words.with hypo: Common Words and Their Meanings

In this article, you’ll discover a variety of words that start with “hypo” and their meanings to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Hypodermic: Relating to the region beneath the skin.
  2. Hypoglycemia: A condition of having low blood sugar.
  3. Hypotension: Abnormally low blood pressure.
  4. Hypothermia: Dangerous reduction of body temperature.
  5. Hypothesis: A proposed explanation for a phenomenon.
  6. Hypocrite: A person who pretends to have virtues they do not possess.
  7. Hypoallergenic: Less likely to cause allergic reactions.
  8. Hypothesis: An unproven theory or statement.
  9. Hypoxia: Deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching tissues.
  10. Hypochondriac: A person excessively worried about their health.
  11. Hypothetical: Based on a suggested idea or theory.
  12. Hypocritical: Behaving in a way that suggests one has higher standards than is the case.
  13. Hypothyroidism: Disorder due to an underactive thyroid gland.
  14. Hypomania: A mild form of mania.
  15. Hypostatic: Pertaining to the settling of fluids in the lower part of a body.
  16. Hypoderm: The tissue layer beneath the epidermis.
  17. Hypocenter: The point of origin of an earthquake or explosion.
  18. Hyponatremia: Low sodium levels in the blood.
  19. Hypoblast: A layer of cells in early embryonic development.
  20. Hypogeal: Growing underground.
  21. Hypostasis: The settling of blood in the lower part of an organ.
  22. Hypobaric: Relating to a reduced pressure environment.
  23. Hypoglossal: Pertaining to the area under the tongue.
  24. Hypocalcemia: Low calcium levels in the blood.
  25. Hypovolemia: Decreased volume of circulating blood in the body.
  26. Hypophysis: Another term for the pituitary gland.
  27. Hyposthenia: Weakness or reduced strength.
  28. Hypoxia: Lack of oxygen in the blood.
  29. Hypocapnia: Reduced carbon dioxide in the blood.
  30. Hypogeous: Growing or occurring below the ground.
  31. Hypothyroid: Having an underactive thyroid gland.
  32. Hypostyle: Having many columns.
  33. Hypospadias: A birth defect in males where the opening of the urethra is not located at the tip of the penis.
  34. Hypothenar: The fleshy mass at the base of the little finger.
  35. Hypostatic: Relating to a constant pressure.
  36. Hypogeum: An underground chamber.
  37. Hypersensitive: Excessively sensitive.
  38. Hypoventilation: Reduced breathing.
  39. Hypotelorism: Abnormally close-set eyes.
  40. Hypodiploid: Having fewer chromosomes than the standard diploid number.
  41. Hypoblast: The inner layer of an embryo.
  42. Hyposthenic: Having a deficient physical strength.
  43. Hyposmia: Reduced sense of smell.
  44. Hypomorphism: Decreased size and complexity in relation to body parts.
  45. Hypocaust: A type of Roman heating system.
  46. Hypohidrosis: Reduced ability to sweat.
  47. Hypophonia: Soft or weak voice.
  48. Hypophonia: Weakness of voice.
  49. Hypoxia: Severely low oxygen levels in tissue.
  50. Hypoprothrombinemia: Deficiency of prothrombin in the blood.
  51. Hypotelorism: Congenitally close-set eyes.
  52. Hypothermia: Dangerous drop in body temperature.
  53. Hypersensitive: Overly sensitive to stimuli.
  54. Hypovitaminosis: Deficiency of vitamins in the diet.
  55. Hypotonia: Reduced muscle tone.
  56. Hypoblast: The innermost layer of a young embryo.
  57. Hypomania: Psychopathological state with mild mania.
  58. Hypothecary: Relating to mortgages.
  59. Hypoplankton: Tiny organisms living at deeper ocean levels.
  60. Hypoplast: A condition with underdeveloped tissues or organs.
  61. Hypothecate: To pledge as security without transferring title or possession.
  62. Hypovolemic: Relating to low blood volume.
  63. Hypogeum: Underground burial place.
  64. Hyposecretion: Reduced secretion of glands.
  65. Hypocapnia: Lower than normal carbon dioxide in the blood.
  66. Hyperfocused: Intensely focusing on a subject.
  67. Hypobaric: Relating to low pressure.
  68. Hyperosmotic: With higher osmotic pressure.
  69. Hyposensitize: To make less sensitive.
  70. Hypomanic: Relating to mild mania.
  71. Hypnostist: One who induces hypnosis.
  72. Hypomineralized: Having few minerals.
  73. Hypoosmotic: Lower osmotic pressure.
  74. Hypogenetic: Related to the origin beneath the earth.
  75. Hypogene: Formed or existing beneath the earth’s surface.
  76. Hypocholesterolemia: Abnormally low levels of cholesterol in the blood.
  77. Hypovolemically: Relating to reduced blood volume.
  78. Hypogonadism: Diminished functional activity of the gonads.
  79. Hyposcleral: Below the sclera of the eye.
  80. Hypomanial: Exhibiting symptoms of mild mania.
  81. Hypopotassemia: Low potassium levels in the blood.
  82. Hyporeflexia: Below normal or absent reflexes.
  83. Hyposecretory: Reducing glandular secretion.
  84. Hypotrichosis: Abnormal hair pattern.
  85. Hypoantigenic: Less likely to cause an immune response.
  86. Hypochromic: Less color than normal, typically in red blood cells.
  87. Hyperendemic: Continuously present in a population.
  88. Hypoglycemic: Pertaining to low blood sugar levels.
  89. Hyperalgesic: Increased sensitivity to pain.
  90. Hypomobility: Reduced joint movement.
  91. Hypouricosuric: Reducing uric acid excretion.
  92. Hyposensitization: Process of making less sensitive.
  93. Hypostatic: Pertaining to sedimentation in body fluids.
  94. Hypereutectoid: Containing more than the eutectic composition.
  95. Hyposphagma: Subconjunctival hemorrhage of the eye.
  96. Hypoacusis: Deficient hearing.
  97. Hypoacidity: Below normal acid levels.
  98. Hypomorph: Having decreased functional activity due to mutation.
  99. Hypostomatous: Having few or no mouth openings.
  100. Hypostomatous: Relating to the area beneath the mouth.

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