Words with Cru: List and Examples

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words containing “cru” to enhance your vocabulary and word usage.

  1. Crucial- Extremely important or essential.
  2. Crumble- Break or fall apart into small fragments.
  3. Crust- The outer layer of a loaf of bread or the Earth’s surface.
  4. Crucifix- A cross with a representation of Jesus on it.
  5. Cruel- Willfully causing pain or suffering to others.
  6. Crude- In a natural or raw state; not processed or refined.
  7. Crumb- A small fragment of bread or cake.
  8. Cruise- Travel for pleasure on a ship.
  9. Crush- Deform, pulverize, or force inwards by applying pressure.
  10. Crusade- A medieval military expedition or a vigorous campaign.
  11. Crucify- Put (someone) to death by nailing or binding them to a cross.
  12. Crusty- Having a crisp or hard outer layer or covering.
  13. Crux- The central or most important point.
  14. Crucible- A container in which metals are melted, or a severe test.
  15. Cru- A vineyard producing wine of high quality; a particular grade of wine.
  16. Crummy- Miserable, shabby, or of poor quality.
  17. Cruciate- Cross-shaped.
  18. Crud- A substance regarded as disgusting or unpleasant.
  19. Cruciferous- Relating to a family of plants including cabbage and broccoli.
  20. Crutch- A support used by injured or disabled people for walking.
  21. Crustacean- A class of arthropods that includes crabs, lobsters, and shrimp.
  22. Crucification- The act of crucifying or being crucified.
  23. Cruor- Clotted blood.
  24. Cruciform- Shaped like a cross.
  25. Crunch- Crush into small pieces with a grinding noise.
  26. Crudeoil- Unrefined petroleum.
  27. Crunchy- Making a sharp noise when bitten or eaten.
  28. Cruet- A small container for holding a condiment.
  29. Cruxifixion- Historical method of execution involving a cross.
  30. Cruising- Sailing about or traveling leisurely.
  31. Cruisingforbruising- A phrase meaning looking for trouble.
  32. Crumby- Full of or covered in crumbs.
  33. Crusoe- Fictional character Robinson Crusoe, stranded on a tropical island.
  34. Crumbly- Breaking easily into small pieces.
  35. Crucis- Latin for “of the cross.”
  36. Cruddy- Dirty, messy, or unpleasant.
  37. Crumbles- Falls apart into small fragments.
  38. Cruisingpitch- The angle of pitch a vessel or aircraft is maintained at for cruising.
  39. Cruse- An ancient jar or pot.
  40. Crusta- Hard outer shell or covering.
  41. Crustless- Lacking a crust.
  42. Cruciana- Refers to related or derived from the cross.
  43. Crucified- Having been put to death by crucifixion.
  44. Cruller- A small, sweet, twisted pastry.
  45. Crumhorn- A capped reed wind instrument from the Renaissance period.
  46. Crucifiction- Relating to a work of fiction about crucifixion.
  47. Cruxclimbers- Those who climb the crux, or hardest part of a climb.
  48. Crucibulum- A small, earthenware pot used historically in alchemy and metallurgy.
  49. Crunk- Energetic, dynamic, or excited.
  50. Crucian- A type of European freshwater fish.
  51. Crumpet- British griddle cake, similar to an English muffin.
  52. Crutching- The process of removing wool around a sheep’s tail and back legs.
  53. Crummock- A cow with one horn turned down.
  54. Cruciverbalist- A person skillful in creating or solving crossword puzzles.
  55. Crudités- An appetizer of raw vegetables.
  56. Crustose- Encrusting, as a type of lichen that grows closely attached to a surface.
  57. Crump- The sound of heavy artillery fire.
  58. Cruellar- Related to cruelty or being cruel.
  59. Crutchless- Lacking support or aid from crutches.
  60. Crucigrama- Spanish for “crossword puzzle.”
  61. Crucifiers- Those who crucify or partake in crucifixion.
  62. Crunked- Stimulated or elevated in energy.
  63. Crusado- A gold coin formerly used in Portugal.
  64. Cruciqubital- Pertaining to the crossed arms of a person.
  65. Crushable- Can be crushed easily.
  66. Crumbliness- The quality of breaking easily into small fragments.
  67. Crustiness- The state of having a hard outer surface.
  68. Crucibles- Containers used for melting substances at high temperatures.
  69. Crura- Anatomical legs or leg-like parts in various animals.
  70. Cruing- Crying or wailing, a Scottish term.
  71. Crucifixes- Multiple representations of a cross with Jesus on it.

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