Words That Start With X for Kids: Fun and Easy List

In this article, you will discover a fantastic list of kid-friendly words that start with the letter “X” to boost their vocabulary and make learning fun.

  1. Xylophone- A musical instrument with wooden bars.
  2. X- ray – A picture of the inside of something, using special rays.
  3. Xenon- A type of gas used in lights.
  4. Xerox- A brand name used for making copies.
  5. Xylitol- A sweetener made from plants.
  6. Xylem- The part of a plant that moves water from roots to leaves.
  7. Xavier- A common boy’s name.
  8. Xenial- Being friendly and hospitable.
  9. Xeriscape- A type of garden that needs very little water.
  10. Xylograph- An image printed from a wood carving.
  11. Xenophobia- Fear or dislike of strangers or foreigners.
  12. Xylocarp- A fruit with a hard, woody shell.
  13. Xerophyte- A plant that grows in dry places.
  14. Xiphoid- Something shaped like a sword.
  15. Xyster- A surgical tool used for scraping bones.
  16. Xebec- A small three-masted ship.

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