wr words: Complete List and Usage Guide

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “wr” and learn their meanings in this engaging article.

  1. Wrench: A tool used for gripping and turning objects.
  2. Wreck: To destroy or severely damage.
  3. Wrist: The joint connecting the hand to the forearm.
  4. Writer: A person who writes books, articles, etc.
  5. Writ: A formal written order.
  6. Wraith: A ghost or specter.
  7. Wrath: Intense anger.
  8. Wretched: In a very unhappy or unfortunate state.
  9. Wrap: To cover or enclose.
  10. Wrapper: A piece of paper or plastic that covers something.
  11. Wreak: To cause harm or damage.
  12. Wreath: An arrangement of flowers or leaves.
  13. Wrest: To forcibly pull something from someone’s grasp.
  14. Wring: To twist and squeeze.
  15. Wry: Using or expressing dry, mocking humor.
  16. Wrought: Shaped, made, or worked.
  17. Wrinkled: Having small lines or folds.
  18. Wrong: Not correct or true.
  19. Wrought- iron: A tough, malleable form of iron.
  20. Write: To form letters or words on a surface.
  21. Writhe: To twist or squirm in pain or discomfort.
  22. Wroth: Extremely angry.
  23. Wrangle: To argue or dispute noisily.
  24. Wrack: Another term for rack; to cause extreme pain or distress.
  25. Wreathen: Twisted or coiled.
  26. Wryneck: A bird or a twisted neck condition.
  27. Wrackful: Ruinous or destructive.
  28. Wraithlike: Ghostly or spectral.
  29. Wrathy: Wrathful, full of anger.
  30. Wrenching: Causing extreme mental or emotional pain.
  31. Wrenchingly: In a manner that causes twisting or pain.
  32. Wrestler: A person who wrestles.
  33. Wresting: Forcibly pulling something away.
  34. Wrangle: A long dispute or argument.
  35. Wracking: Causing extreme pain or distress.
  36. Wreathing: Surrounding or encircling.
  37. Wringing: Squeezing or twisting with force.
  38. Wracking: Another term for causing pain or distress.
  39. Wryer: More humorous in a dry, mocking way.
  40. Wrought- up: Agitated or excited.
  41. Wrinkle- free: Without wrinkles.
  42. Wrinkling: Causing to have lines or folds.
  43. Writing: The activity of composing text.
  44. Written: Formed letters or words on a surface.
  45. Writhing: Twisting convulsively.
  46. Wrinkles: Small lines or folds.
  47. Wrappable: Capable of being wrapped.
  48. Wrappering: Covering with something.
  49. Wringers: Devices for squeezing.
  50. Wrinkliest: Most wrinkled.
  51. Wretch: A miserable or unhappy person.
  52. Wrathfulness: State of being angry.
  53. Wriggle: To twist or move the body.
  54. Wriggling: Moving in a twisting manner.
  55. Wrangle: A lengthy argument.
  56. Wrenchable: Capable of being wrenched.
  57. Wrastling: Another word for wrestling.
  58. Wrangling: Engaging in a noisy dispute.
  59. Write- off: Considered as lost or no longer useful.
  60. Writability: Ability to be written.
  61. Wryly: In a humorous, dry manner.
  62. Wrangly: In a quarrelsome manner.
  63. Wrenchingly: With force or pain.
  64. Wrapping: The act of covering.
  65. Wrappage: Material used for wrapping.
  66. Wretchedness: State of being miserable.
  67. Wriness: State of being wry.
  68. Wrothful: Full of wrath.
  69. Wrists: Plural of wrist.
  70. Wrassling: Engaging in physical combat.
  71. Wrathlessly: Without anger.
  72. Wrastled: Wrestled.
  73. Writability: Suitable for writing.
  74. Wrenchings: Acts of twisting and pulling.
  75. Wreathed: Surrounded or encircled.
  76. Wrassle: Engage in physical combat.
  77. Wrangler: A person who quarrels.
  78. Wrod: Sound made when twisting something.
  79. Wrassles: Wrestles.
  80. Wrathsome: Full of wrath.
  81. Writhings: Contortions or twists.
  82. Wrackish: Damaging or destructive.
  83. Wrinkler: Something that causes wrinkles.
  84. Wrecking: Causing destruction.
  85. Wrappable: Suitable for wrapping.
  86. Wrinkledness: State of having wrinkles.
  87. Wroughtness: State of being worked or shaped.

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