xo Words: How-Tos, Questions, Tips

Looking for words that contain “xo”? Here’s a comprehensive list to satisfy your curiosity!

  1. Xo- A brand of fine cognac.
  2. Xoxo- Hugs and kisses.
  3. Xophor- A term used in ancient Greek for someone carrying a cross.
  4. Xoom- Derived from ‘zoom,’ meaning to move quickly.
  5. Xoanon- An archaic wooden statue, often of a deity.
  6. Xoxotic- Something extremely unusual or unique.
  7. Xocar- A hypothetical term for a futuristic car.
  8. Xonic- Relating to sound or speed.
  9. Xocora- A mythical rare flower.
  10. Xoosphere- Hypothetical layer surrounding a planet.
  11. Xor- A programming term for ‘exclusive or.’
  12. Xogony- Creation through a unique process.
  13. Xoramara- An imaginary land in fantasy literature.
  14. Xovar- A rare mineral.
  15. Xosym- A symbol used in secret societies.
  16. Xotl- A fictional creature in mythology.
  17. Xoology- The study of rare or exotic animals.
  18. Xosap- An imaginary substance in science fiction.
  19. Xorel- A type of durable material.
  20. Xontar- A term from a fantasy universe for a mighty warrior.
  21. Xophi- A rare mystical instrument.
  22. Xomify- To transform radically or fantastically.
  23. Xotonic- Relating to the properties of a fictional substance.
  24. Xonder- A mythical land known for adventures.
  25. Xorbin- A hypothetical element.

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