Words That Start With X: A List for Writers and Word Enthusiasts

Discover an array of words that start with the letter X and enrich your vocabulary today.

  1. Xanthan – A polysaccharide used as a food additive and thickening agent.
  2. Xanthic – Yellowish in color.
  3. Xanthine – A crystalline compound found in blood and urine.
  4. Xebec – A small, three-masted sailing ship.
  5. Xenia – The effect of pollen on the seeds and fruit of plants.
  6. Xenon – A colorless, odorless noble gas.
  7. Xenophile – A person who has a fondness for foreign cultures.
  8. Xenophobia – Fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners.
  9. Xerarch – Developing in dry conditions.
  10. Xeric – Characterized by or adapted to a dry environment.
  11. Xerography – A dry photocopying process.
  12. Xerophyte – A plant adapted to grow in dry conditions.
  13. Xerox – A trademark for a photocopying process or machine.
  14. Xi – The 14th letter of the Greek alphabet.
  15. Xiphoid – Shaped like a sword; referring to the xiphoid process of the sternum.
  16. Xylem – The vascular tissue in plants that conducts water and nutrients.
  17. Xylophone – A musical instrument with wooden bars struck by mallets.
  18. Xylophagous – Feeding on wood.
  19. Xylography – The art of making engravings on wood.
  20. Xyloid – Resembling wood.
  21. Xylitol – A sugar alcohol used as a sweetener.
  22. Xylene – A volatile hydrocarbon used as a solvent.
  23. Xystus – A long portico where ancient athletes exercised.
  24. Xyzal – A brand name for an antihistamine drug (levocetirizine).
  25. Xenolith – A rock fragment embedded in another rock.
  26. Xanthoma – A skin condition characterized by fatty growths.
  27. Xanthopsia – A visual condition where things appear yellow.
  28. Xerostomia – Dryness of the mouth due to reduced saliva.
  29. Xhosa – A Bantu language spoken in South Africa.
  30. Xiphosuran – Relating to a group of arthropods that includes horseshoe crabs.
  31. Xenogenesis – The production of an offspring entirely different from either parent.
  32. Xerophilous – Thriving in a dry environment.
  33. Xenocryst – A crystal that is not formed from the surrounding rock but introduced from elsewhere.
  34. Xenopus – A genus of aquatic frogs.
  35. Xenotransplantation – The transplantation of tissues or organs from one species to another.
  36. Xylary – Pertaining to or resembling xylem.
  37. Xylene – Any of several isomeric hydrocarbons.
  38. Xeroderma – A condition of abnormally dry skin.
  39. Xiphoidalgia – Pain in the xiphoid process.
  40. Xeroderma Pigmentosum – A genetic disorder characterized by extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet rays.
  41. Xerophthalmia – Dryness and soreness of the eyes.
  42. Xylanthrax – Wood charcoal.
  43. Xylocarp – A hard, woody fruit.
  44. Xanthous – Yellowish.
  45. X-axis – The horizontal axis in a plane coordinate system.
  46. Xenobiotic – A chemical compound foreign to a living organism.
  47. X-linked – Relating to genes or hereditary traits carried by the X chromosome.
  48. Xiphias – The genus name for swordfish.
  49. Xylology – The study of wood.
  50. Xiphocostal – Pertaining to the xiphoid process and the ribs.
  51. Xiphophyllous – Having leaves that are sword-shaped.
  52. Xenomania – An obsession with foreign things.
  53. Xerosis – Abnormal dryness of skin or mucous membranes.
  54. Xoanon – A primitive wooden image of a deity used in ancient Greek cults.
  55. Xylophonic – Pertaining to or resembling a xylophone.
  56. Xanthene – A yellowish organic compound.
  57. Xerophytic – Adapted to dry climates, as certain plants.
  58. Xenophobic – Having a fear or hatred of foreigners.
  59. Xanthochroi – People with fair skin and light hair.
  60. Xylobalsamum – The wood of the tree from which balsam of tolu is obtained.
  61. Xylographer – One who makes engravings on wood.
  62. Xylostromatoid – Resembling a xylostroma, a type of plant tumor.
  63. Xiphopagus – Conjoined twins fused at the xiphoid cartilage.
  64. Xenodiagnosis – A diagnostic method using a live vector to detect a pathogen.
  65. Xanthorrhoea – A genus of Australian plants with a woody trunk.
  66. Xylometer – An instrument for measuring the specific gravity of wood.
  67. Xylotomous – Capable of cutting or boring into wood.
  68. Xyloglyphy – Carving designs into wood.
  69. Xylographical – Related to xylography or woodcuts.
  70. Xiphocostalgia – Pain in the xiphoid process and adjacent costal cartilages.
  71. Xenogenesis – Generation of offspring completely different from the parents.
  72. Xenomorphic – Having an unusual form.
  73. Xiphisternal – Pertaining to the xiphoid process and the sternum.
  74. Xystarch – An ancient Greek official in charge of gymnasiums and athletic grounds.
  75. Xyster – A surgical instrument for scraping bones.
  76. Xenophthalmia – Inflammation due purely to a foreign body.
  77. Xylorimba – A musical instrument that combines elements of the xylophone and marimba.
  78. Xenagogue – A guide who conducts strangers or foreigners.
  79. Xiphoidal – Relating to the xiphoid process.
  80. Xylotypographic – Pertaining to printing from wooden blocks.
  81. Xylopolist – One who sells wood.
  82. Xenogenesis – The phenomenon of an offspring being radically different from its parents.
  83. Xyloquinone – A type of chemical compound found in certain plants.
  84. Xenolith – A fragment of rock within a larger rock mass that is different from the host rock.
  85. Xerophilic – Able to thrive in dry conditions.
  86. Xylonite – A type of celluloid used historically for making various items.
  87. Xenoblast – A crystal in metamorphic rock that is not aligned with the fabric of the rock.
  88. Xyster – An instrument used in surgery for scraping bones.
  89. Xiphisternum – The lower part of the sternum.
  90. Xylose – A sugar extracted from wood used in food and medicine.
  91. Xerography – A dry copying process using electrostatic charges.
  92. Xanthippe – The name of Socrates’ reputedly shrewish wife.
  93. Xiphias – The scientific name of the swordfish species.
  94. Xiphosura – An order of marine arthropods including the horseshoe crabs.
  95. Xylan – A polysaccharide component of plant cell walls.
  96. Xyridaceous – Belonging to a family of flowering plants (Xyridaceae).
  97. Xanthocarpous – Having yellow fruit.
  98. Xerophthalmic – Pertaining to or suffering from dry eyes.
  99. Xenarthral – Relating to a group of placental mammals that includes anteaters and sloths.
  100. Xylogalactic – Pertaining to or involving attraction towards wood.

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