Words That Start With Zu: A Simple List

In this article, you’ll discover an extensive list of words that start with “zu.

  1. Zucchini- A type of summer squash.
  2. Zulu- A Bantu ethnic group of Southern Africa.
  3. Zygote- A fertilized egg cell.
  4. Zumba- A fitness program combining Latin and international music.
  5. Zubr- The European bison.
  6. Zygomatic- Pertaining to the cheekbone.
  7. Zurek- A traditional Polish sour rye soup.
  8. Zuni- A member of a Pueblo Indian people of western New Mexico.
  9. Zwitterion- A molecule with both positive and negative charges.
  10. Zuluize- To make or become Zulu in character or culture.
  11. Zurück- German for “back” or “return.”
  12. Zucker- German for “sugar.”
  13. Zungenbrecher- A German word for “tongue twister.”
  14. Zubrowka- A Polish vodka flavored with bison grass.
  15. Zuzim- An ancient Hebrew term for money or currency.
  16. Zuluism- The cultural practices and beliefs of the Zulu people.

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