
  10. Wuji- a concept in Chinese philosophy meaning without limit
  11. Wul- abbreviation for Wollongong (an Australian city)
  12. Wukong- a nickname for the Monkey King in Chinese literature
  13. Wurly- informal for a style of hair curl or wave

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