Words That Start With Ye: Expand Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of words that start with the letters “ye,” and enhance your vocabulary with these interesting terms.

  1. Year- A period of approximately 365 days, representing the time taken by the Earth to orbit the Sun.
  2. Yearn- To have a strong, often melancholic desire for something.
  3. Yeast- A microscopic fungus used in the fermentation process in brewing and baking.
  4. Yell- To shout loudly, typically due to anger, excitement, or fear.
  5. Yellow- A bright primary color reminiscent of lemons or sunflowers.
  6. Yelp- A short, sharp cry, especially of pain or alarm.
  7. Yeoman- A historical term for a servant in a royal or noble household, or a small landowner.
  8. Yet- Used to indicate that something is expected to happen or is not yet the case.
  9. Yew- A type of tree or shrub with needle-like leaves and red berry-like fruits.
  10. Yeastiness- The quality or state of having a taste or smell of yeast.
  11. Yelling- The act of emitting a loud, sharp cry.
  12. Yellowish- Slightly yellow; having a hue close to that of yellow.
  13. Yearly- Occurring once a year; annual.
  14. Yeomanry- A group of men who held and cultivated small landed estates, historically serving in a military capacity.
  15. Yearlong- Lasting for or extending over the course of a year.
  16. Yeasayer- One who agrees or is inclined to agree.
  17. Yean- To give birth to a lamb or goat.
  18. Yearbook- An annual publication compiled by the students of a school, typically containing photographs and articles about the school year.
  19. Yeasty- Resembling or containing yeast.
  20. Yen- A strong desire, craving, or yearning.
  21. Yellowness- The quality or state of being yellow.
  22. Yearned- Past tense of yearn; having desired strongly.
  23. Yesterday- The day before today; often used as a reference to a short time ago.
  24. Yeoman’s- service** – Excellent, valuable, or useful service or help, especially beyond the call of duty.
  25. Yellowcake- A type of uranium concentrate powder obtained from leach solutions.
  26. Year- end** – The end of the financial year.
  27. Yew- tree** – Alternative term for ‘yew’ used specifically to denote the tree form.
  28. Yearling- An animal, especially a horse, that is between one and two years old.
  29. Yellows- A disease of plants involving yellow coloring of leaves.
  30. Yeomanette- A female yeoman, especially referring to women in certain branches of services.
  31. Year- to-date** – From the beginning of the current year until the present time.
  32. Yeshiva- A traditional Jewish school for the study of religious texts, primarily the Talmud and Torah.
  33. Yeti- A mythical creature said to live in the Himalayas.
  34. Yeld- Rare or dialectal form of ‘yield’ used in some regions.
  35. Yearling- books** – Books about or for yearlings, often used in horseracing contexts.
  36. Yenta- A person, particularly a woman, who is a gossip or busybody.
  37. Yellowfin- A species of tuna characterized by a bright yellow dorsal fin.
  38. Yeomanlike- Resembling or befitting a yeoman in character or quality.
  39. Yellowware- A type of earthenware made from clay that is yellow in color.
  40. Yellowwood- A tree with distinctive yellow heartwood.
  41. Yellowhammer- A bird species with a yellow head and underparts.
  42. Yelping- The act of giving a short, sharp cry.
  43. Yemeles- An archaic word implying carelessness or heedlessness.
  44. Yenning- Gerund or present participle of yen.
  45. Yeanling- A young one (lamb or kid) that has been yeaned.
  46. Yerb- Dialect form of ‘herb’ used in some English-speaking regions.
  47. Yeilded- Incorrect form, often a typo, of ‘yielded’.
  48. Yep- Informal affirmation; equivalent to yes.
  49. Yearnful- Full of yearning or longing.
  50. Yern- Archaic or dialectic form of ‘eager’ or ‘quick’.

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