Words with Iso: Common Examples and Usage

Discover a comprehensive list of words containing “iso” to enhance your vocabulary or assist with your word games.

  1. Isolate- To set apart from others.
  2. Isolation- The process or fact of isolating or being isolated.
  3. Isometric- Having equal dimensions or measurements.
  4. Isomorphism- Similarity in form or structure.
  5. Isotonic- Having equal tension or osmotic pressure.
  6. Isotope- Variants of a particular chemical element.
  7. Isothermal- Having a constant temperature.
  8. Isochronous- Occurring at equal time intervals.
  9. Isomer- Compounds with the same formula but different structures.
  10. Isobar- Line on a weather map connecting points of equal pressure.
  11. Isodose- Equal dose of radiation.
  12. Isotonic- Having the same osmotic pressure as another solution.
  13. Isogamy- Fusion of similar gametes.
  14. Isoenzyme- Different forms of an enzyme.
  15. Isohel- Line on a map connecting places with equal sunlight.
  16. Isobath- Line on a map connecting points of equal depth.
  17. Isoelectronic- Having the same number of electrons.
  18. Isoclinal- Having the same dip or inclination.
  19. Isoneph- Line on a weather map showing equal cloud cover.
  20. Isobaric- Process occurring at constant pressure.
  21. Isocyanate- Chemical compound with the functional group -N=C=O.
  22. Isoprene- Organic compound in rubber.
  23. Isochore- Segment of DNA with uniform GC content.
  24. Isoform- Structurally different forms of proteins.
  25. Isoclinic- Relating to equal or constant inclination.
  26. Isogriv- Type of shading in cartography to show equal values.
  27. Isoquant- Line showing combinations of inputs yielding the same output.
  28. Isogloss- Boundary line between different linguistic features.
  29. Isothere- Line on a map joining points with equal average summer temperature.
  30. Isotropism- Uniformity in all directions.
  31. Isomorph- Having the same form or structure.
  32. Isopod- Type of crustacean with equal legs.
  33. Isoacoustic- Having equal acoustic properties.
  34. Isobarism- Condition of equal atmospheric pressure.
  35. Isocoel- Having a body cavity of equal partitions.
  36. Isocon- Line of equal conductivity in geology.
  37. Isodiametric- Having equal diameters.
  38. Isocryme- Line on a map connecting points with the same lowest temperature.
  39. Isocheim- Line on map showing equal average winter temperature.
  40. Isocyanide- Chemical compound containing the -NC group.
  41. Isosceles- Triangle with two sides of equal length.
  42. Isoamyl- Chemical compound relating to amyl alcohol.
  43. Isogrid- Grid where all cells are of the same shape and size.
  44. Isophene- Line on a map connecting points of equal development.
  45. Isopach- Line on a map showing equal thickness of a layer.
  46. Isodrosotherm- Line connecting points of equal dew point temperature.
  47. Isogeotherm- Line connecting points of equal temperature beneath Earth’s surface.
  48. Isoecho- Equal intensity in ultrasound imaging.
  49. Isostasy- Equilibrium between Earth’s crust and mantle.
  50. Isobaric- Equal pressure throughout.
  51. Isocenter- Radiation point in medical treatment planning.
  52. Isophotal- Equal brightness in astronomical images.
  53. Isopachyte- Contour line showing equal thickness of geological layer.
  54. Isopycnal- Line connecting points of the same density in oceanography.
  55. Isotach- Line on a weather map connecting points of equal wind speed.
  56. Isodensity- Equal density, used in imaging techniques.
  57. Isodinic- Substances with the same power of transmission.
  58. Isocarboxazid- Medication used to treat depression.
  59. Isodesmic- Pertaining to substances with bonds of equal strength.
  60. Isocortex- Part of the brain cortex with consistent structure.
  61. Isodactylism- Condition of having fingers or toes of equal length.
  62. Isoplest- Animal or plant with equal development stages.
  63. Isocyanurate- Compound derived from isocyanic acid.
  64. Isocline- Fold with limbs that are parallel.
  65. Isograft- Graft between identical twins or genetically identical individuals.
  66. Isohume- Line on a map connecting areas of equal humidity.
  67. Isoenzyme- Different molecular forms of an enzyme.
  68. Isobront- Line showing simultaneous thunderstorm occurrence.
  69. Isodont- Having teeth of equal size.
  70. Isodendron- Plant with isotropic branching.
  71. Isotenic- Maintaining equal tension.
  72. Isoemperon- Line indicating equal rainfall.
  73. Isoanter- Equally developed anthers.
  74. Isocephaly- Equal head height in figures in a painting or drawing.
  75. Isodela- Equal handedness or ambidexterity.
  76. Isogeotherm- Line indicating equal geothermal gradient.
  77. Isodrosotherm- Line showing equal dew point temperature.
  78. Isofunction- Equal functionality in proteins.
  79. Isodensity- Equal material density distribution.
  80. Isohume- Line of constant humidity.
  81. Isoenzyme- Multiple forms of the same enzyme.
  82. Isogriv- Uniform shading pattern.
  83. Isoneph- Equal cloud cover region.
  84. Isocortex- Brain region with consistent layer structure.
  85. Isobront- Line representing equal thunderstorm start times.
  86. Isaak- A variant spelling of Isaac.
  87. Isopur- Uniform purity.
  88. Isoresistivity- Equal electrical resistivity areas.
  89. Isotonous- Having the same tension or tone.
  90. Isocrypt- Equal cryptographic strength.
  91. Isohier- Equal hierarchical status.
  92. Isodynamy- Equal power or strength.
  93. Isomery- Equal parts or segments.
  94. Isopentyl- Relating to the structure of pentane.

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