Words That Start With Ze: A Detailed List

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “ze.

  1. Zebra- An African wild horse with black-and-white stripes.
  2. Zeal- Great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause.
  3. Zealous- Having or showing zeal.
  4. Zealot- A person who is fanatical about a cause.
  5. Zenith- The highest point reached by a celestial or an object.
  6. Zero- The numerical figure 0.
  7. Zephyr- A gentle, mild breeze.
  8. Zeppelin- A large German airship.
  9. Zest- Great enthusiasm and energy; the outer skin of citrus fruits used for flavor.
  10. Zigzag- A pattern of sharp turns or angles.
  11. Zelkova- A type of ornamental tree.
  12. Zenithal- Related to the zenith, highest point.
  13. Zeolite- A mineral used in water softening and purification.
  14. Zend- Related to the sacred writings of Zoroastrianism.
  15. Zendic- Pertaining to the Zend or its people.
  16. Zepto- Prefix denoting a factor of 10^-21.
  17. Zeroing- Adjusting an instrument to zero.
  18. Zebu- A type of domestic cattle from South Asia.
  19. Zesty- Lively and full of energy.
  20. Zeroes- Plural of zero.
  21. Zentai- Full-body costume used in Japanese performances.
  22. Zephyrus- Greek god of the west wind.
  23. Zealotry- Fanatical pursuit of religious, political, or other ideals.
  24. Zeroth- Corresponding to zero in position; of lowest ordinal.
  25. Zeppelinist- A person who flies or operates airships.
  26. Zeptosecond- One trillionth of a billionth of a second.
  27. Zeoform- A biodegradable plastic alternative.
  28. Zester- A tool for removing zest from citrus.
  29. Zebec- A small, fast, three-masted Mediterranean sailing ship.
  30. Zettabyte- A digital information storage unit equal to one sextillion bytes.
  31. Zestful- Marked by spirited enjoyment.
  32. Zebo- A boneless meat dish.
  33. Zebrine- Pertaining to zebras.
  34. Zeroed- Adjusted to zero.
  35. Zerk- A grease fitting used in machinery.
  36. Zerda- A type of desert fox.
  37. Zeriba- An enclosure for defense or livestock.
  38. Zetetic- Proceeding by inquiry; seeking.
  39. Zeugma- A figure of speech in which a word applies to multiple parts.
  40. Zeuzera- A genus of moths.
  41. Zephyranth- A type of flower, also known as rain lily.
  42. Zenana- The part of the house for women in some Muslim households.
  43. Zerog- Pertaining to zero gravity.
  44. Zeta- The sixth letter of the Greek alphabet.
  45. Zeqiri- A type of Albanian surname.
  46. Zef- A South African counter-culture movement.
  47. Zeiguera- A small genus of tropical American trees.
  48. Zelk- Slang for a rest or break.
  49. Zeeg- To aim lazily or to incline.
  50. Zein- A type of corn protein.
  51. Zek- A prisoner in a Soviet labor camp.
  52. Zephyrous- Full of or containing zephyrs.
  53. Zeugmatic- Pertaining to or resembling zeugma.
  54. Zezura- A mythical oasis.
  55. Zeroth- order – Relating to the simplest or low-level approximation or analysis.
  56. Zeugmate- To join or yoke together.
  57. Zetacism- The pronunciation of a sibilant consonant.
  58. Zethar- A sparkling wine kind.
  59. Zeotypy- Class made of zeolite minerals.
  60. Zerotility- Ancient art of crop planning.
  61. Zetharite- A mineral.
  62. Zenometer- Instrument measuring zenith distances.
  63. Zenaidar- A pigeon genus.
  64. Zeoporphamate- A chemical compound.
  65. Zerit- An HIV medication.
  66. Zerotype- A printing method.
  67. Zephylike- Resembling a gentle breeze.
  68. Zebrafish- A small freshwater fish.
  69. Zeake- A term for a protective screen.
  70. Zement- Dialect for cement.
  71. Zambian- Pertaining to Zambia.
  72. Zendo- A place for Zen meditation.
  73. Zeeman- Refers to a Dutch physicist.
  74. Zexed- A dialect for vexed.
  75. Zestings- Small pieces of citrus zest.
  76. Zerbin- A small puppet.
  77. Zool- Short for zoology.
  78. Zero- rated – Tax-free or exempt from taxes.
  79. Zercho- An extinct language.
  80. Zamora- A type of cheese.
  81. Zephyrian- Pertaining to the west wind.
  82. Zemi- A deity or ancestral spirit in TaĆ­no culture.
  83. Zenithal- hour – Time when the sun is directly overhead.
  84. Zeist- A town in the Netherlands.
  85. Zenn- Variant dialect form of “then.”
  86. Zeugophore- A connecting structure in some algae.
  87. Zeolitize- Convert into zeolite.
  88. Zedoary- An aromatic condiment and dye.
  89. Zeromorph- Formless or structureless.
  90. Zeugonomist- A student of hereditary twins.
  91. Zerolitic- Pertaining to a zero-degree latitude.
  92. Zetetics- The study of inquiry.
  93. Zeochronic- Pertaining to geochemical dating.
  94. Zebedee- A biblical figure.
  95. Zeptrap- An obsolete term for ensnare.
  96. Zeser- A fictional mystical word.
  97. Zenography- The writing and recording about Zen.
  98. Zeofication- Process of zeolite formation.
  99. Zebularine- A nucleoside analog.
  100. Zeminist- Relating to ground or soil studies.

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