Words with Sol: Definitions, Meanings, and Examples

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that contain “sol.

  1. Solace- Comfort in sorrow or distress.
  2. Solar- Relating to the sun.
  3. Solitude- The state of being alone.
  4. Solitary- Alone; without companions.
  5. Solo- A performance by one person.
  6. Solstice- When the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon.
  7. Insolent- Showing a rude lack of respect.
  8. Dissolve- To make a solution of, as by mixing with a liquid.
  9. Soluble- Capable of being dissolved.
  10. Isolate- To set apart from others.
  11. Solicit- To ask for or try to obtain something from someone.
  12. Soliloquy- An act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself.
  13. Absolute- Completely free from restriction.
  14. Insolvent- Unable to pay debts owed.
  15. Solvent- Able to pay debts.
  16. Desolate- Deserted and empty.
  17. Insulate- To protect from outside influence.
  18. Solid- Firm and stable in shape.
  19. Solvency- The ability to meet long-term financial obligations.
  20. Solution- A means of solving a problem; a liquid mixture.
  21. Resolutions- Decisions to do or not do something.
  22. Consolation- Comfort received after a loss.
  23. Isolated- Far away from other places or people.
  24. Resolution- A firm decision to do or not do something.
  25. Dissolution- The closing down or dismissal of an assembly.
  26. Insoluble- Impossible to solve or dissolve.
  27. Soldier- A person who serves in an army.
  28. Solitude- The state or situation of being alone.
  29. Solitary- Done or existing alone.
  30. Consoler- One who provides comfort.
  31. Solvable- Capable of being solved.
  32. Solon- A wise lawgiver or statesman.
  33. Solstice- Either of the two times in the year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator.
  34. Absolutism- The acceptance of or belief in absolute principles.
  35. Insolence- Rude and disrespectful behavior.
  36. Parasol- A light umbrella used to give shade from the sun.
  37. Solarium- A room fitted with extensive areas of glass to admit sunlight.
  38. Solicitous- Showing interest or concern.
  39. Desolation- A state of complete emptiness or destruction.
  40. Solitude- A lonely or uninhabited place.
  41. Consolatory- Giving comfort.
  42. Solstitial- Relating to a solstice.
  43. Solvency- The state of having enough money to pay debts.
  44. Insolation- Exposure to the sun’s rays.
  45. Rustic- Of or related to the countryside.
  46. Solan- A type of seabird.
  47. Solaten- To comfort.
  48. Solodize- To convert into a solod.
  49. Solarium- A room where the sunniest exposure is emphasized.
  50. Desolator- One who desolates.
  51. Insolentia- An archaic term for insolence.
  52. Solfatara- A volcanic crater emitting sulfurous gases.
  53. Solstitially- In a manner relating to a solstice.
  54. Solmizate- To sing using the solmization syllables.
  55. Solf├Ęge- A music education method used to teach pitch and sight singing.
  56. Resort- A place that is a popular destination.
  57. Solatium- Compensation offered as solace for suffering.
  58. Isolatedness- The state of being isolated.
  59. Absoluteness- Complete and total.
  60. Solutize- To render soluble.
  61. Solvator- A chemical that helps dissolve substances.
  62. Solvency- Financial stability.
  63. Solvibles- Chemicals that are solvent.
  64. Insolubleness- The characteristic of being insoluble.
  65. Insolvopat- A term for a specific type of solvent.
  66. Solublize- To make soluble.
  67. Insolvers- Agents that cause insolubility.
  68. Solenodon- A nocturnal mammal of the Caribbean.
  69. Solipede- An extinct hoofed mammal.
  70. Solutizer- A chemical that aids in dissolving.
  71. Isolable- Capable of being isolated.
  72. Solfege- The practice of assigning certain syllables to each pitch in a musical scale.
  73. Solitarian- One who lives in solitude.
  74. Solibrilliance- Brightness from the sun.
  75. Eco- solution – An environmental resolution or solution.
  76. Photo- solution – A solution related to photography.
  77. Acid- soluble – Capable of being dissolved by acid.
  78. Solubilize- To make or become soluble.
  79. Insolvable- Not capable of being solved.
  80. Solitarily- In a solitary manner.
  81. Solenette- A small flatfish.
  82. Solert- Nimble; speedy.
  83. Solanngene- A gene from the Solanaceae family.
  84. Solifer- A rare term for a sun-admirer.
  85. Solodorin- A chemical compound.
  86. Solito- Used historically to mean usual or customary.
  87. Solitude- Enjoyment of solitude.
  88. Solod- A reddish soil in arid regions.
  89. Chrysosolen- A gold-like alloy.
  90. Solukite- A rare type of mineral.
  91. Sollozo- A sob or weep in Spanish.
  92. Solletic- To tickle or excite.
  93. Solrise- A poetic term for sunrise.
  94. Solvens- Latin term for solvent.
  95. Solferino- A purplish-red color.
  96. Solvay- A reference to a chemical process.
  97. Soluta- Latin term for unfastened or free.
  98. Solvatochromic- Exhibiting a change in color.
  99. Solvet- Solution-oriented.
  100. Chimsol- A solution used in scientific research.

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