Words That Start With You: Definitions and Examples

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “you” to expand your vocabulary and improve your word knowledge.

  1. You: Second person pronoun.
  2. Youth: The time of life when one is young.
  3. Young: Being in the early stage of life.
  4. You- all: Alternative form of “y’all,” plural form of “you.”
  5. Yours: Belonging to or associated with the person being addressed.
  6. Yourself: Used to refer to the person being addressed as the object of a verb or preposition.
  7. Yourselves: Plural form of “yourself.”
  8. Youthful: Characteristics of being young.
  9. Youthfulness: The state of being youthful.
  10. You- know-what: Used to refer to something that the speaker assumes the listener knows.
  11. You- know-who: Used to refer to a person who’s identity is known but not named.
  12. You- know-how: Practical knowledge.
  13. You- are-one: An expression of affirmation.
  14. Youngster: A child or young person.
  15. Youngish: Somewhat young.
  16. Youngness: The quality of being young.
  17. Youngblood: A young person, especially one who is dynamic or enthusiastic.
  18. Youngly: In a young or youthful manner.
  19. Yoursobediently: A formal closing in letters.
  20. Youse: Informal plural of “you.”
  21. Yous: Plural form of “you” in some dialects.
  22. Youthquake: A significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the influence of young people.
  23. Youngian: Pertaining to the psychoanalytical theories of Carl Jung.
  24. You- are-a-card: An expression acknowledging someone’s humor.
  25. Youngling: A young person or animal.
  26. Youthcentric: Focused on youth.
  27. Young- hearted: Having youthful energy or attitudes.
  28. Your- driven: Motivated by personal interest.
  29. Youthless: Lacking youthful qualities.
  30. Youngadult: Refers to someone in the young adult age range, generally 18-25.
  31. Your- time: Pertaining to the time in one’s life.
  32. Your- experience: Pertaining to individual experiences.
  33. Your- partner: Refers to someone’s partner.
  34. Youthstem: A metaphor for the beginning of something new or fresh, especially in growth and vitality.

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