Words That Start With Zo: List and Examples

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of words that start with “zo,” perfect for expanding your vocabulary or completing your word games.

  1. Zoanthropy- A mental condition in which a person believes they are an animal.
  2. Zonal- Pertaining to a zone or divided into zones.
  3. Zoonosis- A disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans.
  4. Zoology- The scientific study of animals.
  5. Zoomorphic- Having or representing animal forms or gods of animal form.
  6. Zoonotic- Relating to diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.
  7. Zonation- The distribution of organisms into specific zones.
  8. Zooplankton- Small floating or weakly swimming animals in aquatic environments.
  9. Zoosphere- The part of the earth where animals live; the biosphere.
  10. Zootomy- The anatomy or dissection of animals.
  11. Zootoxin- A toxin derived from an animal.
  12. Zoetrope- An early form of motion picture device that creates the illusion of moving images.
  13. Zoot suit- A type of suit associated with a certain fashion trend in the 1940s.
  14. Zookeeper- A person who manages and cares for animals in a zoo.
  15. Zoogenic- Produced or caused by animals.
  16. Zooplastic- Relating to the surgical transplantation of animal tissue to humans.
  17. Zoophilia- A sexual attraction towards animals.
  18. Zoon- An individual or single animal, considered in relation to a whole community.
  19. Zoom- To move or travel quickly.
  20. Zodiac- An imaginary belt in the heavens, divided into twelve signs, through which the sun, moon, and planets appear to move.
  21. Zoic- Relating to or having animal life.
  22. Zoolatry- The worship of animals.
  23. Zoometry- The measurement of the various parts of animals.
  24. Zootechny- The science and practice of breeding and rearing animals.
  25. Zoonite- A segment or part of a metamerically segmented animal.
  26. Zoopraxiscope- A device that projects sequences of photographs to give the illusion of movement.
  27. Zoopharmacognosy- The study of how animals use plants, fungi, and soils to treat and prevent disease.
  28. Zoophobia- An irrational fear of animals.
  29. Zootherapy- Treatment of disease by exercise involving animals.
  30. Zooplankter- A single organism of the zooplankton community.
  31. Zoopsychology- The study of animal behavior and mental processes.
  32. Zoosemiotics- The study of the signs and signals used in animal communication.
  33. Zoospore- A motile spore in certain algae, fungi, and protozoa.
  34. Zoogamy- The union of gametes (sexual reproduction) in animals.
  35. Zoographer- A writer or artist specializing in the descriptions of animals.
  36. Zooty- Stylish, dapper, or flashy in appearance.
  37. Zoonule- A small or diminutive zoon.
  38. Zoograft- A graft or transplant of animal tissue.
  39. Zooniverse- An online platform for people-powered research projects.
  40. Zootoxinology- The study of toxins produced by animals.
  41. Zoodynamics- The study of animal lifecycles and population dynamics.
  42. Zoologist- A scientist who studies animals.
  43. Zootype- A type or species of animal used as a model in scientific research.
  44. Zoogeography- The study of the geographical distribution of animal species.
  45. Zoomastigote- A type of flagellate protozoan.
  46. Zoophyte- An organism, such as a coral, that looks like a plant but is an animal.
  47. Zoohygiene- The study and practice of maintaining health in animals.
  48. Zoopathology- The science dealing with diseases of animals.
  49. Zoosadism- Pleasure derived from inflicting pain on animals.
  50. Zoobenthos- Animals living on, in, or near the bottom of aquatic environments.
  51. Zootherapy- The use of animals to assist in the treatment or therapy of human illnesses.
  52. Zooming- Moving rapidly and smoothly.
  53. Zoomorphism- The attribution of animal characteristics to gods or humans.
  54. Zooid- An individual animal organism that is part of a colonial organism.
  55. Zonalization- The process or result of dividing an area into zones.
  56. Zoopath- An animal healer or vet.

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