Words with Li: Common Examples and Usage

Discover a comprehensive list of words containing “li” that will enhance your vocabulary and improve your language skills.

  1. Align- to put in a straight line
  2. Billion- a thousand million
  3. Blink- to open and close the eyes quickly
  4. Bliss- perfect happiness
  5. Relic- an object surviving from an earlier time
  6. Climb- to go upward
  7. Click- a short, sharp sound
  8. Slick- smooth and glossy
  9. Slice- a thin, broad piece
  10. Silly- lacking in good sense
  11. Lilac- a type of shrub with purple flowers
  12. Saline- containing salt
  13. Lively- full of life and energy
  14. Limit- a point beyond which something does not or may not pass
  15. Alike- similar to each other
  16. Liquid- a substance that flows freely
  17. Oblige- to do a favor for or to bind legally or morally
  18. Lithium- a chemical element used in batteries
  19. Deliver- to bring and hand over
  20. Filing- arranging documents in order
  21. Flick- a light, quick movement
  22. Plight- a dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation
  23. Eclipse- an obscuring of light
  24. Feline- relating to cats
  25. Slippery- difficult to hold or stand on
  26. Oblivion- the state of being forgotten
  27. Lipstick- cosmetic for coloring the lips
  28. Limelight- spotlight; the focus of public attention
  29. Elixir- a magical or medicinal potion
  30. Liquor- an alcoholic drink
  31. Limpet- a marine mollusk
  32. Lilting- characterized by a rhythmic swing or cadence
  33. Flimsy- light and easily damaged
  34. Lyrics- the words of a song
  35. Liability- state of being responsible for something
  36. Dilute- make a liquid thinner or weaker
  37. Similar- resembling without being identical
  38. Limber- flexible; capable of being bent
  39. Liquidate- to settle accounts, as by paying off debt
  40. Alien- belonging to another country or nation
  41. Flinch- to hesitate or draw back involuntarily
  42. Illusion- a deceptive appearance
  43. Spiral- winding in a continuous curve
  44. Novelist- a writer of novels
  45. Lingo- a foreign language or jargon
  46. Delight- great pleasure
  47. Silver- a precious white metal
  48. Liberty- freedom from oppressive restrictions
  49. Obliterate- to destroy completely
  50. Lily- a type of flowering plant
  51. Eligible- meeting the requirements
  52. Clipboard- a small board with a spring clip at the top
  53. Glide- to move smoothly and effortlessly
  54. Splinter- a small sharp piece broken off
  55. Liability- legal responsibility
  56. Twinkle- to shine with a flickering or sparkling light
  57. Slicker- a waterproof coat
  58. Tripling- increasing threefold
  59. Eligible- qualified or entitled to be chosen
  60. Militia- a military force composed of ordinary citizens
  61. Matilda- a woman’s name
  62. Flimflam- nonsensical talk
  63. Noble- having high personal qualities
  64. Lilting- sing or speak with a light, rhythmic cadence
  65. Blight- a plant disease
  66. Illicit- not permitted by law
  67. Whistle- to make a high-pitched sound by forcing breath through a small opening
  68. Delightful- giving great pleasure or satisfaction
  69. Glimmering- shining faintly with a wavering light
  70. Dialogue- conversation between two or more persons
  71. Blip- a brief sound or flash
  72. Angling- the sport or pastime of fishing with a rod and line
  73. Listing- a list or catalog
  74. Sliver- a small, thin, narrow piece
  75. Flicker- to burn with an unsteady flame
  76. Glitter- to shine with bright, shimmering light
  77. Obliging- willing and eager to help
  78. Slipstream- a current of air or water driven back by a propeller
  79. Underlying- fundamental; basic
  80. Pilgrimage- a journey to a sacred place
  81. Alignment- arrangement in a straight line
  82. Lien- a right to keep possession of property until a debt is paid
  83. Elevation- height above a given level
  84. Simultaneous- happening at the same time
  85. Glider- a light aircraft that is designed to fly without using an engine
  86. Vilify- to speak or write about in an abusively disparaging manner
  87. Scintillate- emit flashes of light
  88. Silken- soft and smooth like silk
  89. Filigree- intricate ornamental work
  90. Little- small in size or amount
  91. Liability- being responsible for something especially by law
  92. Thriller- a novel, play, or movie with an exciting plot
  93. Obliterate- to destroy utterly
  94. Limitation- a restriction
  95. Ultrasound- sound waves with frequencies above the audible range
  96. Placid- not easily upset or excited
  97. Epilogue- a section at the end of a book
  98. Glittering- shining with a shimmering or sparkling light
  99. Semi- liquid – having both solid and liquid characteristics

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